Sunday, May 25, 2008

Headlines Post

Overloaded with too many things off late.. too many reasons and too short the time.. but i take it.. infact welcome it with both hands... reasons too many.. so laters on that.. i am too tired currently so cant even write with concentration.. so whateva is comin .. simply written..the post is on hold.. or can say a headlines post.
..wanna write abt two three things so would put them as headlines to write in detail about each one of them seperately/together some time soon... and that soon i know would be somewhere round in next week since i know coming week.. i mite need an assistant to look into my things :p tooo busy tooooo busy... appointment dairy and a personal secretary.. ON CARDS as soon as i can start afforing both ;)
next week monday is normal workin day bt hell tired so would be lazy bum all thru the day..and yh packin stil continues... tuesday last proper workin day in bangalore..gonna meet all the mates f office...wednesday farewell times to bangalore desktop :( and people here.... wednesday nite to delhi and thursday mornin to amritsar.. followed by JAGO on thursday nite.. :) :) :) u can start imagining the Bhangra and Fun expected.. if m not stressed out of travelling... Friday and Saturday Marriage Times... and Sunday i think would surely be rest.. So... Yh.. a dairy is must must to keep my life on track :p
newayz....i want to share that yesterday was Saturday n Today is Sunday.. nothin new in that... but the fact this was last saturday and last sunday here in Bangalore before i move out.
1. Saturday > Startup City + Shopping :D
2. Sunday> Project Outing + Forum Visit.
Out f 48 hours, hv slept 10 hours of total sleep can make u little clear about my health.... no wonder i am all FIT :p.. or SLIM..
Current Status of My Life: Packings...Too Much Travelling.. Too Much Shopping.... Tooooooo Much Fun... Toooooooooo Much Memories taken along..very few times clicked in between :( .. ...Toooooooooo Excited for Vacations.

P.S - Disprin was taken to sleep yesterday.. n i think i need another one today as well.. but i will avoid it this time.. my doc says.. try to avoid allopathy..
So before it becomes a necassity.. need to sleep.... cheerz

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marathon Run - Whatte Fun..!!

You never know what is in store in Life…and off late the events and moments have been much better than just few days before when I had almost lost all the hopes to enjoy life and just carry on the way it was… Sudden turns and I would say Waheguru Rocks… no clue on how he plays his games but simply love the way all happens..
I went to Sunfeast Marathon Run this Sunday and what a fantastic run in Bangalore, Magnificantly managed and organized International running event which made me happy on fact that I can also run 6 km .No doubt it was hard to finish the race since there was no practice prior to run and the fact that sleep was not adequate nite before the race and not proper breakfast taken before running.. I wonder how I was running on Sunday. We were 30 people who were running from our corporate side to support a cause. As mentioned in earlier post , that we were running for Bosco, a NGO which works with Street Children to teach them, counsel them and make sure they enjoy all the fundamental rights to live in India with pride. Run for a Cause was Majja Run, a fun event for running which had race length of 5.7 km and was scheduled at 9.45. As usual Sukhdeep Paaji reaches Stadium just in time at 8.45 to meet the fellow mates who were running. Perhaps I was the only sikh who was in turban at race, all others were in patka or parna but newayz Style hai to Smile hai ;)
So All set to run and 9.45 race kicked off.Sortching Heat and temperature close to 35 degrees.btw did I tell you the stadium was full of race enthusiasts who were running for themselves, who were running for cause and who were running just for fun. Newly married couples,young children,professionals,students,college peeps,young,old all were there in spirits of their own to show the world that Yes, they can run. Maybe I also wanted to prove myself that I can run this much distance and that too eventually cross the finish line without any break and losing in between.
Race did start at time and all started running. With full energy and completely fresh , I literally thought of running and running fast. I crossed nearly 500 runners within first few seconds and by end of first minute was in first 100-150 runners and continued to be in that league for another 5-6 minutes.Then with the time, the pace decreased and so did the distance covered w.r.t time being taken. I had my own stopwatch to note the time. Kept running in between slowing down and then gaining the pace again… dint have any idea on how much distance was covered and how much to come. Some came there for serious run and some were there just for fun. I started my race on serious note while ended it on fun note..
After every half km, there were groups of people cheering for all the runners and I felt that whenever I got the boost from them, the pace increased and steps became large to shorten the distance.Being a sikh here gives you unique identity and everytime i was crossing a group, all were literally doing bhangra and cheering me, I heard them saying "come’on Milkha Singh.." Run Run…." Oye Paaji Balle Balle…" and there were many others which kept on boosting the energy. In between water and glucose went on going inside to keep me running.

36:52:10 was the stopwatch showing the time when I crossed finish line.

