Saturday, January 09, 2010

Tippy Tippy Top

What color you want?

I want....

remember the childhood times when this game used to be so much fun. well the same game was played today..different rules..different people and virtual world. Facebook turned to play field, all the girls became players and rules were simple, tell your bra color and let the fun come into the picture. supposedly the motive behind it was to spread breast cancer awareness but honestly, i did not get a single link to any cancer awareness website. i remember working with my corporate for such an awareness campaign but that was in October when the awareness month is actually there. So,why all of sudden, out of nowhere, one word color updates? whatever it was.. all taken in fun and good spirits.

Twitter had to take this thing in chill out mode hence started the #umbra express. i don't know if it will help me if i ever take a GRE/GMAT, but now i know branch, bravery, bracelet,brand, brat, brain,brazil, brandy, bravo,brawn, bravia, bragging, brad and yes, i am not telling you anything more on that. *yes you can find something common in all words*

can't share all the colorful status messages that i read today but must say whatte unique combination of colors my friends use :-} vibgyor for someone, pink for the other, purple was most popular one on my status list and i better move to some other point ;-)

yes, since none of color status messages took me to cancer awareness site and you have come this far reading this post, if you are a girl visit the site for all the information.

if you are guy, yes.. no fun reading it for yourself but bookmark this for anyone and everyone who you care.

and to end the post, another status message supposedly spreading breast cancer awareness - "stare if you care".


navneet said...

verry informative..both ways...:-)

prabhjotk said...

I think this is a great way of telling what everybody intended to tell but didn't really got the message thru..
*tha karke paindi hai gal*
Striking and clear!
Grrreeeaaaattt!!!!! thanks we got the msg :)

navneet said...
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Anubha said...

Niiiice post! Loved your way of putting it down, it had my attention till the end! I too found it very stupid, it had no relation with cancer at all !! Weird people, weird games..!!

"Stare if you care" .. LOL :D

Faded Glory said...

Now I get it now, why ppl were playing holi on facebook. Good post for a good cause. Keep it up!

Zeba said...

"supposedly the motive behind it was to spread breast cancer awareness but honestly, i did not get a single link to any cancer awareness website." LOL That's the simplest way it could have been put.

It honestly turned into a sleaze fest with the girls updating their statuses and guys commenting on them. Nobody was amused. :| If anyone was, maybe those pervs who must have had a field day yesterday!

But this is the best angle to the who thing - including the Breasts Cancer website address in here. :) At least THIS should spread some amount of awareness if all those status updates did not.

Aditya Nandode said...

"Stare if u care" LoL! "Stare even if u Love" "Stare for they r there." "STARE"
My! My!
Loved this post of yours, and u earned urself a new reader, hope u don't mind! :)

Sukhdeep said...

@navneet, @anubha and @prabhjot

Thank you for your comments.


and you get your answer :)


Hope reader takes back the link and not the fun element of this post. cheers

:) welcome to zindagi live :)

Vivek Khandelwal said...

Frankly speaking it was was kinda awkward to see the best of your friends falling for it. The worst happened when I tried discussing it with a friend who had fallen for it -
She just said one line-
Stop Imagining it.

All said and done - Its over- and establishes that yes people on facebook, and twitter cant talk/tweet/update nything that doesnt have elements of Sex/cricket or Bollywood to it.
P.s - The last line was lol max