Monday, June 27, 2011

Ten Secrets : 10 Day You Challenge

So after reading Preeti’s and Prateek’s blog posts on 10 Day YOU challenge, I thought to give it a shot. This tag requires you to write 10 posts about 10 different things in life. One each day.

Starting with 10 secrets.
By the way , If I post them here, then they are no longer a secret. So I will modify this tag as per convenience ;) and will share 10 things that you may not know about me.

  1. I have taken most of my decisions in life at first instinct. Whatever thought came in my mind first, became my decision. And I can’t say I am disappointed with my decisions. Life has been good and I have enjoyed.
  2. I don't throw my boarding pass.Although I am not a frequent flyer but whenever I travel,I try to save my  boarding pass. 
  3. I want to perform dance/act/stand up/voice over/MC in big crowd. By big I mean really big crowd. Stadium crowd.
  4. I talk to people before I make an opinion about them. People behave different with every individual so if someone is good to you doesn’t implies that he is good to everybody.
  5. I have many ‘girl’ friends but no girl-friend. Also I have many ‘guy’ friends but no boy-friend. :P
  6. I prefer watching stuff which would make me happy. Bring on good comedy, romantic, cartoon, sitcoms over thriller /action /sci-fi any time of the day.
  7. I am proud of being a Sikh and like to share knowledge about my religion with everyone who is interested to know about it. On similar note, I like wearing matching turbans and I have got 9 different colors. And I plan to add few more on my next trip back home. :)
  8. I totally love Calvin and Hobbes. And I have been hunting for Calvin Hobbes T-shirt for ever now.
  9. If you play/sing an English song, 95% chances are there that I’m hearing it for the first time. Also if I haven’t heard it, I will not pretend. My face expression will tell you. Either I will be enjoying the beat without caring what lyrics offer or will be trying to find out the lyrics and enjoy it. But I like Enrique, Rihanna and few selective singles.
  10. One thing I have always asked myself but never got answer to. Why I don’t have long lasting friends. Most of people I was once friends with are now acquaintances and I hardly have any friends who I can call anytime and talk about anything. That’s one secret of mine that even I don’t know.

Yaay. I managed to write ten things.

p.s : If you like the tag, do it. :) 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Go Goa - The Movie !!

4 days.16 people.G.O.A.  :)

Fun Unlimited. 

Vacation : 21st April to 25th April '2011
Location : Goa.
Junta in the video : yours truly, amit, shashi, pranjal, gaurav, sagar, ankit, gurbani, rashi, priya, harshjot, vijay, shreya,ninad,najib and sangam. 

Special Thanks to Amit for making this wonderful video. :D 

Thank You Allen Solly

One day I saw this tweet in my replies tab: 

For a moment looked a spam tweet to me since the handle @allensolly wasn't much active on twitter and out of nowhere they randomly chose two people to give gift vouchers to.Then after some research this looked like a valid ID so replied back with my email address and they sent an email to share all the address details with reason to be selected for one  :

"Wondering why we selected you? Isn’t being yourself a reason enough :)"

Full marks. Ten days later I get an Allen Solly voucher with condition that it can only be used in Allen Solly Exclusive showroom ONLY. I was travelling continuously with voucher in wallet but did not find any allen solly 'exclusive' showroom to use it. Luckily i visited home and they have one 'exclusive' showroom in town. I managed to make a visit just in last week of voucher validity. The showroom staff was little hesitant to redeem the voucher probably because they never had seen one but after checking with their owner, they agreed to.So out of limited stock available, I managed to select one shirt and that was it. Gave the voucher. and Happy Me returned back :)

Thank You Allen Solly for the voucher. :)

Note - I wrote this post on April 7th and then missed publishing it. :D