Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - Free Flowing Year

Looking back at year gone,some of moments which made this year , a year to remember because

- SO MANY Friends got committed..engaged..married..OMG feel.yes yes i am still single and now you don't make that funny face :D
- I spent the first half of 2009 in Mumbai, then moved to Gurgaon for three months.. and last three months in Bangalore.
- I lived the year with very low expectations. helped me lot in dealing with people and stupid things.
- Twitter continued to be one of the awesomest things .met lot of new people. gave face to so many internet friends.and so many of them became good friends.La Cafe APTW, Leopold Cafe Meet,TGIF Meet, Dhaba Meet, City Walk meet..i remember them. :)
- I stayed in one company for whole year. being in IT ,this can be considered as WOW thing :)
- I went to Elephanta Caves, Matheran, Pune, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar,Sirsa,Jalandhar and Ludhiana in 2009 and all the trips are a great memory.. good times to remember.
- Some beautiful people came in my life.. some beautiful people went away.
- I read some books..some good reads.. some average.. and two states was strictly an OK read. Going to read more books in 2010.i think reading habit is must.
- I learnt good things in terms of my year end i gained good knowledge and increased proficiency in my skill :)
- I got an Ipod Nano and Sennheiser headphones LX80.
- My blog 'Zindagi Live' survived another year.
- Amritsarovar Blog continued with random posts on of the must 'to do' in 2010 is to revive the site back and maintain its blog :)
- special mention to PG for being totally jawdroppingawesomelyfantabulouslysuper girl i know. she inspires me at times.. but i am smart..i dnt get inspired from her which is not good i know. :)
- oh yes.. its a year to remember coz PG gifted me a 'Rockstar' tee.
- this year has been good mix of offline and online world.
- I got my caricature done too. i look super cool in it doing bhangra :P

Cheers to all those who i want to say thank you to,for your presence in life in my 23rd and running 24th chapter of life.if i put down names, i will miss some,so avoiding.but you know who you are.some of you will never read this blog even.. but still.

I dont have many blog friends but FadedGlory and Deranged Insanity, you have been there for whole year. thank you. good to have you as friend in real world as well :)
Thank you everyone who has made me smile..kept me happy..i had good times coz of you, i have this year in my good memories.

Thank you everyone who tried to screw my life, play games with me and my emotions because of you, i have become more strong to face random situations in my life

Thank you to all friends who invited me to your marriages but please now next year hold on with your family plans.. i have to attend some more weddings.. after that..i can visit you guys again to congratulate and meet your juniors :P

Adios 2009

Happy New Year 2010. Hope the next year brings more happiness and prosperity in our lives and make this world a good place to live in,


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Loneliness is the space almost every single human being on earth is creating within one's own world... almost all of us have this space of loneliness within us which we tend to fill up with as much time as we can keep ourselves busy in all the possible works we find... sometimes just to get occupied with some job, we move out of our limits and then tend to forget difference between right n wrong but this again is a sincere effort to remove the loneliness.i was just watching a report on a news channel tonite which was showing the same issue of being lonely at times and moving away from the path of leadin a happy life.

Why we feel lonely sometimes ? when i tried to give this thing a thought, just found that our mind sometimes fear from the world outside and brain senses things not going our way, When we don't find anyone to talk to even if we are standing in crowd, there are times when friends part away or there isn't enough confidence to move to them and talk, the mind completely find itself in no situation and with no place to go..the LONELY times come that time.

and i guess we should always be prepared of such times...because during those times, our maximum energy is utilised in just pretending that we are not lonely...the brain at times stop working and watever happens , we keep thinking going against us..and during this time...many a times we lose out on some golden opportunities coming our way and lose out faith on people around us.I ..i find best way to take over loneliness is to be lively and cheerful with a smiling face..this not only gives impression of you being happy with what is going in your life but also gives you a reason to feel the same.. if u wish to be happy ,only then you can be happy

P.S - was written on 15.11.07 .. found them in drafts.. so published it :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Just a Joke

Divya and Rohit were in a relationship enjoying life.

Then this very good friend of theirs came in picture.

He ignited some rumor which spread like fire in jungle. And suddenly Divya and Rohit were in doubt about their relationship.

All they could say to each other after that was a bye and a promise not to meet again

Today Divya is married & Rohit is doing well in his career.

Years later, over a reunion, he was high and in his high spirits told Rohit ‘that rumor was just a joke man.. I loved Divya. So couldn’t see you with her. SORRY’

Friday, November 06, 2009

One long year...

Date: 26/11/2009
Place : Jail in Mumbai
Time: 11 PM

Another long day comes to an end.Did nothing..Today i came to know, during prayer time everyone kept two minutes silence to remember all those who lost lives in Mumbai attacks, which tell me it has been one year for me here now. And what surprises me is that I am still alive.

Looking back at that dreadful day..We all came on the boats fully prepared for that journey to be our last one and with calculated last few breaths. We 12 were united for one mission of destruction.

Remember my childhood times, when i used to go out and pay 50 paise to play contra in game parlour and two players used to just shoot, shoot and shoot everyone they saw , before a bullet shot them. We were told to play similar game in real life during training and the only difference was that we did not get three chances to play it, if shot once.That was one tough camp. We were not in touch with the world .Just 12 of us. We were given such hard training.if I had taken similar training in military, I would have come out as a captain and be posted in Kashmir to fight for my country. Proud moment it would have been.. Getting Kashmir and staying with all brothers in peace. Anyways..It was tough training, we shot almost 100 shots everyday to attain perfection in our targets and 1200 shots in one day will irritate anyone but we were not allowed to go against...I don't know where the camp location was,and who were the other guys,what did they do and if anyone ever been to school like me.I dnt think any body did. During day we used to train,and before going to sleep, our commandor used to sit with us, discuss his plans, and motivate us. We were also given some power capsules and other medications. Now I know, with power capsules, we used to get drugs as well because we were completely out of senses and focussed on what commondar used to tell and couldn't decide if it was right or wrong. Whatever he used to say was recorded in brain without any counter questions. And now when I look back..i don't at all feel good about it.

Now 365 days of my life is travelling to its last destination and this journey is not going to complete anytime soon.

