Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bangalore BarCamp - Camp without a BAR

My plans of going to chennai were shattered by my teammates who were moving out of planned trip and at the end when only 3 people were left, we decided to call it off.. !! but i wanted to be do something on the weekend and suddenly this site flashes up and i find it pretty interesting concept and simple way to get into the camp was either by volunteering or taking a session.
This was my first time so i decided to support someone's topic and volunteer myself for anything that was required. 19th-20th were two days for barcamp and venue was IIM Bangalore.
Day 1:
10 AM- I reached the venue an hour late but luckily the camp also started half an hour late so i caught the intro session on what all things are planned for the day. The concept was pretty new so i went on to become a good listener and catch the idea as soon as possible and i was able to do that. Registered myself and went on to see the Time Table. Ok So the concept is very interesting,we have 4 rooms with projectors and audio systems and we have some 4 Dari's placed at different corners. The rooms were taken by the people who had demo's of their products , people who had power point presentations. Dari Sessions were more of more of discussion rather than presentations. Best part of camp was being a mix of Tech and Non-Tech discussions which balanced the hi-fi tech fundae with light-fun discussions. So i started my day by joining presentation by Ashish on Logo Designing. It was revision of all concepts i tried during my time at home. A pretty simple and straight guide to logo designing.Finishing it, i moved to Blogathon Discussion . which is organising Blog Marathon across India on various Issues which affect Indian People and had nice time listening to people on various issues and getting inspiration to be part of it. Blogger doesnt works in Office so i can just write it when i get time and not be part of Competition which is running this week.I then went to see demonstartion of LifeBlob
Social Networking Site which lets you live your life w.r.t time-line. The Concept is very interesting and in very early phases so will take some time to catch up the fever and spread. Currently this site is invite only and I am on it now.. :D After having lunch, we then had much anticipated session on Lesser Known Aspects of KamaSutra- The Art of Love Making. :D it was a dari session. I was done with my lunch and had nothing to do so sat with shashi way before session started.By the time session started, 15 people were there and by the time it ended, crowd of 50 was there waiting for the session to continue following day. Shashi took almost 90 minutes to explain various interesting facts which were mentioned in the book.Except the art of making love which he said was not his area of talk, he told all of us things to take care to Patao the opposite gender and man.. the way he caught the attention,all of us were laughing every minute on somethin or the other. He took lot of time to tell the 64 arts one should possess to attract.:D.. no furthur explanations.. :D Following it, we all went to discussion on Dating and we had one hour of talking about dating.Meri Kahani, Teri Kahani, Sab ki yehi kahani.. thatz wat was gist of all the discussion. then we all went to feedback session in audi and we all left with hope of better next day.

Day 2

Sunday , I started from home @ 9.30 but i had to come back home; reason i had left my cell at home. Reached IIM @ 10 and scheduled my session at 12.15 on Existance of Girl. I wanted to project this problem but i forgot that my session timings were same as that of Shashi.Me and Raj, who planned to take the discussion furthur with problem of inadequate health facilities to pregnant women. and as per our expectations, i ended up having discussion with Raj on my issue and he having discussion on his problem with mine. Right opposite to us was Shashi's session which was House Full :) . BarCampers were more interested in knowing art of love making with women, without knowing the fact in time to come, there might be no women to make love :P.. he he coming out of it, i attended session by Myspace on how to build their Apps and it was nice informative session. The First half of day ended with we all moving to lunch in canteen and the food was better than previous day. After Lunch, i moved to discussion on Free Lancing and all queries on it.Coz i had done the same earlier, i was able to share my experiences.Free Lancing Sites like, were the routine sites shared by all.Then there was discussion on palmistry,astology and graphology by all of us in Dari Session which went off the topic within 10 minutes. There was deadlock to situation on talks that your fate changes every 7 years. I had gone with no perceptions and came back with same :D ... so for me, graphology is science which can depict your personality if studied correctly. Although first thing i might read would be my horoscope in TOI bt if its not in my favour, i wont even think of it during my daytime.. ;) Session on google adsense followed next and all the FAQ were answered on it.I also went to see concept of RangDe of pledging money for one year @ 3.5 prcnt interest which would be in turn used for providing loan to someone who needs that money. Pretty Interesting Concept.Coming to end of day,I attended Lightening Talks which was last one for me and i heard quick 3 minutes talk on topics like Enterprise 2.0,Microblogging,Sub Notebooks and how to improve education in engg colleges etc..Last but not the least was the feedback session.
This was my first barcamp and i thoroughly enjoyed it and i look forward for many more to come.
For me Barcamp turned out to be the place where i could express myself ,learn about the latest technology trends, make myself aware of latest ventures in market and where i could present myself on any topic. :)

