Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ipod !!

Finally i have it.. an Ipod..which i always thought of carrying since i am music freak... and what a great gift it could be. I got it from Yaari [www.yaari.com]!! The new upcoming indian social community portal- similiar to orkut yet containing pretty kool features. I just got an invite from somewhere asking me to join Yaari.. already being a member of Hi5, Orkut, Gazzag, Friendster was kind of enough handling ,yet when i saw Yaari, i was tempted to join it. Then i asked my all frenz to join it. Since i am into web designing and little bit of research i did for my www.amritsarovar.com helped me to get an idea on how people should be reached.. i used Orkut as marketing tool for Yaari..!! And within 2 days i reached friendship circle of 100 . A Mail from Prerna- The brain behind Yaari came asking me to give my contact address so that she could send an Ipod as gift for getting 100 members to yaari so quick..!! and within a week ,i get my Ipod Shuffle 512mb . Its So Sexy [ White in colour] ;-) & audio quality is simply awesome..
Yaari Rocks !!!
So now i have my backstreet collection, Don, Dhoom 2 ,KK , Shaan, Enrique all with me everytime and i keep changing my playlist every now and then..

Its Invite Only Site. You can simply put your email address in comments section here and i will send you an invite as soon as i read them.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

D:2 Mania

I just went fr D:2 last night.. wid my friends. Dhoom2 is first since Bend It Like Beckham which i managed to watch within 48 hours of release.
A kool flick.. with Ash & Bips looking super hot ,Ashwarya definitely looking more...Abhishek does good job..Ali with his fantastic comedy rocks...Hrithik completely justifies the role given to him...Some Quite Fantastic Shots from Air..The way steals are made...pretty kool...
Music is quite mast and none of them was misplaced in flick..
The Speed,Stunts Sometimes do look artificial but i think it goes coz bollywood is still in early stages of HI-FI Flicks..

Just Go n Watch it Guyz.!!!

Enjoy Ash Hrithik n Bips.!! ;-)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Venture AmritSarovar.com

if you could please spare some valuable time of yours to take a look at my website http://www.amritsarovar.com .This website is completely dedicated to Sri Harmandir Sahib .It aims at spreading sikhism by providing all information about this golden wonder via internet be it history , gurbani , presentations , downloadable wallpapers etc etc.. It will cater specially to that strata of community to which we belong !......Pofessionals who hardly get any free time to turn to there television sets or read religion section of newspaper for being conversant with sikh religion. They have everything they would like to know about sikhism right on their desktops ,laptops and the likes .
Another thing next to it is http://forum.amritsarovar.com -- An Exclusive Sikhism Forum to put up ones views on different issues that relate to sikhism and oneself . One can listen online audios, see videos ,participate in quizzes n so much more .The registration is free .
For latest articles and news on Sikhism ,we have another branch of amritsarovar Amritsarovar Blog . http://www.amritsarovar.com/blog

Give a visit to the site and give ur esteemed views on site

For any info , info@amritsarovar.com is the email address..


I just entered my blog into blogstreet. So for verification purpose.. m just puttin the code...

So Now when i m in blogger's directory.. visitors will be comin.. therefore i will be writing my b log now regularly.. so that they also get to read somethin interestin.. ;)