I remember getting caught at railway station, and I was wondering if they will shoot me. No, it wasn't to happen, they took me to the police station and till three days operation went on, they didn't even touch me. I came to know later that I was the only one left alive. I could count my last few hours remembering parents and allah. I was brought into this completely dark cell where I was kept under very high security. They knew , given a chance I won't lose any opportunity to end myself and they were right. I had plans for this but never got chance to do so. Days went and I was given food to eat and clothes to wear, they didn't let me interact with anyone. I'm laughing at myself, crying , talking to myself and hating myself for the deed i've done . After almost a month into this dark cell, I was told , that they will take me to the court . I don't remember from where I was taken to which court but it was good to see light after so long. First light into eyes made me blind for a second. All I could demand was for a lawyer for myself. No body was ready to take my case. but I wanted someone to fight for me.I was from pakistan and there was the denial of the same from the govt. which I could guess easily from the course of events. Why would any country take responsibility of someone who killed so many people and was the key killer in that shoot out.. But my parents are still in Pakistan living.i haven't received any whereabout of them, eversince.

Enough writing today. i feel sorry for myself.

All i have to do is to attend courts and count my breaths. i know this indian judiciary, they will never come out with any solution. max they will come out is hang until death but i have been told in training, all i need to do is to make an appeal to president and live until i die natural until i have nature calling me back, i should attain temporary death.Tomorrow is another day.


P.S - This is just a self-imagination of what kasab would have to say.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Gurpurab Greetings

Heartiest Gurpurab Greetings on the occasion of 540th Parkash Purab [Birth day] of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji (15 April 1469 - 7 May 1539) - founder of Sikhism and the first of the ten Gurus of the Sikhs. He was born in the village of Talwandi, also called Rai Bhoe-ki Talwandi, now known as Nankana Sahib, near Lahore in present-day Pakistan. He was born, according to all ancient Sikh records, in the early morning of the third day of the light half of the month of Baisakh (April - May) in the year 1469 AD.

Guru Nanak founded & formalized the three pillars of Sikhism:

1. Naam Japna [Recite the name of Almighty]- Guru ji led the Sikhs directly to practice Simran and Naam Japna – meditation on God through reciting, chanting, singing and constant remembrance followed by deep study & comprehension of God’s Name and virtues. In real life to practice and tread on the path of Dharam (righteousness) - The inner thought of the Sikh thus stays constantly immersed in praises and appreciation of the Creator and the ONE ETERNAL GOD Waheguru.

2. Kirat Karni [Work hard]- He expected the Sikhs to live as honorable householders and practice Kirat Karni – To honestly earn by ones physical and mental effort while accepting both pains & pleasures as God’s gifts and blessings. One is to stay truthful at all times and, fear none but the Eternal Super Soul. Live a life founded on decency immersed in Dharam - life controlled by spiritual, moral & social values.

3. Vand Chakna [Sharing and Consuming Together] - The Sikhs were asked to share their wealth within the community by practicing Vand Chakna – “Share and consume together”. The community or Sadh Sangat is an important part of Sikhism. One must be part of a community that is living the flawless objective values set out by the Sikh Gurus and every Sikh has to contribute in whatever way possible to the common community pool. This spirit of Sharing and Giving is an important message from Guru Nanak.

Gurpurab Di Lakh Lakh Wadhai Hove Ji

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Intezaar - Waiting for Life

She was sitting on the bank of river. Waiting for him. It was almost a year after marriage and second spring without her husband. Rajeev, her husband was working in armed forces and soon after their marriage, went on to join the duty due to tension on indo-china border. His vacation was cancelled and all army men were asked to join within 48 hours. The tension actually resulted in attacks and firings on both sides and in news in 2008, all channels flashed the demise of Lieutenant Rajeev Pratap Singh and after one day of 'breaking news' and media drama, nobody remembered rajeev. The news of his death reached family via television only and the body was not found because of the heavy rainfall, landslides and continuous bad weather on border range. Rajeev and Sakshi were in relationship for four years before getting married .Sakshi was bubbly, cheerful, mischievous and complete chatterbox till the moment she heard news of Rajeev. She was strength of her friends and a brave girl when one talked of her personality but such a quick departure of her love from her few days’ old married life changed everything. No more she could get a smile on the face, no more a word came out of her mouth and she could not hold herself let aside holding her friends in tough times.never ever she thought she’ll ever question god where she went wrong and what her mistake was. Destiny was tough to her and so was her living after Rajeev went. She was just 25 and already over with one marriage. Society did not tag her single again; she was called a widow and was not allowed to move with freedom. Rajeev’s parents were very encouraging and helpful in getting back sakhsi to normal life. Sakshi joined her final semester of her post graduation to keep herself busy. She was intelligent , so could complete all assignments and projects on time. And in evenings, she used to teach children who could not afford education. Sakshi topped in final semester and in degree to become gold medallist and an offer to work in one of the biggest designer houses. She was hesitant to join job but somehow her in-laws convinced her to join under rohit kapoor's fashion house. Rohit was one of india’s promising fashion designers and it was considered to be lucky to work with him. Sakshi used to work really hard to complete designs, working closely with rohit and help him manage his fashion shows and gala events. With the time passing , rohit fell in love with sakshi with sakshi still living in memories of rajeev and moving on with life. One night over dinner, rohit proposed sakshi for life long commitment not knowing. Sakshi refused and that dinner was the last time she met Rohit and quit her job. Sakshi was turning 26 on saturday and her in-laws in agreement with her parents wanted her to settle with someone so that she should not be alone her whole life but sakshi always dismissed the proposal of second marriage. She always believed that Rajeev was not dead and would come back. Everyone tried best to convince he is no more and has been awarded gallantry award posthumously but she was not ready to accept the fact and whenever there was such discussion in home, she used to go to bank of the same river they used to sit whenever they met and cried endlessly .
It was Friday evening and the day after, she was turning a year older but this birthday was not like other 12 o'clock call, no cake, no surprise treat and no romantic dinner with rajeev was happening this time. She wanted to cry but no tear was ready to come out of her eyes today. She came to this river bank to refresh all those memories...and as she sat near the bank watching the sunset and remembering the last sunset she saw with Rajeev, she saw someone crossing the bridge over the river. First she ignored but when the figure started moving towards her, she got scared for a moment.and when her eyes actually recognize the figure. She was stunned,she was still and she could not believe if she was living a reality or a dream. All she could manage was pinch herself... smile....and cry.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reply to Times of India Article on Sikhs

Sharing my feedback on an article that came today in Times of India written by Divya A. In Black is the article and in red is my comment and view on the written piece as my feedback to Ms Divya.


