Monday, June 30, 2008





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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I don't know if I have been tagged or simply just asked to answer some questions..but i am answering them... they give me a chance to take an insight look into my own life and it feels nice sometimes to get a check on own i go

Q1) What do you miss most about childhood ?
A1) Loads..i think those were the golden days and would never be back again....those were the times when i demanded anything and everything and then forgot about it since it was not my pain to get that... so care free life... great brains that time... co curricular activities , every day praying on stage in school....lovely honest friendship wid mates...the list goes on..

Q2) What makes you glad that you're at this age.
A2) At this age, it feels good when you can think of something and then actually buy it. I always wished i had some things yet dint wanted to ask dad since i knew they are for my luxury and not my need... but now when i get chance , i can afford to get them. More than the age factor, the fact that i am engineering degree holder, gives me a stand in society and among peers where i can say that i am happy with current status of life.

Q3) What kind of people repel you?
A3) Many..yes many.. people who have show off, people who have attitude outta nothing... people who backstab... people who talk to get something out of you..people who are double faced...people who dont care for their parents... they all repel me...yes yes one more.. people who keep an eye on my orkut scrapbook :D he he

Q4) What is the biggest dilemma you have faced?
A4) Many a times, there is only one thing.. head asks for something and heart goes for something else.. so that puts me in fix more than anything else.

Q5) So what do you think of marriage now?
A5) Abhi karva do chahe ;) ..... on serious note , i feel marriage is complete upgrade on current version of bachelorship which one should only go for when he/she thinks they had complete understanding of new life, new relationships and completely be matured enough not only to take care of him/herself but be ready to take care of two families.

Q6) So would you prefer a live-in relationship to marriage?

Q7) What would you change about yourself?
A7) May be i am a too good a**.. need to start being Normal :p

Q8) What do you think of the Indian youth?
A8) Indian Youth is me, Indian youth is you.. so i think you and me are talking more and acting less and same implies to indian youth.. Baatein Zyaada Kaam Kam.

Q9) What about the man-woman divide?
A9) This is talk of politics and no comments on it. but one thing is sure in my views.. women have definite advantage in all areas whatever they may keep on saying.. or may be what i have experienced and seen.. there is no divide and adding to that, women have edge

Q10) So you think women are less empowered?
A10) My above answers this question as well.. so NO , women are not less empowered.

Q11) What would you never change about yourself?
A11) My Dream and My Vision. .

NO tags this time.. last time i think deranged insanity took it too seriously and laters she changed her name to dying i dnt want to spoil her :D bt anyone who feels like answering.. go ahead and just have small check up :)