DID I MENTION I GOT TWITTERED. More on Twitter in coming days..lemme get hold of that site and use it properly.
Things i missed: I missed session[s] on introducing the incubation centre at the IIM-Ahmedabad and the CIIE's initiatives.That session was in huge demand and i think 3 sessions took place.. and i came to know about all of them only after they got finished... anyways.. check the website and understand the concept; its really kewl one.CIIE website
I also missed Kwippy's demo and RIA [Rich Internet Applications] Sessions by Adobe Team. :D and loads of other room and dari sessions

Cheerz to all the planners and participants who made this event a success.

Current Status of Life: Cheerful, Happy and Smiling :)

300 Saal Guru De Naal - II

Finally i got it..I have 300 Saal Guru De Naal Ringtone which is in MP3 format and is simply great one to have.If you want it , just put your e-mail address in comments section, i will forward the same to you.If you have phone which supports MP3 format ringtones,dont miss it.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Losing Myself

Exactly, I am feeling this in me now. Its been long time since I am cribbing and its not doing any good to me. Looking at myself what i was and what i am ; its huge difference. The people around me have changed and they have changed me too. Today i am cribbing too much and i am not able to do any justice to myself. I want to be real me and i miss it. I dont talk to anyone these days neither am i coming on any of messengers.Orkut,Facebook addiction gone which i miss; no new friend requests and no fun taking pangas.
I am really in very bad mood today, Reason my HR had some Stupid Reasoning for sending me back.and i wonder if my organisation will lose me just coz of her. The Justifications she is giving are purely BASE LESS and i had only one thing to say after i heard all that.. WHAT THE FCUK !!
As i steal these lines from Exalted Soul's Blog which are completely matching my current scenario
"These days when i just lie down to sleep, a million thoughts crisscross my mind at the speed of light, bombarding my mind. It’s very strange how the life you always wanted to live flushes down the toilet! I mean every thing is awry and entangled. Seriously I’m running out of room in my head. It’s like I’m looking for a safe place in a not so safe world!"

Btw i planned my vacations back home too and i hope this time they dnt get cancelled coz i can't take things anymore and need a break. There is still long time before that but i am just waiting for the next 40 days to pass.
Currently, I feel that much of my energy,passion,excitement is just getting wasted and i want a change.... Change for good..!! Amen.!
Current Status: Frustooooooo... :D

Monday, April 21, 2008

Philips Tubelight

Wow...guess what, the blogger has new templates with loads of add-on options since ages and i kept wondering how everyone was able to have them on their pages and why i am still out of it and then suddenly last night i updated the template and i was able to do all that i wondered about .Then i got to know that i was actually a Philips Tubelight and it took me long to get the new template..
Anyways, i have a new one now and i am happy now..