Ending the race, I was second from my company group, gave me immense pleasure and made me all the more excited. As people kept on finishing the race, the environment around became all the more happening and amazing. Amazing arrangements were done with regard to refreshment and medical treatment facilities.
Around 11 , when all finally reached the finish line, we got together , and did my favourite pastime .. click and get clicked ;)
That was it.. A Run .. Run for myself, Run for my company and Run for a cause.
When you run for yourself, you have something to prove to yourself. When you run for company, you do because you like doing such activities and when you run for a cause , it gives you feeling of internal satisfaction when you know, each step you take, there is some money which adds up to the total amount which would be given for some cause. So I believe this was the time when I fulfilled all my runs.
and now when I know I can complete 6 km, may be next time full 10k marathon is on.

Current Status of Life: moving at pace, on last pages of one chapter which says the Life Goes On…….
Btw, I got The Three Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat today..

Cheerz fr nw… Keep Rocking..!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ready for Run

Sunday 18th May its Sunfeast World 10k Marathon Run in Bangalore, an international event which is in eyes of every camera and with almost all international stars coming to participate in the race, it surely promises to be a great event.
Till yesterday , I also wanted to be part of the event but I wanted some company since I knew there the environment and enthu wud drive you automatically. Suddenly I have someone asking in my aisle to participate and instantly I sent my entry and adding to this celebration came an email to me and my friend from our company that they will be sponsoring first 30 entries and we both come under that sponsored registrations..
So adding cherry on this cake was the sponsorship which doubled the enthu and now the wait is on for Sunday. Although I will not be running full 10k race but being registered for the charity and part of corporate team, will be participating in Majja Run. Run which will be 5.7 Km and will be basically a fun race. Run, Walk, Dance in short have complete Majja.

We , at our company, are supporting Bosco which primarily takes care of Street Children by counseling them , and taking care of them. They have special care homes where they keep them and take complete care.
If you want to help in any way, contact me @ s4sukhdeep AT gmail DOT com . I dnt shy while asking for charity since its for children and Bosco being a registered and quite famous charity , i am assured that the money goes in right hands.

Being in India, you can directly transfer the money through netbanking or by sending cheques.

Being International, there are options to send money transfers ,Paypal and sending cheques.

Help a child in his education and he may become doctor or an engineer to serve you back and help grow the society.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Musical Post

Today i am writing about the 5 songs which are currently being played on my charts:

1.Dheere Dheere [Shaurya] : Call me whatever but I am in love…. Ofcourse with this song. Believe me, you will also fall in love with it with the first play. And if you are committed , then its just perfect song for you to listen. If you are single, then this will inspire you to start thinking Why Single :P

2.Aasman ke Taare [Humsafar –KK] : I am big fan of KK and this song has been on my lips since its release. FM Radio here plays this every half an hour so m kinda addicted to it listening to it time and again. Lovely song, lovely lyrics and yh lovely singer J

3.Pehli Nazar Mein [ Race] : Atif Aslam is singer who will sing only selected songs in hindi movies but will make sure that each one becomes a super hit . Awesome Lyrics and Wonderful Music to set the tone right for your heart.

4.Yeh Ishq Hai [Jab We Met] : This movie can hear as much as appreciation as one would like to listen. I simply love this movie and same goes with song. Peppy , makes you feel the real spirit of life and makes you feel good about things happening around.

5.Aaoge Jab Tum Yaad [Jab We Met]: No matter how sad the song may sound , I will keep listening to this time and again. This song has feelings , has emotions and has perfect blend of good music , good lyrics and good singing. I avoid watching the video of this song since it reminds of some old moments which are still somewhere roaming in mah mind.

Other ones which just missed out :

Punjabi :
Sajda- Hans Raj Hans -You can not ask anything better than Hans Raj Hans singing such brilliant lyrics

Ki Kehneh – Jassy Sidhu and Malkit Singh [Punjabi Duet rocking in new album]

As usual and as always two songs must in my all playlists:

Boulevard of Broken Dreams [Green Day] and
Quit Playing Games with My Heart [Backstreet Boys]

Just for fun, I am tagging two people on this post. Deranged Insanity and fadedglory . lets see whats on their playlists.. : )

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Maa Tujhe Salaam

Today is Mother's Day.

A dedication to most important lady in my life. My Mom and dedication to all the mothers on earth.

Its because of her ; I am where i am. I can spend a day without talking to my dad or my bro but not her. :) My Pillar of Strength and one who has kept me running the race of this life on my own. She is one who never expects Thank you . Cheerz to Spirit of Motherhood. I salute every single mother on this earth for being such a great care and support for all of us.

This picture has two mothers and two sons. :) Taken a year ago in golden temple when i was leaving for bangalore.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Something Bloody Brilliant - Suleiman Mirza

Well this is crazy.. i get two links at same time from two friends, one in delhi and one in toronto. Both links direct me to one video which i call an absolutely brilliant act.
The act is by Suleman Mirza & Madhu Singh on Britain's Got Talent aired on ITV on Saturday 26th April 2008, It was veiwed by a record breaking 15million ppl (including repeats).
When Punjabi Music Blends with Michael Jackson and A Sardar is there to add up the spice, You can expect nothing but an awesome performance on stage.
Watch the video and rest for you to decide.

