Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 and Dreams

Dreams make life worth living and some dreams i look forward to fulfill in year twenty ten.

1. To get interviewed- This is most random thing to think of *in my case*, but kuch na kuch to aisa kar hi jayenge ki apna bhi kuch naam hoga. On serious note,be practical, outperform and get interviewed and if by end of september, no one takes my interview then i will post my resume on naukri and will 'get interviewed' for some new job.

2. Shot at dream companies - Not that i don't like my current work place, but i have some dream companies on my list and working in your dream company always act as morale booster. My current workplace was also in that list when i joined it but this year with some experience in kitty, i think i will definitely like to give a shot to two names in list.

3. Read and Write - This year i will read more, not sure if that reading would be subjective or leisure reading but definitely, i will be friends with books. In terms of writing,i will try to write more this year. been a good start so far. Three posts in this month and i have already written so many letters which add to 'writing' stuff and if my english gets better with, i might start writing seriously :p

4. New Wardrobe - I want a new wardrobe. new clothes. new colors of shirts. new jeans. new trousers. formal. casual.everything. and to buy all of this, a sponsorship. :D anyone? I will be a good brand ambassador. pakka promise.

5. Bring AmritSarovar back - Amritsarovar needs attention and contribution. got plans but need good time to implement them.can expect things getting better in later half of year. so definitely before year ends, site will be back with better presentation.

6. Travel Show - To work on travel show. be it for myself, be it for youtube or be it for any production house, but some time and effort gonna be spent on this.after 'world cafe asia' experience, the learnings and exposure should be utilized in some manner and if you are reading it, make sure you see the show as well. release date. well.. something unsure of.. but soon :)

7. Less of Crying and More of Laughter - took this line from a poem written by a friend. last year has been totally different from few years before that. expectations were minimal and life was better. lot of travelling, good moments and less issues.

8. Travel Travel Travel - I have wheels on feet and i travel a lot and i have this thing in mind to travel more and see some new places this year. Rajasthan, Sikkim, Leh/Ladakh, Srinagar, Uttranchal are some places i want to visit sooner or later and yes mumbai for sure in near future. just waiting for things to be little stable and then i wanna feel the spirit of Mumbai for some time.. kuch to hai us sheher mein.. ya fir us sheher mein rehne wale dost mein ..mujhe mumbai jana hai. too filmy.. but when you like koko.. you can't help it.. :D

9. Gain Knowledge - I want to increase my knowledge about my city, my state, my country, my religion and be confident about all of them when asked about.I am proud Indian,I am proud Punjabi and I am proud Sikh. not in any order.

10. Laptop. Camera. Cellphone. Bike.  Wishlist is one word :) p.s= wardrobe already mentioned above.

11. Learn a dance form - Be it Salsa, Jive, Hiphop or Bollywood, i should learn atleast one thing this year. so that next four years i cover all of em. dnt ask me for bhangra,that is in genes :P

12. Talk Less- Heh.. just kiddin.. relax.. :p

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Ever donated creativity?

If you are good at some art/creativity, its a great to donate it in one or other way at times. It might help someone or for that reason,some cause.

Something which caught my attention was this donation by
Jasmeet to The Uniform Project which eventually goes on auction and money collected to educate a girl child. Jasmeet is a friend and upcoming fashion designer. Its not that she couldn't donate money to some cause, but since it was something where she could share her art and help the cause at same time, i think a great idea.

Tippy Tippy Top

What color you want?

I want....

remember the childhood times when this game used to be so much fun. well the same game was played today..different rules..different people and virtual world. Facebook turned to play field, all the girls became players and rules were simple, tell your bra color and let the fun come into the picture. supposedly the motive behind it was to spread breast cancer awareness but honestly, i did not get a single link to any cancer awareness website. i remember working with my corporate for such an awareness campaign but that was in October when the awareness month is actually there. So,why all of sudden, out of nowhere, one word color updates? whatever it was.. all taken in fun and good spirits.

Twitter had to take this thing in chill out mode hence started the #umbra express. i don't know if it will help me if i ever take a GRE/GMAT, but now i know branch, bravery, bracelet,brand, brat, brain,brazil, brandy, bravo,brawn, bravia, bragging, brad and yes, i am not telling you anything more on that. *yes you can find something common in all words*

can't share all the colorful status messages that i read today but must say whatte unique combination of colors my friends use :-} vibgyor for someone, pink for the other, purple was most popular one on my status list and i better move to some other point ;-)

yes, since none of color status messages took me to cancer awareness site and you have come this far reading this post, if you are a girl visit the site for all the information.

if you are guy, yes.. no fun reading it for yourself but bookmark this for anyone and everyone who you care.

and to end the post, another status message supposedly spreading breast cancer awareness - "stare if you care".

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Meaning of Mool Mantar

Have you listened 'Ek Ongkar' in Rang De Basanti ? and wondered what did it mean? Its actually the moolmantar in sikhism which is sung beautifully in movie as background score. the moolmantar starts with 'ek ongkar' goes till 'gurparsad'.

Original Moolmantar Text in Roman -

Ik­oaʼnkār saṯ nām karṯā purakẖ nirbẖa­o nirvair akāl mūraṯ ajūnī saibẖaʼn gur parsāḏ.

Meaning :
Ik­oaʼnkār - only one God.
saṯ nām - Truth is his name
karṯā purakẖ - the creator
nirbẖa­o - without fear
nirvair - without hate
akāl mūraṯ - timeless and without form
ajūnī saibẖaʼn - beyond birth and death, The enlightened one
gur parsāḏ.-known by the Guru’s grace

Jap = Remember Him and Embrace His meditation
Aad Sach = He was present in the beginning
Jugaad Sach = He was present before the Yugas (ages) began.
Hai Bhee Sach = He Is present now
Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach. 1 he shall certainly be present in the future. says guru nanak.

After Gurparsad, these are first few words of japji sahib recited by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

For any questions on it. feel free to post them in comments. will try to get answers for you :)