Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Zindagi Live in Mumbai

I got a welcome back comment.. makes me feel all the more comfortable writing a new post on my Zindagi Live..
if you ask me wats happenin in my life.. my answer is 'IDK' - I Dont know.... i wish to buy one t-shirt since last sunday.. and m still not able to get out of office till all the shops on way get closed.. get an idea of life m leading these days.. he he.. its Office and my majority of time in mumbai is spent there..but yea.. its been a whole lot of learning and experience on proffessional level which has come my way.. thanks to this hard efforts being put in...lots of things in mind but cannot be shared coz it then violates my office policies :P

Coming onto personal front.. what to say... a single soul.. with some set of close friends keeping all updates from their respective places about my life and it feels good when you have some one calling you and keeping up to date with your life. In mumbai, i haven't met anyone in specific although lot of friends are here.. but very cold reactions from majority of them was a big turn off....This is LIFE... amazing things people around you teach you... i call many of them as my friends and they remain to be part of some of my memories... no expectations anymore and this has definitely help me not-to-think about anything weird or unwanted..its either good times or no times.. no bad times in between..

Yes... not to forget.. i saw 'Rab ne bana di jodi' on saturday review from my side but quick thoughts on it...first it reminded me of Amritsar, Golden Temple and my home...some great shots and typical life style of Punjab shown in movie.. +1 ; Shahrukh Khan acted nicely but hez gone old now.. shud stop romancing new heroines.. shud better start doing work which Amitabh Bachan does these days.. -1 ; Anoushka Shankar looks pretty but shez not a heart-throb or hawtt or amazingly beautiful... definitely a next-door-neighbour girl in our punjab +1 +1 ; Nice Clothes worn by her both indian and western +1 ; Weak Pace of story -1 ; Good Music -1 ;Hypothetical and Dreamy Sequence.. forces you to believe the story; One song with all SRKs heroines was came in out of nowhere.. and song was nothing but first line of many old numbers.. horrible thot whu so ever thot that.. -1 ; stress buster and a good time pass. one time watch .. = 2.5 stars out of 5..

abhi ke liye itna hi..

Hum hain raaahi pyar ke... Phir Milenge .... Chalte Chalte.. ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last Few Days

i know i haven't come in these streets for long. i wanted to come here so many times but times mismatched with the availability and as usual its blocked in my office so cant access it anywhere but once in bluemoon when i get the chance to use someone's laptop at home :ps..

ok back to my last few days...

- My last few days have been in Mumbai

- My last few days have been quite interesting

- My last few days have given me some great memories to keep for times ahead

- My last few days have given me so much new learnings at proffessional level

- My last few days have been made me little more thoughtful about life and made me a slightly more intelligent :p

- My last few days have been me living alone and enjoying life..

- my last few days have been outta online life

These were how my last few days were...