Friday, December 08, 2006

My Friend is Back !!

Yesterday One of my dearest friends made a visit to my place in morning... i was sleeping that time... and the friend steps in at my place.. before meetin me, meets my mom and gives me enough time to open my eyes and wash my face . And Then.. finally after 5 long months..we greet each other face to face...I couldn't manage anything but a smile... She went for some training in mumbai.. and simply had a blast all through those 5 months.. [Her words].. It was so nice to hear that she came back with loads of frenz and had great time in mumbai.
She came back with a charming smile... and good experience of life stayin in city of mumbai and goin places alone.. trains and buses...and more importantly training ex under a renowed architect though i dnt know the name :P
Finally she is back home ....
& I am so delightedand xcited on her return that i have caught up fever.. hehe ... and now fully covered with socks,woolens,mufflars and all stuff.....and to add to that i have my final semestr xam tomorrow and i dnt knw how it will go as i dnt think i have enuf of preps for it...but lets see what happens.....

Folks..Wish Me Luck .. :D

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Amritsarovar -Silk Route Imports Join Hands

Amritsarovar [] Joins Hands with Silk Route Imports [] to spread the word about the sikhism and golden temple around the world.
Silk Route Imports specializes in designing and manufacturing symbolic construction souvenirs. The Latest in their souvenirs is he Crystal+Gold Replica of Golden Temple. and Amritsarovar being a dedicated site on Golden Temple would provide a unique combo of presenting a user with complete information and along side giving him an option to have a wonderful souvenir at very competitive prices.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Have you proposed anyone and got rejected???

If the answer to title is YES ,then go on and read this..




Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wartime round the corner

Finally December arrives and so is the signal of final war... The war which would go on for 25 days starting December 5.. The Seventh Sem Examz finally starting with first exam on tuesday...books,syllabus,notes are finally being opened.. though quite hard to sit long and concentrate still fightin hard to survive...
Lets see who wins this battle..!!!
Cheers !!!

Good Luck to all who appearing for their examz !! :-)

India Wins At Last !!!

First Experience for India at 20-20 Level and what better could india expect than winning the encounter.The Concept is quite interesting as its all fun out there watching batsman totally blasting balls over the ropes all over..!!
India Finally wins an encounter though everyone seemed to be quite sure had it been 50 over match india could not escape from 4-0 loss... but i guess it should be taken as positively coz with god's grace we didnt lose out on 5-0 ;-) [first match washed off coz of rain]..........One should be optimistic :D
The Match ended in 20th over and thx to dinesh kartik hitting peterson over the mid wicket bundary for six on first ball else the result could have been anything..Dhoni and Sachin failing miserably and surprise package Dinesh Mongia scoring some good shots. He somehow managed to avoid criticism for gettin sehwag run-out with his knock......
The Bowlers though , did a good job restricting S Africa to 126 getting manageable 6 run an over target...
Over all it was gr8 experience watching teams battling out giving there full in quick run of 20 overs each.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ipod !!

Finally i have it.. an Ipod..which i always thought of carrying since i am music freak... and what a great gift it could be. I got it from Yaari []!! The new upcoming indian social community portal- similiar to orkut yet containing pretty kool features. I just got an invite from somewhere asking me to join Yaari.. already being a member of Hi5, Orkut, Gazzag, Friendster was kind of enough handling ,yet when i saw Yaari, i was tempted to join it. Then i asked my all frenz to join it. Since i am into web designing and little bit of research i did for my helped me to get an idea on how people should be reached.. i used Orkut as marketing tool for Yaari..!! And within 2 days i reached friendship circle of 100 . A Mail from Prerna- The brain behind Yaari came asking me to give my contact address so that she could send an Ipod as gift for getting 100 members to yaari so quick..!! and within a week ,i get my Ipod Shuffle 512mb . Its So Sexy [ White in colour] ;-) & audio quality is simply awesome..
Yaari Rocks !!!
So now i have my backstreet collection, Don, Dhoom 2 ,KK , Shaan, Enrique all with me everytime and i keep changing my playlist every now and then..

Its Invite Only Site. You can simply put your email address in comments section here and i will send you an invite as soon as i read them.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

D:2 Mania

I just went fr D:2 last night.. wid my friends. Dhoom2 is first since Bend It Like Beckham which i managed to watch within 48 hours of release.
A kool flick.. with Ash & Bips looking super hot ,Ashwarya definitely looking more...Abhishek does good job..Ali with his fantastic comedy rocks...Hrithik completely justifies the role given to him...Some Quite Fantastic Shots from Air..The way steals are made...pretty kool...
Music is quite mast and none of them was misplaced in flick..
The Speed,Stunts Sometimes do look artificial but i think it goes coz bollywood is still in early stages of HI-FI Flicks..

Just Go n Watch it Guyz.!!!

