Monday, February 15, 2010

My Name is Khan - Ok Thanks Bye

My Name is Khan.. what hype.. what trouble and end of day you lose out your 2 hours and 26 minutes waiting for things to get over. So much hype and so little out of movie, Srk - Kajol could 've got things way better. After New York and Kurbaan, just another story on post 9/11 attacks situation, i could just go on predicting things falling in storyline.Don't want to put spoilers but minutes after interval, i wanted the climax to happen and close down the things. Alas!! took another hour to happen so.  Kjo has tried to use all emotional tools to make you feel sad about the situation and go weak but then if you are ready to tolerate some, movies loses. Kajol has some charm which reflects in her performance. she is cute, she is sweet and she is graceful in movie. Music is savior. tere naina and sajda are best tracks for me in movie. Srk.well ab bazurg ho chuka hai...too repetitive..'young' srk of dil to pagal hai, kuch kuch hota hai, ddlj is gone. should start taking some mature roles if he still wants to carry on in industry. 
totally personal opinion.. did not like the movie. can't recommend watching it in theatre. one can easily wait for dvd to come and see. 

Rating : 1.5 out of 5 stars. Say 0.5 thank you to Kajol, 0.5 to music, 0.33 to Kjo for good production work (cinematography,editing is good),0.17 to srk  and lot of other credits to shiv sena for bringing in loads of business to this movie which otherwise would have been just another movie of this year. 

p.s if you have good company, do go for the movie. you will get more than one chance to talk. ek teer do nishane ;)  

p.p.s i am kajol fan and it was one single reason i saw this movie. 

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Is Life Easy?

Life is definitely not as easy as it looks. Yes. Looking at myself, I think being an under 24, working in a global mnc as an erp consultant, a decent (yes yes I know it can't be called a decent but whatever it is..a good amount) pay package and all the comforts (good clothes to wear, good food to eat, good shelter to sleep. without 'good' they are necessities),what more I can ask for. But something still is missing. I am quiet these days. And there is something in my silence which is Shouting. Screaming. Crying to say the least and it is irritating me. I don't expect anyone to come up and ask me what happened because I can't explain what is happening. but if you know me, you will know what my silence is saying.
To sum it one of classic facebook group name goes.. Mind Says = All is Well. Heart Says = Ghanta all is well!!
P.S There was this negativity in my thoughts (a lot of it) which had to come out. Better it came out through this post than on someone.. If you read my blog ,you can easily ignore this one. was complete non-sense. no-ways-related to anything else in this world but me. my next post will certainly be good. A positive and nice one. All is well.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

15 Long Years

Even after taking care of his family and children for 15 long years, Rakesh still considered Rashmi only a 'Sex Object'.

P.S - Fiction . Short Story . One Sentence . First attempt.