Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Curious Case of Marriage Invitations

Am I the only one who gets marriage invitations by Email or Facebook event invitations? I know your answer. but i have something to say. 
Clearly I am not able to understand this new fashion of marriage invitations the electronic way. During my school and college times, I never received marriage invites e-way. we used to get a card and mithai ka dabba with it to share the happiness and getting a proper invite for the wedding. Then trend changed. Those sweets got replaced by chocolates and dry fruits. But still one would get a wedding card with it.

What is my problem with invite?
No problem certainly. BUT, where is the personal touch? Where is the feel of getting an invite? How will I get into the mood that it’s your wedding and I have to alter my plans and make it to your BIG day? I get the point that now we both are in different cities and you can come and give me the invite but a phone-call? One two-three minute call inviting for a marriage or sharing the plans would add so much value to your email or even face book invite. If I am available as helping hand, trust me, I will ask you for that as well.

Another thing, in last one month, except for checking on mobile, I have hardly been to face book and commented on your status messages or pictures. There if you send me your wedding invite, chances are that I see that invite even after I comment on your honeymoon album pictures. Yes. Quite Possible.

Same goes for email. I check my mail mostly on mobile and all the attachments don’t open. And at times, if you send me the invite on one email address I hardly check, there goes my chance of attending the wedding too.

For the record, I have attended only ONE wedding out of family this year. That of my friend’s sister. And I would have gone to that wedding even without a mail or face book invite. :D

So In short invitation is not compulsory, personal affection is. And if you think its acting pricey and ego issues and all. Aisa hi hoon main !! :P

P.S – Don’t take this post to your heart especially if you sent me an invite and I could not make it to your wedding. You know about corporate life. It’s a bitch. Call me when you have new entry in your family and we will celebrate it then. Lohri. Diwali. Birthdays. Anniversary. :)

BTW What do you feel about such e-invitations ?? :P