Monday, July 04, 2011

Nine Loves : 10 Day You Challenge

9 Loves

1. Family : There is no debate on this point and everyone loves their family. same goes for me too.and they come on top of my 'love' list.

2. Golden Temple : I totally LOVE it.For those who have been to the golden temple, they would totally agree to this. and for those who haven't been, PLAN and visit this abode of god. the experience is amazing..

4. Home : Home Sweet Home. :) 

5. Maggi : Maggi should be declared national food of India.most of indian population is young/unmarried and survives on what? Right. Maggi.  and this 2-minute noodles actually takes more than 2 minutes to make.Maggi Zindabad thi.maggi zindabad hai. maggi zindabad rahegi. 

6. Madhuri Dixit,Shireen Bhan, Steffi Graf and Chitranghda Singh : Give me one reason to not love these lovelies.i haven't found any. :) 

7. Ipod : Not much of Apple fan but totally love my ipod.I had ipod shuffle 512 mb when this love affair I have an ipod nano 8gb.and am more than happy with it.

8. Tea : I am tea addict.and I can drink tea anytime and everytime of the day.or night.

9. Few Friends: and there are few people in life who I don't have blood relation with but still are part of my life.I don't think they know or will ever know  but for me,they are special.will always be. :) 

I made this will find all my 9 loves in below pic.especially the 9th love.few of my friends have their names hidden in it. :) how many could you find? 

dan dana dan done... next up is eight fears. :)


Priyanka Khot said...

Nice post. But where is point number 3?

Anonymous said...

Honored to have found my name still in there. I thought we had become a lost cause :)

Also, you missed out number 3.

p.s. It's always so nice to hear/read things from your side of the world.


Sukhdeep said...

@priyanka & J

Yes.missed point 3.I will update it soon. :)