Wednesday, November 09, 2011

About Choices

At some point of life,you would be asked to make a choice and there will be two windows to choose will offer you more money than the other window.the 
other window will not give you more money option but will have a relatively better 
life.Don't know about your choice.I am always tempted to choose the former one but end up choosing the latter. pointless to say, life has been good.

Talking about some more choices in life.. 
if at some point of life, you are asked to make a choice, between your job and your family, Always choose your family. they are the ones for whom you do job. jobs come and go, family always stays.

Also, at every moment of life, you have two options. to crib with what you have or be happy with what you have. stay happy because if you see people around you,many of them won't be at the stage where you have reached. so be happy about it. also,you are part of competitive world, so stay in the competition and march will cover more distance in less time this way. 

On choice between your friends and your girl friend..choose your girl friend.because friends will be your friends no matter you don't have to worry about them and if your girl friend asks you to choose out of two. choose your friends because they will be the ones who will tell you that its time to make a new girl friend ;) 

you have read this to make a close window after leaving a comment or without leaving a comment.choice is yours. ;) 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

One Life. Live It.

why this thought came? In last 45 days,four souls in my friends families left this earth for their heavenly abode.words fail to come out while writing this.but then this thought in mind raises lot of questions.why would god take someone away who has a complete life ahead or someone who is there as pillar of family.someone who has just completed college education and have dreams of successful career ahead.but taking someone away at young age is harsh.cruel.its law of nature i agree. a life has to questions asked if someone sees four stages of life and lives life completely and then goes away but its so unfair on part of people who are left with memories and vacuum people who go leave behind.

In last one year i did not even meet anyone who has gone. but i knew they were there.doing well or on bed, they were still there. such tragic news coming one by one and so many in such short time, for me it has been tough time. very tough.i don't know what to say at such times. I don't have anything to say.tears refuse to come out.they ask me to be strong instead.i try.

jio jio tera hukam tive teo hovna.