Current Status f Life: Had a great weekend @ BarCamp. I will surely write on it. Got Twitter'ed :D , IPL Fever ON completely, Rest allz well for a change ;)


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time to Interview Myself

Speechless? No; Mute? Yes
Hurt? No; Ripped up? Yes
Trust worthy? No; Once was? Yes
Dumped? No; Left behind? Yes
Blind? No; Ignored? Yes
Heart less? No; Heartbroken? Yes
Alone? No; Lonely? Yes
In Love? No; Sure? Yes
For Sure Sure? No; So You Are? Yes ;)

This is a randomania of thoughts that came in Jas’s mind and to my surprise, I was writing something similar before going to her blog in different net of words but when I read it I just thought of directly copying it coz I know Jas won’t mind. Jas , would u? ;)

So here I go with answers to all the questions with my take ;) Before writing , lemme tell that I am currently not very much in my spirits so might be emotional on some things.. but no worries; wil be back in spirits, rocking and original Sukhdeep :D

Speechless? No [But not a Sukhdeep with non stop Bakwaas];
Mute? I Speak but its all to keep myself I m chatterbox but I can speak more than what I m mentioning here :D
Hurt? Yes; I feel people around me and some who are not currently part of mah life, have left me standing in middle of road which goes no where so lil bit hurt ;yes
Ripped up? Yes [Bhavanao ko samjho]
Trust worthy? Some say YES and some say NO so dunno ;
Once was? Some say YES but some say NO… so dunno again
Dumped? No [Egjactly] ;
Left behind? Yes [Completely without telling the reasons to move]
Blind? No; maybe that is the reason I am seeing things happening and getting disturbed
Ignored? Yes ; But now who cares ?
Heart less? No; Who feels I am heartless.. I have some people sharing some space, so if you feel that, may be you couldn’t make up some space there.
Heartbroken? Yes.. not really heart broken, but heart is injured …
Alone? No; I have got so many people around me but …read next line
Lonely? Yes ; But still I am lonely
In Love? No; maybe yes, coz what I feel love is, I haven’t felt that way with anyone but it might be if you consider what others think about it. So for me , its NO, you can have your opinion on it.
Sure? Yes.. Explained above
For Sure Sure? No; Now I am in doubt.. lol
So You Are? Yes ;) …..No No No… I am not .. ;)

I don’t know why but I felt relaxed after filling it up..and I am definitely back to smiling face after writing.Try doing this questionnaire with yourself and you might come up with smile @ end of your write-up .


Current Status of Life: Plans of Chennai over this weekend cancelled. So might attend Bangalore Bar Camp on 19th-20th @ IIM Bangalore and meet some like-minded and some unlike-minded people :D

Monday, April 14, 2008

When life takes U turn

There are some times when I feel like saying WHY to life. There are times when I don’t like things the way they happen... there are times when I doubt if I am going on right path. One thing is for sure, the life is not a bed of roses so no high expectations regarding the times and I don’t crib much when things are not my side but I am certainly not happy on the reasons Life takes U turn sometimes. Just wanted to share some moments when I feel so..!!

1. When someone makes a distance without telling - This irritates me the most. I don’t mind u doing that but at least you can tell me once. It might be a misunderstanding or just difference of opinions on something but this doesn't mean that you stop talking and I lose fundamental right of asking you why you did that.
My Take: I am not perfect and don’t even try to be. I am what I am but I need some justified reason for you to be out of my life suddenly. If I share my thoughts with you and associate you with some part of my life ; who is responsible for the time you move away leaving me in illusion of friendship?

2. When someone has un-necessary Attitude: You have that? Keep it with you. Why are you showing huh? This really turns me off when people would have nothing in their pocket; at the same time would pretend to be so UFF UFF..!!
My Take: I don’t give a damn if you have unnecessary attitude. I carry my own ;)

3. Back-Stabbing - This is one thing I never expect from my Friends coz when it happens; it’s very hurting. How easy is it for someone to fake the friendship and make most out of it? Sick!
My Take: God Bless You :D

4. When someone forces his/her Ideology- There are people who want everyone to think the way they think. They try to be authoritative even though they aren't. It’s my life dude, it’s my wish, if I feel it’s the right way to go, I might follow it but I have the discretion to move the opposite way as well. So let me decide what I want.
My Take: Be Diplomatic. I know it’s dangerous sometimes but I am very diplomatic person, so I go this way only. Sometimes it makes me happy and sometimes it doesn’t works. Newayz it’s ok......

