Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Query?

A very general query that keeps coming to my mind whenever somebody talks to me about committments and relationships..
When one person is very clear in mind and thought that he/she is not going to marry the other person in any possible way and both have to go ahead and marry what their parents are going to find..then why dont they understand that the relationship/committments should not be continuous or it has to get over now or in some time.... what makes them stay in relationship and committment..aren't they pushing themselves into emotional web ??

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free ka Tag Game :p

Just Random Questionnaire picked from Small Town Galz Blog :)
i love filling such questionnaires so picked up the questions and filled with my answers.....

Last Movie Seen in Theater: Dev D(Bollywood). Last English film was Slumdog Millionair.
Book Being Read : The Google Story. i know its old bt i ve got this habit of reading very recently and still not completely into it..
Favorite Board Game : Ludo :P. you give me 1,2,3 players.. i can manager with any number to play ludo :)
Favorite Magazine: Reader Digest, India Today.
These days it's all about: Me,myself and some work along.
Favorite Smells: These days it of Home made food. Being away from home, when you get to eat something home made... its amazing..
Favorite Sounds : someone humming one of your fav songs sitting next to you.
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up: "Already late..dont sleep anymore" :p
Worst feeling in the world : Feeling of being alone
Favorite Fast Food Place : McDonalds.
Future Child’s Name : First let me know my Future Wife's name.
Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…” : travel across the globe, stay back in my hometown for rest of life.
Do you drive fast? : No. Speed thrills me.. bt i drive normal.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? NO.
Storms - Cool or Scary?: Ofcourse scary.. they disturb the peace of mind..
Do you eat the stems on broccoli?: na na.
If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?: Even if i color them, no one wud see them.. Sardar hone ka ek fayda :p
All towns/cities you have lived in : Amritsar,Bangalore,Delhi,Gurgaon,Mumbai
Favorite sports to watch : Cricket.Lawn Tennis. F1.
One nice thing about the person who sent this to you : nobody sent me.. i just used copy paste :p
What’s under your bed? : Pair of Chappals.
Would you like to be born as yourself again? : I Suppose i would definitely like to be born as myself agaain.. :).
Morning person or night owl? : Completely depends on situation and place.
Over easy or sunny side up? : Sunny side UP!!!
Favorite Place to Relax : Bed at HOME.
Favorite Pie : American Pie. :-?
Favorite Ice Cream : I Like Tutti Frooti, Pista and Butter scotch.

Tagging- All you people who loves their blog and mine too :p ..

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Jan 09 - A quick recap

Looking back at January 09 , and a quick recap reminds me of following things :
- new year celebrations were at guest house with vinaya and me sitting in room talking on phone, watching tv and simply wishing everyone else happy new year.. :p
-january was too hectic in office.. long work hours.. remember working on 1st jan for whole day.
-and by 1st jan, i remember i went to Bandra Band Stand which is quite famous outing place.. that day we went to band stand, saw shahrukh and salman's home from outside which itself turns out to be quite a popular spot.
-my four days back home to celebrate Lohri were simply awesome. kept shopping and travelling and in between kept visiting golden temple all days. Golden Temple is one big magnet which keeps pulling me to amritsar.
- met simar [ my friend] after almost 18 months.. last we met were on last day of our examz and then i came to bangalore to join my company. so it was great meeting after a long time, spending some time together was amazing..great memories..
-then i went to Elephanta caves one of weekends and had amazing time trekking with friends and enjoying the hills. most thrilling part was the one hour journey from Gateway of India to Island of elephanta caves. after the ride, now i can say i have travelled on all modes of transport be it on land, air or water.. so was fun
- also visited Juhu Beach with friends after watching SM with them for second time. Slumdog Millionaire and CC2C were the only two movies i watched in Theatre this month and Slumdog was simply awesome.
Random trips to oberoi and inorbit kept happening. oh yes...i came across quite a few celebrities last month..being in mumbai and in area where many celebrities stay its a common thing but for a person like me who collects autographs or likes to meet them, its an exciting thing for me.

Coming to the end of month on 29th, my brother got his pce exam cleared which is equivalent to CA Inter and what an amazing result he delivered..proud of him.
time to sleep now.. i think i covered my jan times..if missed, i will keep updating..


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lady Love..!!

looks like a pretty odd title but this post is about my lady love.. love i have in my heart for some beautiful people and the ones who i wanna meet.Coming straight to the point..
1. Shireen Bhan : have you ever seen a smiling face presenting news or some show on CNBC or CNN IBN every night at 2030 hours... its Shireen Bhan who i am so desperate to meet.. i simply love the lovely smile, i love the way she talks and love the way she makes other person so comfortable talking of all the business numbers and technical of my favourites which has been on my list from day 1 i became her fan and she is still on the list rocking..shez so adorable, so beautiful, so amazing that you can watch the news show without even bothering about any news. :D
2. Konkana Sen Sharma: Another lady who i am die hard fan of is Konkana... be it Page 3 or Mr & Mrs Iyer, Aaja Nach le or Luck By Chance. i am fan of Konkana.. she acts too well, so natural , so adorable..this wheatish gal is actor par perfection.i haven't seen a single film where i can say that she was misfit in chracter. I dont know how i can catch up with this girl.. but if given a chance.. all other appointments can be cancelled and she will be given all the priorities :D after all hum bhi busy insaan hai..
3. Madhuri Dixit : Hum Apke hai kaun to Raja, Beta to Aaja Nachle.. Madhuri Madhuri Madhuri... no match.. simply awesome.. hope to meet her sometime in life. this lovely lady can be called Maharani of bollywood..
4. Shweta Salve: one gal who a hottie in Indian Television, i like her sexiness and i like her acting as well..and i think they are more than enough the reasons to meet someone..
5.Chitranghda Singh: If you think Smita Patil is back in movies, that is because of Chitranghda who gives a quite attractive, and gracious look. i saw her first in Hazaro Khwahishein Aisi and next in some talk show on NDTV and since then.. my o my.. m her big big fan. this dusky beauty whuz wife of india's top golfer jyoti randhawa, looking at her you cannot believe your eyes.. shez so attractive.. so magnetic.. its simply awesome.. :D .. i hope i meet her sometime soon..

These five are the ones from indian sphere who i wish to meet and yes CLICK a pic with them..