In an attempt to tell their side of the story, NRI Sikhs have undertaken an interesting exercise – they’re making films about their faith and their community and screening them at festivals they organize for the purpose in various parts of the world.

The trigger, it seems, is the community’s collective angst over developments such as the Army operation at the Golden Temple in 1984, the riots that followed Indira Gandhi’s assassination and the recent turban ban in France.

When you are talking about angst of our community over things happened in 1984 and riots that followed Mrs Indira Gandhi's assassination and turban ban, first two and the turban ban have difference of 20 years in between and there has been no account anywhere what sikhs did during this time. Turban ban is completely different issue, non violent, something about our principles and faith. Not saying we are not trying, but we have been too dependent on diplomacies and politics happening on it. The movies on 1984 have no links with other issues in sikhism and as they say 'jis tan laage so tan jaane' the pain is felt only by those who have been affected by this tragic incident of 1984.

Just last week, the Sikh Art and Film Foundation (SAFF) in New York organized the Annual Sikh Film Festival, which acquired especially grand tones for the first time in its 10-year history. There was a red carpet and it was attended by more than 1,000 people. Meanwhile, Visions of Truth, a two-month-long traveling film festival with movies about 1984, was on in California. It was organized by Jakara, a California Sikhs’ club. In addition, Sikhnet, a website dedicated to building bridges between Sikhs abroad, announced its 2009 Youth Online Film Festival, inviting Sikh youth to share videos about “being a Sikh”.

If you would have done your research well, you would have seen that SAFF had two movies on backdrop of 1984 and one on turban ban issues among so many others which were portraying other historical times in sikhism timeline which looks fair to me considering the fact that every dark moment of history also is moulded to cinema. There have been so many movies made on unfortunate events in other religions and have been screened in international film festivals.

Talking of Sikhnet Youth Online Film Festival, its completely *out of 1984 and turban* model and asks for videos from anyone and everyone on topic like 'Being a Sikh','Learning from Sikhism' and anything you think needs attention. Never ever i have seen any normal sikhism website provoking the community to revolt and show anger on 1984. There are extremists and always will be but we can’t take opinion of 100 people as opinion of whole community.

But how healthy is it for a community to focus on a painful past and present itself to the world as a suffering and wronged people?

Exactly,I would like to know the answer to fact on your article, how healthy is for a community to read such an article which has no factual information but acts as ghee to reignite the fire ???

Why ever not, retorts Rajya Sabha MP Tarlochan Singh. “There are 25 million Sikhs worldwide, with more than a million in America and Canada, and about half a million in UK. An acute identity crisis in the post 9/11 world has compelled them to tell people that there is a difference between a Sikh and an Iranian or the Taliban.”

Prof S P Singh, former VC of Amritsar’s Guru Nanak Dev University, explains it as a consequence of “the wounds inflicted on the collective Sikh psyche (which) have not been addressed so far. Time doesn’t heal the injury that hasn’t been redressed. Otherwise, Udham Singh wouldn’t have avenged Jallianwala Bagh massacre 25 years later!”

Perhaps. The film Storming the Temple, part of Visions of Truth, lays out the events that ended in the Army entering the Temple; Reaching for Home is a fictional account around the incident and Amu addresses issues of identity with 1984 as the backdrop.

So too the New York film festival, which kicked off with 1984 and the Via Dolorosa, an attempt to portray Sikh suffering in the context of the Christian belief in the pain Christ suffered while carrying the cross.

So, does the community collectively alternate between self-congratulation and suffering then? On the phone from New York, SAFF president Tejinder Singh Bindra explains, “We celebrate the heritage of Sikhs and their immigrant experience and promote Sikhism in a land where people persecuted us in the wake of 9/11.”

Gurumustak Singh Khalsa, an American Sikh, who founded SikhNet told STOI from New Mexico that it would be wrong to see the festivals as navel-gazing hype. “Most people don’t have a clue who Sikhs are. The genesis of the festival came from the proliferation of short videos on websites and enabled us to reach out to more people.”

These are quoted personal opinions and after I read, I see no good point in quoting them in article since they are out of topic and just general opinions and can be made asking for any general issue on Sikhs.

But isn’t it maudlin for Sikhs to focus so acutely on 1984? S P Singh says there may be another angle to this. He says that playing up the 1984 imagery serves the vested interests of those who sought political asylum abroad in the aftermath of Operation Blue Star. “If the movement dies down, all facilities and aid extended to them will be terminated.”

Wish you would have done some work looking for a good topic than finding a good English word (ref:maudlin) to use in article :-/ if you wish , I can share some good books on 1984 Operation Blue Star which can first guide you to events that happened and if the revolt was justified. Why muslims felt agitated on demolition of babri masjid, why were hindus angry after godhra and why is Sikh community angry over anyone on entering with tanks in golden temple complex which is considered as abode of god for everyone.

It is good to write sensational article which ignites thoughts of people but writing without proper facts and just quoting others doesn’t always counts as a good write.

Link to the Article :

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twitterville - talking about my twitter world !!

This is my first post on twitter junta i follow. i always wanted to write about some of fantastic people i have met/interacted over this social network site. Twitter - for me it has been nice experience so far.. have won some contests , met loads of different people, shared thoughts, interacted with celebrities, shared customer feedback directly with companies and got quick answers to all my queries. #followfriday / #ff a routine trend in which every friday i share my choice of people to follow coz of one or the other reason but some people on twitter are regular feature so i thought why not dedicate a post to them so that i just share this link and you get the names and reasons to follow them.

i've mentioned reasons why i follow them and the choice is yours

People who can be recommended anyday everyday :

1. @ujj - Ujjwal was one of the first people i followed. met him in bangalore last year april and thats when i came to know something like twitter existed. he tweets less but whenever he tweets, am either laughing loud or retweeting to share with all. For cricket, randomness , office culture, tempostand, bangalore stuff , everyday follow recommendation :)

2. @poojaganeriwala - A true MICA stuff.randomness is the word i learnt from her and shez awesome twitterer.. you never know whats coming outta her world.. ahmedabad, food, travel, photography, writing anything n everything coming.. shez friend in offline world as well so i normally dnt keep track much of her tweets :D heh..

3. @krist0ph3r - Totally Random Stuff from this guy, one of my favourite people on twitter world. you can expect loads of amazing stuff coming.. sarcasm included..cubiculture rides n all the life keeps on rolling as his twitter timeline shows.