Miss it at your own risk

Friday, May 09, 2008

Friendship with God

Many a times when the phases of life are down and spirits are not high we start questioning GOD on why me? Do i deserve this. I always feel i am more complaining than one who's thankful to him for what ever he has given me in life.

Lets take a practical example: There is one teacher who is teaching us to get us all passed in our examination. We feel that some people are getting extra attention and some are being ignored even though the teacher is giving equal attention to all. Now if we are feeling that we have extra attention, no one will even think to question the situation but if we are on side where we feel being ignored, we will crib on why its happening and then until we share this feeling with teacher, teacher wil never be able to catch your mind set. BUT the condition to share is that you study and follow what teacher is teaching. So when teacher knows there is one student who is learning what i want to teach and feeling this way. then teacher also makes sure next time onwards that doesnt happens to you.

Now just take God as teacher and class as students. and getting feeling of ignorance is the time when we feel god is not with us and favouring some other people around us. Always Always Thank God for all the times he gives.Try asking one question to yourself "Is the current situation because of my own deeds only?" If the answer is YES , then be patient and go throguh the tough times and if the times are good, try to collect as many memories out of that as possible and try to cherish them in times you feel down. This surely helps.

One another thing to start feeling good about things around is to stop complaining. Try to be one who answers than the one who questions.

How to be Friends with God: You just need to have courage to ask for things from him and don’t just ask for things, need to get the feed of his name as well. If you are friends with him; inspire others and if not, try to be friends. Try to feel associated with him always. This would give the courage, would give you the strength and spirit to live and enjoy life.

was just a random thought that came so shared.. dnt mind :)

Two Classmates :) Elza and Alice

So finally I got time , hardware and mood to write my post. Its been quite a while and I feel much better than a week before. Life moving in Sine I want to get straight to point and lemme write whateva I wished to: need to set agenda to cover everything.
Two Incidents that I mentioned in last post ;)
Ok so the two girls I wanted to write about ; names wont be written but I would give them imaginary names, Elza and Alice.. nice names na.. I know :p
Ok so both have been classmates and Elza is in my company only but in different location.So its been a year now since we last met, our last meeting was our final exam viva which took place 14th may last year. So last week , I got a call from her and she wanted me to meet her one friend which had come to Bangalore for a long weekend break.When asked for a reason, got a harsh reply "Meet and get to know yourself." Actually she had sent something and wanted me to collect. So I called her friend , we knew each other already so not a problem in fixing a meet. Friday we met at Forum and what I am getting is a packed gift which states the following statement on the cover “Remember you are the 2nd Best , coz I am the best” . When I opened it, it was something that touched my heart. I really felt special at that time that there is someone who cares. At that time I was very much upset about some things but that day, I felt different and then thought to just think of that gesture of hers and avoid other things. I don’t think we have been in greatest terms when it comes to friendship but have been there with each other when the presence was required without asked for. That I feel made the bond different and stronger. Now this friend whu acted as middle man ,was here for Bangalore darshan so I asked her to come to Gurudwara Sahib and enjoy the langar on Sunday.[End of Ep-1]
Next came Sunday, and I went to gurudwara sahib, and after the samagam got over, During the langar [Free food served], who I see,along with this middle man friend, is Alice who was also my classmate and now in Infy here in Bangalore. I knew she was in Bangalore but never got to meet her. When I met her, there was excitement ; at the same time I wanted to avoid her,reason being she was my crush in my college times. But now as times change,i feel people change and personalities change. And I could sense that I also changed and so did she. Why why why.. when I met her, I felt happy and as the conversation went, I got to know that I was kinda interviewing and she was answering only. So after some time I also stopped and a sweet good bye with hope to catch ya soon wishez happened.
Come’on now she was a classmate, would have loads to say and listen but why should you be doing that if other person dint even care to show interest or just exchange numbers.. seems like four years of engineering were dumped in seconds.our mutual friend who was excited after eating langar nearly after a year, also wondered on how Alice was behaving as if we were meeting for first time. But then you can say this is how life is.
Anyways, over with this incidence and have more things to think and look on. So hardly have time to think..
Cheerz for now.. wil be back soon.. dont have much to write about these days on myself.. so i kinda avoid writing sometimes here..

Current Status of Life: Not Good Not Bad

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Pause

Its been quite a while since i wrote. and i am writing this post just to hold a pause. Current phase of life is forcing me to write things which i am trying to avoid.Its just a small pause here which would be end soon and it may happen tomorrow. so no time lines but on hold.... i have written something which is saved in office.would post that soon. Few friends asked if i was alive or extinct. So this post is just a confirmation to him and all that i m still alive ;)
Last few days have been quite eventful and i am surely gonna mention two incidents if not more. and both involve girls in it :P he he.. nothing very exciting or happening but both the events are memories for long long times to come. One life long :)

Current Status of life: Just Like YOURS :) :( wateva u take