5. The way Girls Think: He he.. I know it might seem funny... but I sometime seriously wonder, why girls don't act intelligently.99 percent of my frenz whu are galz would think EGJACTLY the same. They would always try to act silly on most important steps in life and when you tell them; you commit the biggest mistake; how dare you tell them that they have taken a wrong step in their life. Damn..!! Think little intelligently, nobody is telling you the right way; we just tell what we think is right and after few days/weeks/months, you also start feeling the same. :)
My Take: For Girls; You are never wrong and I am always wrong :)
For Guys: Suno Sab Ki ; Karo Man Ki :)

6. Whoever I like, disappears after some days - This is most wonderful and very amazing situation in my life when I ask him WHY :P . Anyone who I feel nice about, she disappears in few days...I mean , just moves somewhere else. !! No Questions on whom I am talking about. ;)
My Take: Now, I have stopped liking anyone till I want them to disappear. he he :D

While last one was on lighter side, the top 5 reasons seriously put me in very different frame of mind and I feel low sometimes on why these things happen to me. I thought of not putting my takes on all the situations but then edited the post to share it.

Current Status of Life: Its Baisakhi today and I am missing these things today:-
- Being in Amritsar [its festive time there]
- Jagriti Yatra [300 Saal Guru De Naal Yatra that has come there today]
- Sacred Bath at Golden Temple which I use to take every year in Golden Temple
Back home,Its holiday in Punjab but I am in office .I have finished my work early so have nothing to do but little research and development.Health is not fine but I nothing to do at home as well.. so sick leave avoided.
Over and Out.

Friday, April 11, 2008

“Mom Save Me“

Is Someone Listening ?
This is voice of a child who wants to see this world. I am talking about Female Foeticide – One of many ill causes which are existing in current stage of human living. I always thought of writing but this time something inspired to write about it. Details about it in bottom half. Now back to the topic. This term in itself [Female Foeticide] envelopes myriads of meanings, it smacks of the fact that a girl is killed before she is born, or we can say the foetus is pre-determined to be that of a female; completely acknowledges the fact the technology is privy to this horrible crime; not to forget the effort and heart of doctors who are involved in judging the foetus and following it by abortion. And the still we call our India –land of equal opportunity and equal respect for both the genders.
The numbers in Census are shocking and are expected to give a bigger shock with next census in 3 years time. and one state where the numbers are really awful is Punjab; the land which proclaims to feed the whole India but it could not understand the harshness it is pushing the humanity into.
The land of Guru Nanak who said “ So Kyo Manda Aakhiye, Jit Jamhe Raajan ” [Why to say bad to someone who gives birth to Kings and not only kings but the whole human race] , that land is top in this crime. If you say about illiteracy as its reason, I would agree to certain extent but then again, not whole of India is illiterate.
Today despite everyone aware of the fact that Girls are no less than boys, Emotionally more attached to parents, more responsible in Society and by no means less competent than BOY Population;Still People wish to have a Boy. The probability of going for tests and abortion increases in case of second and third child and its pathetic. I don’t know when the scene gonna change and we get this vision of One India without any gender biasing true.
Today, we have Sonia Gandhi, Indra Nooyi, Sunita Williams, Late Kalpana Chawla, Mother Teresa and all are woman and everyone is proud of them and why shouldn’t one be. They have excelled and made a mark of their own in world. I don’t wish to go global on this, but I feel , we need to uproot this evil from our home, only then we have any right to say anything about it to world. When our own home is dirty, how right it is to ask others to clean theirs. The problem is far more serious than the steps being taken by government. Everyone is well aware of judgement and justice of Indian Law, by the time the cases are solved; many people have left this world.
One should be happy with the child and then should think whether it’s a girl or a boy. How wonderful a mom feels when she knows that there is a new being she is delivering. When the decision to get it checked comes, at that very moment, we should stop ourselves and question if the same would have been done, when my mother was getting born or my sister was in my mom’s stomach.
I really feel ashamed looking at the world around where respect for one gender is significantly more than the other. I wish that the steps being taken by Health Ministry to erase this crime from India speeds up and harsh steps are taken towards people who support it.