4. @rehabc - if you like to read and you aren't following her.. you are missing a comment/reply on all your literary tweets. awesome shawsome person to talk to.if u ever meet, u ll know how to laugh and smile at same time.. hehe.. have to definitely escape from her 360 degree spy eyes on me. good buddy online... but follow her .. you ll enjoy..

5. @JasleenArora - i like her because i hate her and she likes me because she hates me..we know each other for like ages but twitter has been medium for leg puling all the time n everytime. she tweets poetry, random stuff, about her college life and abt place where she stays.. nice person to argue with.. strong points and wastage of time n energy my side..

6. @ashumittal - my DM buddy :p amazing photographer. expect loads of tweets from her on trending topics which are fun, photography, quotes, adobe, flickr, lightroom etc :-)

and to add to the six above, I follow so many other amazing people and can definitely recommend you following them when you talk of certain topics:

When you talk of

1. Photography = follow @suddentwilight (Paromita's Flickr),@tarunchandel (Tarun's PhotoBlog), @twilightfairy (Priyanka's Flickr) ,@poojaganeriwala (Pooja's Flickr),@ashumittal (Ashu's Flickr)

2. Blogging = follow @realin (Digimantra), @praval (MediaRedefined) , @mayank (Blog Design Studio),@labnol (Digital Inspiration),@pchere (Quick Online Tips), @abhishek (Technix Update, @blogadda (BlogAdda) , @nixxin (MediaNama)

3. Ladies *special quota* - follow @nomadwanderer, @shaaqT, @suddentwilight

4. Cartoons -oh no no.. what you think is wrong,they are not cartoons.. but they make cartoons,doodles and spread message through creative way.. follow @meerasapra (her work), @keeda (work),@tantanoo (work)

5. Microsofties - all your queries on windows, microsoft can be directed towards them - follow @baxiabhishek , @hardik, @manan ,@MicrosoftIndia

6. Corporates - follow @90di, @cleartrip, @flykingfisher , @Samsung_Mobiles, @keralatourism, @infosys, @followtcs, @accenture,@naukri

7 Channels - follow @channelvindia,@colorstv, @mtvindia

8 News - follow @ndtv, @httweets,@bbcworld,@bbctech,@cnnbrk

9 Celebrities - loads of them on twitter but i follow @gulpanag, @priyankachopra, @celinajaitly, @pritishnandy, @sanjaysuri ,@nikhilchinapa, @bani_j, @duttalara, @sonamakapoor, @chetan_bhagat, @1mrankhan, @shreyaghoshal, @ayushmannk , @duttalara, @lisaraniray, @v1sh4l (music Director Vishal), @devikamathur ,@ShashiTharoor

Bas Naam hi kaafi hai, for all of them. Best way to know about them - :)

10 Random-

a) They are my gurgaon meet-up gang so keep meeting them all.. fun people.. can bore you in a minute and make you laugh real hard the next minute - @prolificd,@omgsweet,@sloth13, @simple_sy, baxiabhishek,@mekkanikal

b) I've met them in mumbai nagariyaa... so regular interaction and all fun people to follow and you never know you might learn something from them - @punkpolkdots, @unitechy, @annkur, @mokshjuneja, @netra, @harishk, @shadez ,@hardik, @asfaq, @urmiraj14, @rashmibansal, @3heelshigh, @chicalit , @piyushgupta, @netra

c) @thecomicproject ,@amitvarma,@harry_jerry, @sakhi_ , @_atikin , @anaggh , @smilinggal , @neobluepanther ,@streetanchor , @teatattler, @oldmonkmgm, @greenrains, @rwac84, @sm63, @maheshmurthy, @masarat - yet to meet them in real life but all nice people to follow. regular interaction with all of them on twitter and something to learn as well.

11. Sikhism - follow @Amritsarovar, @singhlions ,@mrSikhnet,@taranjs

12. News Anchors - all of them tweet about their shows, current news and views and its fun sharing our point of view on their shows and news. - @bdutt (barkha dutt), @sardesairajdeep (rajdeep sardesai) , @sonalipds (Sonia Singh) ,@abhonsle (Anubha Bhonsle) ,@suhasinih (Suhasini Haider) , @sagarikaghose (Sagarika Ghose), @virsanghvi (Vir Sanghvi) , @rajeevmasand (Rajeev Masand) , @ankitv (Ankit Venguralikar)

13. Punjab Quota *reserved* - anytime you feel like talking in punjabi tweet them.. have fun interacting with them in punjabi :) - @themonsoonkid ,@simarp ,@preetchandhoke ,@simarp, @harleenkaurs, @param188, @kulpreetsingh ,@rajbir, @purplebeing, @jasdeep,@sepiaverse

This has been the the largest follow friday recommendation i've made and i know i have missed many known-unknown people in it but yea.. i will keep on adding people as and when i feel they are missing in this list of mine. :-) . Happy Following.

Just for records i follow 499 people/brands/celebrities/rssfeeds all including and i'm 517 days old here. :)

Oh i missed mentioning my twitter handle na.. its @s4sukhdeep . :-) tada..

Sunday, September 06, 2009

As I Move On..

As I move forward in life..Ithink of the gains and losses i went through while passing different phases of it the super exciting phase of achieving something different, or sharing the wonderful moments with friends or be it staying out of touch with everyone or be it the feeling of loneliness or dejection during recent few months..and this time i come to the conclusion and gains are all mine and losses are all theirs who lost me :)

when i look back at my life many people came [read girls] n life and went but i certainly believe that each one of them was a pleasure to be friends with and you won't find better teacher than them who would give you something to learn after practically experiencing it.

Some of them which i think definitely added to my learnings tab would include the following..!!

1. Not all that glitters is gold.A beautiful look might give you an illusion of beautiful heart inside but its not always true.. and same hold true for the opposite..a beautiful heart or a beautiful mind may not always be portrayed by a beautiful you should be smart enough to understand the person..i guess my mistakes in understanding this phrase has made me a better human.

2. Friendship is not love - Thats one thing that i dont think i learnt but definitely learnt that you should be friends and should care for each other but not turn so good friends that the other person starts thinking that you are in love wid him/ brings in very difficult situation and the position where making a choice b/w frenship n relationship comes up....understand ur limits.. or be very clear about these things at every step.