Enjoy Ash Hrithik n Bips.!! ;-)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Venture

if you could please spare some valuable time of yours to take a look at my website .This website is completely dedicated to Sri Harmandir Sahib .It aims at spreading sikhism by providing all information about this golden wonder via internet be it history , gurbani , presentations , downloadable wallpapers etc etc.. It will cater specially to that strata of community to which we belong !......Pofessionals who hardly get any free time to turn to there television sets or read religion section of newspaper for being conversant with sikh religion. They have everything they would like to know about sikhism right on their desktops ,laptops and the likes .
Another thing next to it is -- An Exclusive Sikhism Forum to put up ones views on different issues that relate to sikhism and oneself . One can listen online audios, see videos ,participate in quizzes n so much more .The registration is free .
For latest articles and news on Sikhism ,we have another branch of amritsarovar Amritsarovar Blog .

Give a visit to the site and give ur esteemed views on site

For any info , is the email address..

I just entered my blog into blogstreet. So for verification purpose.. m just puttin the code...

So Now when i m in blogger's directory.. visitors will be comin.. therefore i will be writing my b log now regularly.. so that they also get to read somethin interestin.. ;)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

After a While......

I just read this in one of ma mates profile in orkut… .so jst keeping safe in my blog .

After a While…..

After a while you learn the subtle difference
betweenHolding a hand and chaining a soul,
And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning and
Company doesn’t mean security,
And you begin to learn that
Kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t promises,
And you begin to accept your defeats
With your head up and your eyes open,
With the grace of an adult and not the grief of a child,
And you learn to build all your roads on today
Because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans
After a while you learn that even sunshine burns
If you get too much.
So plant your garden and decorate your own soul,
Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.
And you learn thatYou really can endure……….
That you really are strong,
And you really do have worth.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Day Today 24/07

Today  was a pretty diffrnt day for me.. pretty uneven..neither was I happy whole day nor was sad..i went to univ today….met some mates and lil fun… and while coming back suddenly felt so alone.. ..dnt knw y but could not find anybody to talk to at that time.. the time was around 5… I logged onto net… and its 11.37 rite now and I m still on… didn’t do anything gud..jst a lil nice chat with my very gud frnd…that made me feel lil better
..i guess if u don’t find gud in real life..u try to look for something gud online.. I dnt know if I got any or I did not……but now when day is finishing I hope my sorrow changes to a big smile tomorrow when I wake up…
Sometimes I think I have high hopes frm some of ma frenz..but I guess they shud b..coz only some are there on which I have some hopes and when they dunno get fulfilled.. it hurts ………
But I still smile……. Coz I know life is much better thn the way m living (

Chao ..catch ya agn soon (

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Divine Sojourn in Hills

Yes i said it right.It was truly divine one,witnessing nature at its best ! I am mentioning my most memorable n relishing memory of my visit to Sri Hemkunt Sahib
DAY 1(27 june,2005.0500 hours) Starts my first ever pilgrimage to Sri Hemkunt Sahib.Nothing but excited ! I went alongwith Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji, singing hymn all the way. It made the travel just so purifying.Reached Rishikesh around 10 in night, took rest and set off for 272 km of journey to Govind Ghat next morning
DAY 2 (28 june-0730 hours) Moving through traversing curves ,short corners ,slide etc, we came across rudar prayag ,confluence of famous alaknanda n mandakini rivers which just fades away your phobia  of height(if any !).We stopped to have lunch and restored our journey in hills.
DAY 3(29 june 1000 hours) We went on with arrival at joshimath around 1330 hours.It was all ascending journey taking you to the heights that gives breathtaking view of down plains.We rested at Govind Ghat that night knowing that  remaining 19 km were to be done by foot. Unfortunately a cloud burst occured that night and created much havoc.Some people were reported missing,local scooter stand, just few yards away from our place, was heavily damaged A chill ran down my spine afterseeing all that.We somehow didnt give up n decied to keep going 
Day 4(30 june 0900) We managed to leave at 0900 hours after the situation was brought under control.Proximity of death and God both at same time can only be (image placeholder)felt.We reached Govind Dham at around 1730 hours , attended  evening prayer held there These prayers were just the thing that kept our morale high spirited despite the tiring and nausea causing travel.We retired to wake up early morning with new enthusiasm to finish the toughest 6km to Sri Hemkunt Sahib.
Day 5(1 July 0700) Started our journey at 7 in morning,it took us nearly 3 hours to cover last 6 km.I am falling short of words to express my immense delight i felt to see the abundant spiritualism on the way to Sri Hemkunt Sahib.It only culminated to its zenith when we reached the gurudwara sahib.We took holy bath at amrit sarovar at temperature below 0 degrees.It magically freezed our entire fatigue in a jiffy.I felt as light as bird.We were actually amongst clouds at a height of 15210 m ,the weather was so uncertain that we didnt get to see anything because  of fog though few minutes earlier the sun was shining bright.The ice capped mountains and glaciers which had accompanied us, made us realise the vastness of the  mother nature.We attended holy prayer there too and I offered my thanking to god for everything ! We set off our journey back at 1430 hours, reached at govind dham at around 1800 hours ,dead tired.We just had light meal n went to sleep.
Day 6(2 July 0700) This day started for covering 13 km distance to Govind Ghat and then after good lunch reaching Rishikesh the same day.
Day 7(3 July 0600) We left for amritsar but i must confess one thing , i didnt feel like returning back to the plains after my encounter with nature's best elements and abode of GOD best visit ever ! 

