Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Super busy in life?

Ever wondered how busy everybody is in life and at times miss out in contacting friends because of one or the other reason.many a times excuse is that other person can also contact,why should i make a move? I say why not? The other person might be thinking the same thing. Write a note. Write an email or a letter. Call. Just few minutes of conversation can charge you up and renew the bonds. If you can breathe,eat and sleep, you can definitely take some time to talk to your mates who you spent talking all night or chatting on messenger windows and have shared your sms jokes and random pondering.connect offline coz virtual world is no replacement to human bonding.I have experienced friendships turning from very good friend to good friend to friend and eventually just being facebook friends.and this mini post is just an alert so that you don't lose any diamonds in your life.

p.s this is first post written entirely on mobile. Expect more mini posts now. Will try to get back here and write something.