3. I may be wrong here but i always feel while moving away from anyone, you are answerable to some of basic questions one wud have while you are going.. and you should nice enough to atleast clear all those doubts . I've some questions to ask to some of my 'Friends' [atleast from my side]and they still are unanswered..!!

4. Believe in God - A complete rockstar he is.I dont understand how he manages my life atleast.. he ll bring all the people in my life one by one.. and second one wud only enter once first one is taking time to leave....! awesome.. i feel who so ever comes in my life gives me some of the wonderful moments to cherish and some of not so good moments.. which make me more stronger for the next time..!!

having true friends on whom you can rely on anytime/everytime is sitting in a comfort zone and that feeling is awesome..!! i can count my comfort zone on one finger.. and i am not naming anyone here.. but i guess having that circle of 2-3 friends is more than enough for me in today's state. a post dedicated to my real life friends and my twitter aka online circle coming soon on that note :D

Long times this post rested in my drafts but finally i post it.. :)

happy reading..

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Birthday Wish

I got this lovely picture as a birthday wish in orkut scrapbook from one of my gursikh friends and simply loved the concept

Monday, August 17, 2009

A New Chapter Starts

As i enter 24th chapter in life, i am just wondering how one day can totally change the way you look at life... from 23 year to 24 in one day and suddenly parents start thinking the kid is now more mature..more sensible.. more responsible.. am still the same.. irresponsible.. careless..mature..umm dnt really know.. some say i am, some disapprove this fact. but one thing i definitely know,this is one of the crucial years in life.
some of the things i think, i might implement in my life and sharing it here to keep reminding it to myself
1.Learn to Say NO.. There have been times, i have disturbed my own life just by saying yes to some people which i could have clearly more frequent 'NO' in times to come.
2.people call me internet addict and i agree to them for some reasons but i have had some amazing times in my life just coz of this social media and have made some fantastic people as my friends.going forward, i have decided to use my social media addiction for more good and use it as knowledge bank than just a social media usage.
3.Not to take people for granted.i trust people very easily. be good to me and get me going anywhere.going forward this rule doesn't applies :-)
4.Be expressive. if i like something, i am saying it.if i dislike anything,i am saying that too.i think i have missed some amazing opportunities in life again by not expressing interest but just waiting for best to happen and things to come to me themselves.
5.Those who missed my birthday.i need to forget theirs :) ofcourse this is lame.. but some times it is good exercise

Friday, August 14, 2009

Independent India turns 62

Its 15th august,2009, 62 years after the lord mountbatten announced india an independent nation and handed over the responsibility to jawaharlal nehru. a historic moment indeed but 62 years passed, have we been able to keep the momentum going and become developed nation. no. despite being the largest democracy in the world, the 6th largest Country in the world, and one of the most ancient civilizations, we still have long way to go , come out of international pressures and be called a developed nation.

Not much to say but a tribute to our soldiers with this brilliant video by bharat bala productions shot at siachin glaciers with indian army. hats off to our indian army and soldiers who protect us in such conditions.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy Friendship Day

To all the friends who DID NOT wish me today, thank you, im glad i have grown-up friends. To the rest of you, meh! Therz always next year!

This was a tweet from a friend and echoed my opinion on friendship day. so here it goes.. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eventful Weekend in Delhi

This saturday turned out to be a fun day in life.. had loadsa fun in Delhi.. the day started with startup saturday...was worth travelling 30 km from gurgaon and listen to some interesting talk on how to think out of online space as well and how to go about starting something in offline space..some interesting case studies and interactive talks helped understand the things. A very interesting talk was one on how to get funds from venture capitalists and angel investors and some very interesting points which came out of it were:
- Until the money reaches your bank, you're not funded
-Only real problems are 'fundable'
- Look at 1. Who can give you good feedback? Someone who understands the market you're in. 2. Who has appetite to invest?
-The venture industry is a lot more cocky in india compared to silicon valley counterparts.
- Most people start off with asking for a valuation. There's no point thinking about it today.
-The first step is to convince the investor to fund, not ask for valuation.
-'Don't raise money unless it's absolutely must, and once you decide to raise it, raise as much as you can'
-Money you raise today does impact the prospects of raising money tomorrow. Same thing with Terms
thanks to twitter and @prolificd to livetweet them.. i cud summarize the session in few lines :)
Following the Startup Saturday thing, we went to DLF Emporio in Vasant Kunj.. its a huge huge mall with all the BIG brands and all with sale stuff.. quite expensive but without looking much.. we went to TGIF where 10 tweeters were already waiting for us for a delhi drinks meetup..officially a daru tweet up , becoz of non drinkers attendance turned into a drinks tweetup. met around 25 guys who are on twitter and in different industries, it was interesting to share talks on so many different topics on one table.following a great time, some of us went to Turquoise Cottage for some good music and had a ball over there.. loved dancing after so long forgetting everything in life and just relaxing with the music ova there..although i haven't been listening to english music.. but again listening to it for first time is exciting as well.. dance dance dance and finally out of it around 11.30.. came with some frenz back to gurgaon and finally the day ended post 12.
Today i downloaded wordpress 2.8.1 the latest version, some interesting themes for my new blog. i haven't decided if i ll keep my blogspot blog running but that one is certainly coming up soon :)
tata for now.. a learning week ahead...keep writing.. keep smiling

Saturday, July 04, 2009

100 Not Out

Never thought i will ever post 100 posts on my personal blog but thank you everyone who read it and commented on it. you guys have been my motivation and the reason for updations :) ... 100 posts have taken a long time..
Instead of a long thank you note, just thought of sharing my message in few words.

Cheers !! Keep Inspiring !! Keep Rocking :)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's not Writer's Block

yea yea yea.. its not a writers block.. and i do come to blogger dashboard to blog but since last so many days precisely the days back home, what is stopping me from getting my posts live is damn electricity. we have a routine time table

Considering morning starts at 0000 hours.
First cut at 2.00 AM - 3.00 AM [ 1 hour]
Second cut at 6.30 AM - 7.30 AM [ 2 hours]
Third Cut 10 AM - 1 PM [5 hours]
Fouth One at 3 PM - 6 PM [ 8 hours]
Fifth One - 7.45/8 PM to 8.45/9 PM [9 hours]
Sixth One - 10.30 PM - 11.30 PM [10 hours]

Now these are the 10 hours when power is not there.. there are times when we have horrible voltage fluctuations when even fan and tubes cry and ask us to switch them off.. horribe state of electricity and the temperature is no less than 35 degrees at any point of day or night.. rains.. r u kiddin me.. they are no where near..
all the times when i try writing something.. and write write write and before i click save.. BOOM.. voltage fluctuates.. and my pc restarts.. wherez the post.. GONE..!!

if you get to read this post.. either its my lucky day.. or punjab government doesn't knows they have given us the power :)

P.S if you notice the date of post , its 31st May.. and its clear clear sign that i have tried my best to post and am able to do that only after a month of hard tries.. :D


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Punjabi Divas on Twitter

What is Punjabi Divas?
Its a celebration of Punjabi and Punjabiyat on one of the most widely used social networking websites. Punjabi Divas is a concept of social networking one full day in Punjabi language. If you are a Punjabi, or someone who loves Punjabi language, Come be a part of it. Some of the commonly used punjabi words are mentioned below, start your conversations using them, and then other talks will continue automatically.

