Saturday, July 07, 2012

Good Bye Rehab

 jeo jeo tera hukam tive teo hovna. jainh jainh rakhe aap tai jaye khadovna ||

Some people are too good for this world. and world can’t handle so much awesomeness. There is divine power which makes sure they shine and rise above this ocean of people. Morning of july 6th brought the news of one such star who left smiling at this world and leaving everyone in tears.

Rehab who left for her journey to the other world was not only a friend but part of life. Someone who would bring smile on face with every ping, every tweet, every whatsapp message and every call. 

Anything related to books, literature, blogs, business, and marketing would fascinate her and she would start conversation on it.

If ever there was a best smile award, she would win it without any competition.

She would take out time on my every visit to Mumbai to catch up and we would talk about anything and everything. That hour of meeting would hold so many memories and moments of pure joy. 

She wanted world to become a better place. She was curious to know about so many things. We would connect on music, literature, language and at times our personalities too. Random recommendations would land in my inbox with links to tracks with a comment ‘you will like this’.

For someone who had so many dreams, so much calmness, so much happiness and cheer to spread, and make this world a better place to live in, she left too early. She was a Star. A Shining Star. There was an upcoming author in her, there was an entrepreneurship bug in her, excitement about the new job and there were so many other plans she had in mind which she was working towards and shaping them well.

Outlandish Musings – Her blog would bring smile, would raise many questions, would talk about random topics and give me so much food for thought. Almost every blog post of hers would have one such line that would end up as my gtalk and facebook status message.

Have so many memories but can’t find courage to write more.

The last conversation we had last week, she expressed her wish to plan a visit Amritsar sometime this year. The trip will not happen. Ever.

She was special.

Twitter and Bombay will never be same without her.

Dear Rehab, You will be missed.

“We all are artists, musicians, dancers, writers. Everything else is just a way to pay bills ~ Rehab”