Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eight Fears : Ten Day You Challenge

Right So we are on day 3 post 3 of ten day you challenge.and this is the most difficult post for me to write.I fear what? 

1. Losing - who doesn't have a fear of losing ? losing your near and dear ones. people who you love.people for who you pray for 

2. Water - i dunno where i heard it but its stuck in my head that i have water accident in my life at age of 35. and from that moment i fear water.i just can't get myself to learn i take bath everyday. 

3. Height - you can take me to 100 story building but don't ask me to look at the ground from there.  that fear of height i carry with me. i have lived on 5th floor..8th floor...13th floor. but have tried best every time to not look at the ground from windows/balcony. scares me. 

4. Expression - fear of expression is what I fear the most. i can't express myself. i will have emotions i will have feelings but i will not express them. there is a fear always. at times of losing someone. other times of not being sure if that is right time/right person to talk to.

5. Double-faced people - you know people who are sweet to you when they talk and talk about you behind your back.i fear to make friends with such people.they kill your belief in trust and friendship. 

6. God - i fear god. a lot. and because of fear i believe in 'when when what what happen, that that then then happens' . :D  this fear also lets me believe in myself after i do anything wrong. after all i am not god. :D 

7. Hospitals - i don't like the hospital environment. it freaks me out. but at the same time utmost respect for doctors and people who support them in saving lives.

8. Horror/Ghosts - I don't like listening to horror stuff. although i know ghosts are non-existent but then the fear in mind is there. whenever i fear ghosts, i remember god. and that helps me fade out this fear.  

My 4th fear has ensured i don't write a detailed post about my fears. next up is seven wants.