9th June,2009 09.00 AM

Check your local time when Punjabi Divas Starts :

Who can participate?
Anyone and everyone with love for Punjabi Language

In case it interests you, India's most famous celebrity on Twitter , Gul Panag will also be tweeting in Punjabi on #punjabidivas on twitter.

Hashtag - #punjabidivas <- Just write this in your tweet so that your tweet gets counted as Punjabi tweet :)

Punjabi Twictionary :
Hello - Sat Sri Akal
How are you - Ki Hal hai?
Wassup? - Kidda?
It's very hot today - aj bahut garmi hai

Chak De Phattey !!

Bole so nihal Sat Sri Akal

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Balle Balle

Popular Punjabi Phrases:

Jithey di khoti uthay aa khaloti - Back to square one

Chalo mitti pao - Let us just forget it

Key teri maj gum gayee aey - Are you in trouble

Popular Truck Lines

Parnaam Shaaheeda Nu

Buri Nazar Wale Tera Muh Kala

Nanak Naam Chardi Kala, Tere Bhaane Sarbat da Bhala

Some of the Punjabi Tweeters you might like to follow :

@ujj - Techie from Bangalore,humorous and funny
@realin - Tech Guy working in IT industry
@limeice- Web Freelancer from Jalandhar
@jasdeep - For all talks on Punjabi Literature, he is the guy to follow
@simarp - man behind
@mrsikhnet - Gurmustak Singh, man behind
@kulpreetSingh - Guy from Canada, tweets about Social Media Marketing,Sikhism, Human Rights and Love
@s4sukhdeep - Thats me :p

See Ya on Twitter guyz!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I wish

I wish

1. i was able to express myself freely over here. i stop myself many a times expressing things here for a simple reason that even if i write.. hardly anyone is goin to bother abt it.. so let it be inside and fade away..!! 

2. i was able to ignore some people in my life. some people simply have too much of my thinking space covered, not actually required.

3. i could take credit of others work which i think is not right thing to do. i ve seen people around me taking credit of all the work done and get aappreciation. 

4. i was able to maintain my daily balance of food and sleep.

5. i was able to say to some of my frenz.. where were you when i really wanted to talk to you? where were you when it was time for me to say something? where were you when i had loads to say and was looking for someone to just listen....

6. i was able to update this blog daily.. but now i am thinking to just shut up and close this post....

still have loads in mind.. but just dont want to spill it over here.. peace..!!  

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rendezvous with a Legend

This pic needs no introduction and is of a Legend, Gurdaas Maan. and i met him last thursday. Lucky day for me as i was checking in for my return to home. On Mumbai Airport at 8.45 AM , while i was awaiting my turn to come to collect my boarding pass, a familiar face stepped in the airport with a lady which eventually turned to be his wife and i came to know about it bit later. And i simply jumped and ran towards him to meet him.. Yes.. it was him. The Legend. Gurdaas Maan needs no introduction if you listen to Punjabi Music or watch Punjabi Movies. People say i m lucky to meet him and you bet.. i was lucky that moment because he is such a nice person. When he saw me coming, he stopped to greet me and as i kept on expressing my joy, and wish to click his pic.. very politely with smile on his face, he guided me with directions to click pic from right angle. and on demand of one more, he asked me to click as many as i want.I was speechless and excited and happy and jumping and smiling and posing with him to get a good pic :D :D :D ... its like once a lifetime opportunity to meet such stars.. With Mamla Gadbad Hai, Peed tere Jaan di, Yaad Satave Pind dia gallian di, Des Hoya Pardes, Shaheed e mohabbat Boota Singh and now Mini Punjab he has just kept on delivering best of music and movies.. I 'vent found a single Punjabi who is not fan of Gurdaas Maan - The Gurdas Maan. Love you babeyo :D
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maggi Love

This post is completely dedicated to Maggi which is my lifeline, which is my heartbeat when i am away from home. and if you think maggi is name of girl.. you are absolutely........wrong. Its the same maggi which takes 2 minutes to get ready and its the same maggi which doesn't takes any effort to get inside the stomach as well ;)

As Maggi completes 25 years of existance and being favourite noodles of all for as many years, i thought of expressing my deep love for this babe.Here is the journey of Maggi and Me :)

Early 1990s: when we were in junior classes, many a times if vegetable made by mom is not what me n bro like, 2 minutes and by the time we got ready, Maggi was in our lunch boxes for us to enjoy. That was the same time, when i use to barter my lunch with someone whu brought Maggi :) not always.. but if u got maggi, i am your friend :p

Mid 1990s: then we grew lil young and started playing in kitchen with gas and stove which was quite risky. but whenever two conditions prevailed 1;mom not at home and 2; me or simar is hungry ... There comes Maggi, put water and masala with maggi.. and enjoy it and with proud tell to mom... we are not dependent on your presence if we are hungry :D .... Maggi din't change et al and so was our love for maggi

Late 1990s and Early 21st Century : Now in these years, i studied class 10-11-12 and bro being 3 years younger in class 7-8-9 and being Board classes, its time for late study just to have an impression of LATE NIGHT Studies..although i am of strong belief that if you sleep at 10 and get up at 4 to study , those 2-3 hours of early morning study will give u more knowledge than full night of study.. but neways.. if mom sleepin and our stomachs rings a bell.. there goes Mister in kitchen, put maggi on stove, and tea on other side.. and in next 5 minutes relish the extra-ordinary effort of making Maggi in night :D Sense of achievement u know..!! ;)

