Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I wish

I wish

1. i was able to express myself freely over here. i stop myself many a times expressing things here for a simple reason that even if i write.. hardly anyone is goin to bother abt it.. so let it be inside and fade away..!! 

2. i was able to ignore some people in my life. some people simply have too much of my thinking space covered, not actually required.

3. i could take credit of others work which i think is not right thing to do. i ve seen people around me taking credit of all the work done and get aappreciation. 

4. i was able to maintain my daily balance of food and sleep.

5. i was able to say to some of my frenz.. where were you when i really wanted to talk to you? where were you when it was time for me to say something? where were you when i had loads to say and was looking for someone to just listen....

6. i was able to update this blog daily.. but now i am thinking to just shut up and close this post....

still have loads in mind.. but just dont want to spill it over here.. peace..!!  

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