Friday, May 05, 2006

Wartime Ahead

Wartime Ahead

Well  here again comes the time when the real fi ght begins..May the 6th, Day the Saturday..That’s the time when I got my first sixth semester examz..and the subject Computer Graphics……OH MY GOD………..Well anywayz….gonna go with tough hands into this war this time and gonna get over all the 6 wars that gonna be fought by me till may the 25th .
After that I hope to continuously write my blog..

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hum Honge Kamyaab

Well the title mite seem to be an inspiring slogan but i m actually talkin about the serial. i m mentionin it in my blog coz my brother was one of 36 junior scientist featured in this program.. and his episode came yesterday i.e 11th February,2006. The epsiode came on DD National channel and was anchored by Gaurav Gera ( Nandu of JASSI JAISI KOI NAHIN). My bro showed the idea on how to open a locked door without needing a key for it...his idea of using electromagnetic effect was applauded by everyone who watched the show...before his presentation..week long trip to delhi was shown within 4 minuntes..Coz I went with him as a guardian , so evn i get to see myself on was gr8 to see me nd my bro on TV....The episode brought back all the memories and we recalled each nd every moment we spent there..We made lots of frenz there..Some f them are still in regular touch with us..having friends in almost evry part of country halp us to know better India.......
Nuthin more to write now..till next time..keep smiling :)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Valentine Song Choice

My Winamp Playlist for the valentine week.
1.Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye.. :: The Track is top in my list coz i think this track got depth in each word...This song is so meaningful, soulful, above all....SO ROMANTIC :) So My compilation starts with this song.
2. Pehla Nasha (JJWS) :: No Comparson for this sing either..The melody, the song lets you feel the love in air competition. 4 minutes and 52 seconds are full of LOVE...
3. Tu Ashiqi Hai :: Although my favourite hindi track still on number 3. This song from jhankaar beats is a lovely number and full of affection for the if u have not heard of this track Just GO GET IT...and if u already have, HEAR IT ONCE MORE ..;-)
4. Suno Na :: Dil ne tumko chun liya hai......tum b isko chuno na... . the start says it all for the song...asking somebody special to listen heart's voice.a lovely number surely gonna b on my valentine audio list ..
5. Jiya Dhadak Dhadak :: Any Doubts about this being on my list..i hope u don't have any....the only track in my list among all the new releases..this one's from movie KALYUG (2006)... jiya dhadak dhadak...jaye...
6. Man ki lagan :: Well Second track of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan...from the movie paap...tried very hard not to feature it in my list but after listenin to track while writing i had to add ...perfect dedication for beloved one....Lagan lagi tumse man ki lagan
7. Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha :: I m punjabi so looking at my list didn't found any punjabi track in my list so....searched for a romantic numbr which fitted in this hindi track list ..finally finalised on malkit singh-baly sagu combi gur nalo ishq mitha.......rabba lag na kise nu jave..
8. Tareef karoon kya uski jisne tumhe bnanaya :: this one is perfect description of valentine partner i mean i m a boy so i m gonna thnnking of a song which describes a gal....and this song well fits into the position...
9. Mujhe Raat din :: This track is by indian idol finalist rahul vaidya who tries to copy sonu nigam...the track makes its entry in list of favourites on its first play itself..So Romantic, So Soothin, So Lovely wordings..Everything is gud abt this song so on my list with no competitions.
10. Pyar ka pehla khat (jagjit Singh) :: I added this track coz i wanted to have Jagjit Singh on my list, and among his tracks i chose ' Pyar ka pehla khat likhne mein waqt to lagta hai'...i know its off beat on valentine but thinkin about the days before u get ur beloved ...that feeling is refreshed by this
12.dil cheez hai kya jaana (bally sagu) :: This song with music arranged by bally sagu is been on my song list since it has been released..classic music arrangement and a superb singing effort by a pakistani singer (dnt knw her name ) makes a strike on your heart straightway...
13.Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein ::This old song from the movie kabhie kabhie eaturing rakhi and amitabh bachan is a gem. So romantic , so clear in thought...although among the last tracks but definitely on the list :)

There were many more which i wanted to add like my dil goes mmm, my heart will go on, jadu hai nasha hai, pehla pehla pyar hai, tera mera pyaar, pyar ki baatein, chup chup and so on..but could not any place left to fit them their turn next time.....

Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy Valentine's Week

Valentine's is not only just for lovers..Its also for the frenz who are more lovable than Lovers...So If you r single....celebrate it with your friends, your family..

Happy Valentine's Week

Zindagi Live Starts !!!!

Hi Folks...

Announcing the start of my blog ZINDAGI LIVE ! ! .This blog will contain all the latest news from my side....Some cool stuff surely gonna be put up in this blog..Regular Updation from my side inviting you to visit my blog again and again...
So Cheers to Zindagi LIVE !!