2003-2007 : These are four year of my engineering and i used to be a day scholar and used to come to home everyday. and two or three days a week, my first food was this two minute magic which i asked my mom to make so that she also doesnt feels loaded with work in kitchen :p .. those were the days when she started adding vegetables in it, little bit of butter to make it lil more healthy for me.. loads of cheese and coriander leaves to garnish.. in all a beautiful presentation of maggi came into picture with time passing. Only option where my bro and me would agree was if Maggi is made and then i decide if vegetables are required and he had say on amount of cheese and butter in it. Anyways end of 10 minutes, we both get Maggi so no issues :D

2007- till date : This is 'Maggi Survival Policy' period. The time when i moved out of my home to pursue my career. i moved to bangalore and then lack of North Indian food everynow and then made us eat nothing else but apni Maggi. Still when i think of number of days we had maggi just coz we dint feel like going out, or raining heavily or completely tired or simply feel like eating it..give me an option and i ll declare Maggi as Staple food for Youth :)

Make me Prime Minister of India and i will ensure maggi to be given at subsidised rates near colleges, company campuses and anywhere i found youth :p . Also given an option , apni shaadi pe maggi ka stall lagva denge ;) although i guess i need Nestle to sponsor me maggi's

and btw on account of dear maggi completing 25 years , nestle has launched a special site - great site for fans of maggi. Enjoy :)

Bas bahut ho gai maggi maggi.. and while writing this post , i just had another 2 minutes Maggi break *burp* .. over and out

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The March Story..

Looking at the march there was not much i did in march... but if i count on most interesting things happening i can recollect following
- Matheran Trip - yea once again we all went to matheran.. this time on a toy train.. jab we met types.. mini train.. waadiyon ke beech se..with group of 30 teammates was fun.. as usual
- then we went to a friend's place as well for Gujju Dinner and it was YUMM... so delicious that we self invited for lunch some time soon at his place.. which might come in my april update :p
- met lot of celebrities in this month.. so many tv stars, anjay dutt in march.. :D
- played holi - the best one i ve played so far in life.. it was great fun. we played in the society we are living in, had rain dance, lot of water, dry colours followed by best of food for lunch and dinner.. wil not forget holi of mumbai for long long time..
- did not go home this month :(
-- i forgot other things. .so when they come in mind.. wil be updated..!! :D

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dil aur Dimaag

Dil keh raha hai shaam ko 7 baje se kuch to likh.. Dimag keh raha hai.. kahe ko pakayega.. chod na..! 
This is exactly what has been goin on almost every time i logon to blogger to express my views..i think to write on something but then taking into account the impact it might have on anyone.. leaves me nowhere. this month has been quite a mixed one for me so far.. nothing exceptional coming my way but then again.. there isnt anything i am sorry about.
one thing i have to believe and accept is the fact that am living in complete feminist world and people around me have the first preference for other gender. no offences to anyone but i hardly find anyone who doesn't falls for other sex and maintains the balance of life in tough and easy situations..

Dil ka thought::
in last few days, i have become fan of Gujjus.. be it people or food.. i love both of em.. and the Dhokla they make.. out of this world.. punjabi add ghee or butter in everything they make and gujju's make everything sweet.. 

Dimag ka thought::
being in mumbai i have experienced the 'fast' mode of life..i mean life is so fast here that you actually dont get time to stop and think about it at any moment..for me, it has been little hard to adjust coz of few reasons.. one m toooo busy with work..two, i dnt really have a great friend circle and three those who are here, we ve nt been able to catch up coz of BUSY and FAST life of mumbai...!!  hope to catch some friends in coming week.. *if i dnt go back home*

DIL and DIMAG ka thought:
"People value you as per their own convenience" 

I dont think i need to write anything else in it.. says all..!! :) 

Dil ka thought :
Jitne bhi dosto se dostana toot gya hai.. sab ko ek ek sms karke unka haal chaal pucha jaaye..aur pta kare ki unhe hum yaad bhi hain ya bhool gye... *bt i guess this would take me back to all those times which i think i dont want to remember again.* 

Dimag ka thought :
See the time and chup kar ke so jao.. its close to 0000 hours and have to get up at 5 in the morning.. 


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Looking Back at Feb 09

By no means an exceptional month, february went rather quickly.. i remember writing a recap of january just few days back.. and here i summarize my next month..!!
Nothing exceptional happened in this month except the last week.
- I went to my university to interact with newly recruited students of my company and it was great meeting all new minds and visiting university after almost 6 months.
- i had no plans for vacation but i got to spend almost a week at home.. was one flash and that got over.. so back to mumbai for work
- yes.. first time in my life.. i watched a movie on first day premiere show.. and guess wat.. it was DEV D .. :p first impressions depressing.. bt as a media savy guy.. found excellent concept shot with excellent vision..and acting.. so thums up for production and thums down for watch..!!
- oh yes..i did not go anywhr out of mumbai in Feb :)
- Valentine's day was also this month.. wat i did.. cut a cake.. and then whole day..nothing else.. or may be played football and went some shopping.. cutting it short.. jst spent it like another day ..who messaged me? believe me NO ONE ;) .. and whu wished me.. same person whu wished me new year first..!!
- Office went pretty fine. lot of work..lot of stress alongwith.. some fun moments not to be forgotten..some amazing times with people in office as well and lot of learnings.
- Did i mention two dance parties that happened in office.. two consecutive fridays.. one at some place in borivali or kandivali and other at Rhodas in Powai.. and one at rhodas was just so amazing.. had to fly back next day.. bt koi hosh nai.. kept dancing..enjoying on my own..on all songs.. be it punjabi, hindi, marathi, kannada.. lol.. missed dinner as well.. bt enjoyed a lot that one night.. AMAZING it was ..!!
- while coming was first of march.. and lot of things happened in one day.. so wil updated in march post :)

Abhi ke liye.. cheers.. ciao

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Query?

A very general query that keeps coming to my mind whenever somebody talks to me about committments and relationships..
When one person is very clear in mind and thought that he/she is not going to marry the other person in any possible way and both have to go ahead and marry what their parents are going to find..then why dont they understand that the relationship/committments should not be continuous or it has to get over now or in some time.... what makes them stay in relationship and committment..aren't they pushing themselves into emotional web ??

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free ka Tag Game :p

Just Random Questionnaire picked from Small Town Galz Blog :)
i love filling such questionnaires so picked up the questions and filled with my answers.....

