Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Unreal Reality

If you have been a regular visitor to this not so regularly updated blog, You would remember 'ever donated creativity?' post, in which I shared about one of my friends using her creativity and doing an awesome job.I am going to share some more awesomeness on my blog as and when my friends share it or I notice it.Starting a series and tagging all such posts in 'young top' tag. 'Top' in english means at the highest point and 'Top' also is punjabi word for 'canyon'.So both ways 'young top' justify their talent.If you have any other tag in mind, do share. Its just second post in series, so can edit the tags and use the suggested ones.  

This post is all about artwork which for me is very creative and astonishing.I am talking about making miniature paper models.Models of Rifles, Pistols, Bikes, Fighter Planes and anything that you can think of.and Atamjeet portrays brilliance in it.Atam started making all these models during his high school days and got passionate about it in graduation.Till then I knew him as table tennis champion. Brilliant player of the game turned brilliant artist making state-of-the-art paper models.I have seen few of his creations and they are brilliant. Atam has displayed his art in many exhibitions and also creates models on demand if one wishes to buy them.He wanted to become a pilot (his site says that) but then went on to do engineering in very uncommon field (his site doesn't says that) and eventually landed up in IT Industry(We work in same organization.but in different cities.;))

Talking about one of his models,have a look at this M41A Pulse Rifle which is a 10mm pulse-action air-cooled automatic assault rifle.This 1:1 Scale Paper Model is completely made out of 320 GSM thick ivory paper and is one of his favourites. An approximate effort of 2 months on this and he started building his arms and ammunition portfolio with this Rifle.Talk about more awesomeness, The ramrod can freely slide to and fro and the magazine can be removed as well.

So Go and Visit Atamjeet's Website ( for all his creations which include so many helicoptors,fighter planes and space shuttles and buzz him with your wishes/queries/compliments. :)