Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maggi Love

This post is completely dedicated to Maggi which is my lifeline, which is my heartbeat when i am away from home. and if you think maggi is name of girl.. you are absolutely........wrong. Its the same maggi which takes 2 minutes to get ready and its the same maggi which doesn't takes any effort to get inside the stomach as well ;)

As Maggi completes 25 years of existance and being favourite noodles of all for as many years, i thought of expressing my deep love for this babe.Here is the journey of Maggi and Me :)

Early 1990s: when we were in junior classes, many a times if vegetable made by mom is not what me n bro like, 2 minutes and by the time we got ready, Maggi was in our lunch boxes for us to enjoy. That was the same time, when i use to barter my lunch with someone whu brought Maggi :) not always.. but if u got maggi, i am your friend :p

Mid 1990s: then we grew lil young and started playing in kitchen with gas and stove which was quite risky. but whenever two conditions prevailed 1;mom not at home and 2; me or simar is hungry ... There comes Maggi, put water and masala with maggi.. and enjoy it and with proud tell to mom... we are not dependent on your presence if we are hungry :D .... Maggi din't change et al and so was our love for maggi

Late 1990s and Early 21st Century : Now in these years, i studied class 10-11-12 and bro being 3 years younger in class 7-8-9 and being Board classes, its time for late study just to have an impression of LATE NIGHT Studies..although i am of strong belief that if you sleep at 10 and get up at 4 to study , those 2-3 hours of early morning study will give u more knowledge than full night of study.. but neways.. if mom sleepin and our stomachs rings a bell.. there goes Mister in kitchen, put maggi on stove, and tea on other side.. and in next 5 minutes relish the extra-ordinary effort of making Maggi in night :D Sense of achievement u know..!! ;)

2003-2007 : These are four year of my engineering and i used to be a day scholar and used to come to home everyday. and two or three days a week, my first food was this two minute magic which i asked my mom to make so that she also doesnt feels loaded with work in kitchen :p .. those were the days when she started adding vegetables in it, little bit of butter to make it lil more healthy for me.. loads of cheese and coriander leaves to garnish.. in all a beautiful presentation of maggi came into picture with time passing. Only option where my bro and me would agree was if Maggi is made and then i decide if vegetables are required and he had say on amount of cheese and butter in it. Anyways end of 10 minutes, we both get Maggi so no issues :D

2007- till date : This is 'Maggi Survival Policy' period. The time when i moved out of my home to pursue my career. i moved to bangalore and then lack of North Indian food everynow and then made us eat nothing else but apni Maggi. Still when i think of number of days we had maggi just coz we dint feel like going out, or raining heavily or completely tired or simply feel like eating it..give me an option and i ll declare Maggi as Staple food for Youth :)

Make me Prime Minister of India and i will ensure maggi to be given at subsidised rates near colleges, company campuses and anywhere i found youth :p . Also given an option , apni shaadi pe maggi ka stall lagva denge ;) although i guess i need Nestle to sponsor me maggi's

and btw on account of dear maggi completing 25 years , nestle has launched a special site http://www.meandmeri.in/ - great site for fans of maggi. Enjoy :)

Bas bahut ho gai maggi maggi.. and while writing this post , i just had another 2 minutes Maggi break *burp* .. over and out

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The March Story..

Looking at the march there was not much i did in march... but if i count on most interesting things happening i can recollect following
- Matheran Trip - yea once again we all went to matheran.. this time on a toy train.. jab we met types.. mini train.. waadiyon ke beech se..with group of 30 teammates ..it was fun.. as usual
- then we went to a friend's place as well for Gujju Dinner and it was YUMM... so delicious that we self invited for lunch some time soon at his place.. which might come in my april update :p
- met lot of celebrities in this month.. so many tv stars, anjay dutt in march.. :D
- played holi - the best one i ve played so far in life.. it was great fun. we played in the society we are living in, had rain dance, lot of water, dry colours followed by best of food for lunch and dinner.. wil not forget holi of mumbai for long long time..
- did not go home this month :(
-- i forgot other things. .so when they come in mind.. wil be updated..!! :D