Last Movie Seen in Theater: Dev D(Bollywood). Last English film was Slumdog Millionair.
Book Being Read : The Google Story. i know its old bt i ve got this habit of reading very recently and still not completely into it..
Favorite Board Game : Ludo :P. you give me 1,2,3 players.. i can manager with any number to play ludo :)
Favorite Magazine: Reader Digest, India Today.
These days it's all about: Me,myself and some work along.
Favorite Smells: These days it of Home made food. Being away from home, when you get to eat something home made... its amazing..
Favorite Sounds : someone humming one of your fav songs sitting next to you.
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up: "Already late..dont sleep anymore" :p
Worst feeling in the world : Feeling of being alone
Favorite Fast Food Place : McDonalds.
Future Child’s Name : First let me know my Future Wife's name.
Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…” : travel across the globe, stay back in my hometown for rest of life.
Do you drive fast? : No. Speed thrills me.. bt i drive normal.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? NO.
Storms - Cool or Scary?: Ofcourse scary.. they disturb the peace of mind..
Do you eat the stems on broccoli?: na na.
If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?: Even if i color them, no one wud see them.. Sardar hone ka ek fayda :p
All towns/cities you have lived in : Amritsar,Bangalore,Delhi,Gurgaon,Mumbai
Favorite sports to watch : Cricket.Lawn Tennis. F1.
One nice thing about the person who sent this to you : nobody sent me.. i just used copy paste :p
What’s under your bed? : Pair of Chappals.
Would you like to be born as yourself again? : I Suppose i would definitely like to be born as myself agaain.. :).
Morning person or night owl? : Completely depends on situation and place.
Over easy or sunny side up? : Sunny side UP!!!
Favorite Place to Relax : Bed at HOME.
Favorite Pie : American Pie. :-?
Favorite Ice Cream : I Like Tutti Frooti, Pista and Butter scotch.

Tagging- All you people who loves their blog and mine too :p ..

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Jan 09 - A quick recap

Looking back at January 09 , and a quick recap reminds me of following things :
- new year celebrations were at guest house with vinaya and me sitting in room talking on phone, watching tv and simply wishing everyone else happy new year.. :p
-january was too hectic in office.. long work hours.. remember working on 1st jan for whole day.
-and by 1st jan, i remember i went to Bandra Band Stand which is quite famous outing place.. that day we went to band stand, saw shahrukh and salman's home from outside which itself turns out to be quite a popular spot.
-my four days back home to celebrate Lohri were simply awesome. kept shopping and travelling and in between kept visiting golden temple all days. Golden Temple is one big magnet which keeps pulling me to amritsar.
- met simar [ my friend] after almost 18 months.. last we met were on last day of our examz and then i came to bangalore to join my company. so it was great meeting after a long time, spending some time together was amazing..great memories..
-then i went to Elephanta caves one of weekends and had amazing time trekking with friends and enjoying the hills. most thrilling part was the one hour journey from Gateway of India to Island of elephanta caves. after the ride, now i can say i have travelled on all modes of transport be it on land, air or water.. so was fun
- also visited Juhu Beach with friends after watching SM with them for second time. Slumdog Millionaire and CC2C were the only two movies i watched in Theatre this month and Slumdog was simply awesome.
Random trips to oberoi and inorbit kept happening. oh yes...i came across quite a few celebrities last month..being in mumbai and in area where many celebrities stay its a common thing but for a person like me who collects autographs or likes to meet them, its an exciting thing for me.

Coming to the end of month on 29th, my brother got his pce exam cleared which is equivalent to CA Inter and what an amazing result he delivered..proud of him.
time to sleep now.. i think i covered my jan times..if missed, i will keep updating..


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lady Love..!!

looks like a pretty odd title but this post is about my lady love.. love i have in my heart for some beautiful people and the ones who i wanna meet.Coming straight to the point..
1. Shireen Bhan : have you ever seen a smiling face presenting news or some show on CNBC or CNN IBN every night at 2030 hours... its Shireen Bhan who i am so desperate to meet.. i simply love the lovely smile, i love the way she talks and love the way she makes other person so comfortable talking of all the business numbers and technical of my favourites which has been on my list from day 1 i became her fan and she is still on the list rocking..shez so adorable, so beautiful, so amazing that you can watch the news show without even bothering about any news. :D
2. Konkana Sen Sharma: Another lady who i am die hard fan of is Konkana... be it Page 3 or Mr & Mrs Iyer, Aaja Nach le or Luck By Chance. i am fan of Konkana.. she acts too well, so natural , so adorable..this wheatish gal is actor par perfection.i haven't seen a single film where i can say that she was misfit in chracter. I dont know how i can catch up with this girl.. but if given a chance.. all other appointments can be cancelled and she will be given all the priorities :D after all hum bhi busy insaan hai..
3. Madhuri Dixit : Hum Apke hai kaun to Raja, Beta to Aaja Nachle.. Madhuri Madhuri Madhuri... no match.. simply awesome.. hope to meet her sometime in life. this lovely lady can be called Maharani of bollywood..
4. Shweta Salve: one gal who a hottie in Indian Television, i like her sexiness and i like her acting as well..and i think they are more than enough the reasons to meet someone..
5.Chitranghda Singh: If you think Smita Patil is back in movies, that is because of Chitranghda who gives a quite attractive, and gracious look. i saw her first in Hazaro Khwahishein Aisi and next in some talk show on NDTV and since then.. my o my.. m her big big fan. this dusky beauty whuz wife of india's top golfer jyoti randhawa, looking at her you cannot believe your eyes.. shez so attractive.. so magnetic.. its simply awesome.. :D .. i hope i meet her sometime soon..

These five are the ones from indian sphere who i wish to meet and yes CLICK a pic with them..

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Its here - Welcome 2009.....

As i write these lines, i am almost 3 hours into the new date format where i would be no more writing 2008 in any communications... and i still feel time is flying and 08 is over..eyes stuck at 01-01-09 on cell.anyways.. its here so Welcome 2009..

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.. i hope this year is good for me,you and everybody around.

This year no resolutions as such but some things to be taken care of...
- Blogging atleast once a month.. i know very unreal target but less the expectation.. more the performance output :p
- If not having enough to write.. still going to post something... reader discretion recommended ;)
- rest i have them in mind.. but now they are not coming out :P :D

Thanks to all who have made this 2008 a year to remember.. more on my recap of 2008 in next post.. and thatz gonna be very soon.. ciao..

Happy New Year - 2009