Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - Free Flowing Year

Looking back at year gone,some of moments which made this year , a year to remember because

- SO MANY Friends got committed..engaged..married..OMG feel.yes yes i am still single and now you don't make that funny face :D
- I spent the first half of 2009 in Mumbai, then moved to Gurgaon for three months.. and last three months in Bangalore.
- I lived the year with very low expectations. helped me lot in dealing with people and stupid things.
- Twitter continued to be one of the awesomest things .met lot of new people. gave face to so many internet friends.and so many of them became good friends.La Cafe APTW, Leopold Cafe Meet,TGIF Meet, Dhaba Meet, City Walk meet..i remember them. :)
- I stayed in one company for whole year. being in IT ,this can be considered as WOW thing :)
- I went to Elephanta Caves, Matheran, Pune, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar,Sirsa,Jalandhar and Ludhiana in 2009 and all the trips are a great memory.. good times to remember.
- Some beautiful people came in my life.. some beautiful people went away.
- I read some books..some good reads.. some average.. and two states was strictly an OK read. Going to read more books in 2010.i think reading habit is must.
- I learnt good things in terms of my year end i gained good knowledge and increased proficiency in my skill :)
- I got an Ipod Nano and Sennheiser headphones LX80.
- My blog 'Zindagi Live' survived another year.
- Amritsarovar Blog continued with random posts on of the must 'to do' in 2010 is to revive the site back and maintain its blog :)
- special mention to PG for being totally jawdroppingawesomelyfantabulouslysuper girl i know. she inspires me at times.. but i am smart..i dnt get inspired from her which is not good i know. :)
- oh yes.. its a year to remember coz PG gifted me a 'Rockstar' tee.
- this year has been good mix of offline and online world.
- I got my caricature done too. i look super cool in it doing bhangra :P

Cheers to all those who i want to say thank you to,for your presence in life in my 23rd and running 24th chapter of life.if i put down names, i will miss some,so avoiding.but you know who you are.some of you will never read this blog even.. but still.

I dont have many blog friends but FadedGlory and Deranged Insanity, you have been there for whole year. thank you. good to have you as friend in real world as well :)
Thank you everyone who has made me smile..kept me happy..i had good times coz of you, i have this year in my good memories.

Thank you everyone who tried to screw my life, play games with me and my emotions because of you, i have become more strong to face random situations in my life

Thank you to all friends who invited me to your marriages but please now next year hold on with your family plans.. i have to attend some more weddings.. after that..i can visit you guys again to congratulate and meet your juniors :P

Adios 2009

Happy New Year 2010. Hope the next year brings more happiness and prosperity in our lives and make this world a good place to live in,


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Loneliness is the space almost every single human being on earth is creating within one's own world... almost all of us have this space of loneliness within us which we tend to fill up with as much time as we can keep ourselves busy in all the possible works we find... sometimes just to get occupied with some job, we move out of our limits and then tend to forget difference between right n wrong but this again is a sincere effort to remove the loneliness.i was just watching a report on a news channel tonite which was showing the same issue of being lonely at times and moving away from the path of leadin a happy life.

Why we feel lonely sometimes ? when i tried to give this thing a thought, just found that our mind sometimes fear from the world outside and brain senses things not going our way, When we don't find anyone to talk to even if we are standing in crowd, there are times when friends part away or there isn't enough confidence to move to them and talk, the mind completely find itself in no situation and with no place to go..the LONELY times come that time.

and i guess we should always be prepared of such times...because during those times, our maximum energy is utilised in just pretending that we are not lonely...the brain at times stop working and watever happens , we keep thinking going against us..and during this time...many a times we lose out on some golden opportunities coming our way and lose out faith on people around us.I ..i find best way to take over loneliness is to be lively and cheerful with a smiling face..this not only gives impression of you being happy with what is going in your life but also gives you a reason to feel the same.. if u wish to be happy ,only then you can be happy

P.S - was written on 15.11.07 .. found them in drafts.. so published it :)