Now back to point why I wrote it ;) this week we had this Clay Modeling competition in our company and we all were given some clay to make anything we wished to in team of 4. Ours was a very simple yet giving a message kinda entry but I loved it.No points for guessing our theme.Some of creative minds dint submitted their entries but used their hands and ideas on their workstations.Check few of below.
If you blog ,then I Tag YOU to write on it and let your readers be aware of this so that message across city/state/country/continents is spread and even if one or two lives get saved after reading this, you do a commendable job in saving one life and getting her to this beautiful world .

Our Entry :)


Here I am :)

Mother and Child
Go Green, Plant more Trees :)
Global Warming Issue
Cheerz !!
Sukhdeep Singh

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Week That Was


These three words hold so much importance in life.Mainly associated with the lovers or couples and romance but forgetting the fact that when somebody says I Love You , might be a close friend who would just wish to show the affection or may be the care. It might be a son telling it to mother for being the support always, a brother might have said this to a sister or a random fan of anyone who loves someone coz of some unique or special feature in some one’s personality.
But our mindset is such that if someone has said I luv ya, its always a guy to a gal or otherwise and they have something going on..I was sitting today and suddenly started wondering on the small frame of vision we all have and just like everyone else thinks.. can never think better than this.
On a personal front , I feel that had I said these words to some people, don’t know which way they would have taken it. But at least I would have not regret about them moving away from my life. Just because the gender was different, I stopped my self many times coz I feel, the message or the words would have taken a different meaning and the time after could have been different one. Even today when I see the broader picture and I want to say I LOVE YOU to many people but my soul says one thing.If you have changed your view on this.. the world is no different than it was a year ago.. so the meaning would be taken again the same way.
It was the thought which was making me think and think in evening so I just thought to write here.

But newaz, coming to mah life these dayz.. the same story continues.. the life isn’t that good but it isn’t that bad either. It was a long weekend and today there was ugadi – some festival here in southern India. I don’t know much about the festival but I know it is telugu new year day and people out here make sweets of jaggery and eat neem leaves to celebrate. Loads of shopping happens and tomorrow I am hoping for sweets of ugadi. All the three days we went out for dinner , today we went for some shopping too but I seriously consider myself a very bad shopping partner. We went at 7 , came at 9 but all we could chose was a shirt and a pair of jeans :P ….
Friday and Sunday were two finals of ICL . Indian Cricket League or ICL was complete fun extravaganza and a feast to eyes if you are a cricket lover. The fight between icl and ipl has given us great treat. As a fan of cricket , I am watching both competitions and enjoying them completely. Lahore Badshahs who were unbeaten through out lost out only in two matches at last and they were the ones which really mattered. Excellent Performance by Hyderabad Heroes and they played like complete unit which came good for them.
On other hand , Bahrain Grand Prix in Formula 1 racing, Force India really had nice race with fisichella finishing 12th. This has been best performance so far from Vijay Mallya’s team and I am really very happy to see team India pushing itself hard and soon the results will be improving. Good Luck Force India, You ROCK…
Other things that kept us busy watching news channel were new government changes and Olympic Relay in France. About Olympics Torch Relay, I have some views which I wud write sometime soon. Politics and sports not a good combination but today they cant be separated as well.
It looks like a completely sports post this time but this weekend I really watched loads f sports on TV since net was not working for past two days :P
Tomorrow I have mah regular office and the routine would continue till the next weekend comes. J
Signing off for now…

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Jab We Met - My Way

P.S: This is just a copy of my previous post.
I normally take movies as time pass or entertainers which make us feel good or sometimes just pass the time we would be killing otherwise… but Jab We Met is one which made me think about it..

Jab we met – a movie which reflects many traits of my personality. I think I could see more of me in kareena’s character and many of shahid’s traits were also part of my life. The Movie starts with shahid going as fail in life to finish his life and fortunately-unfortunately gets onto the train where Geet [kareena] lands in by flashy entry catching a running train. When I was watching kareena being a non stop chatter box , I once thought how can one be that talkative and very next thought , I said ..arrey even m same way yar..
The Story goes a fun way with shahid and kareena together although shahid always looking for escape from her. From ratlam they turn out friends and there starts an interesting story. Like a typical Punjabi family, geet’s family asks her to see the guy and get married while she has some other plans to run to her bf and get married with him and live happily ever after. Interesting times and continuously moving story lands kareena running from home with shahid and meet her bf. The point where kareena is left by shahid and he returns to Mumbai to run his business , Shahid’s life takes a turn. From a serious to hyper-active shahid… he takes his company to heights and gets much more successful than ever and during the time missing kareena and completely out of touch with her. As soon as he launches his product with Kareena’s name, the family of kareena asks him to return kareena to them. Out of shock and asking for 10 days time , he gets back to manali to meet geet and ask her to get back to family. There he comes to know that that guy did not accept her and she was left alone during that time.. Shahid goes to shimla where he sees kareena and manages to get kareena back to home and in this whole time kareena realizes that in this time, shahid has taken over place of her boy friend anshuman and finally kareena marries shahid.. and there ends the story with Maujan Hi Maujaan…….!!

See I somehow wrapped up two and half hour story in few words but there is much more in the story which gives so many reflections and lessons to follow in this fun and easy going comedy movie. Here are some points which atleast I learnt and enjoyed watchin jwm

1. Be Yourself – Kareena shows how you can be yourself and enjoy life to full. Though sometimes being the non stop chatterbox , you might sound stupid, yet you would be able to have real fun of life.
2.When You’re in Love, Be complete in it- Kareena again shows the way to be fully committed in love. Even though his bf has no idea , she still has plans of running with him , getting settled in life etc..
3.Dream to Achieve – You have to dream of something and then act on it. Only if you have something in mind, you can think of going for it or achieving it.
4. Its very hard to get back the same respect and love after differences – Once you leave any space , getting back that space is a very rare chance. It might be taken over by someone or the person can refuse to put you back at same level. I can corelate this with my life where I have given enough respect for some of my friends but due to one or the other reasons have moved away or have lost that level of respect, I really think sometimes that it would be very hard for me to give the same anytime again in life.
5.Be a good Listener - Sometimes ,person on the other side can also be right. We always try to think , whatever we think and how we act is the right way to do things, But there are many times where people on other side can suggest or can act the right way.
6.Exceptional Music is always a bonus – Aaoge jab tum o saajna [my fav] , Yeh Ishq Hai [ another fav] , Tum se hi din[ fantastic], Maujan hi Maujaan [ balle balle], Chalne lage hain yeh raaste [ pretty nice] and Nagaada Nagaada [ another foot tapping number] .. good music will always help in making a bollywood movie HIT……
7. You can always like someone and enjoy it – Its not always necassery that one who you love, loves you. Not everyone can be that lucky.. but you can always enjoy being in love or liking someone. You can just like and feel happy about it. Just Enjoy in that feel..
8.Don’t Run from your house- He he.. as simple as that, Never Run from your House.. and last but not the least
9.If you are rich , need not publicise it , You might get Fake Friends.

All in All.. Great Movie,Awesome Music, Fantastic Humor , Absolutely Great Dialogue Delivery by Kareena and Shahid.. they both show great chemistry between them . Irony is that their first hit as couple comes after they break up.

Cheerz to JAB WE MET.. :)

MTV WASSUP - Am I getting too Harsh?

O M G.... I saw yet another episode of MTV Wassup and thank god this time it was not BANI.. it was Ayushmaan another guy whuz come as new face on TV.
Miss India losing its charm..Dismal Performance of India in Cricket.. WTF.. Shaurya.. and daily poll.. lets take this one by one..Miss India Losing its charm.. what do you say on it? I dont think miss india is losing its charm,well when did it had any charm. For me, its alwayz been once a day show on sony entertainment channel, where i see Femina trying its best to model their show on Miss Universe/World PagentsYou see the show, you see the models, you see the performances and thtz it.. Showz Over man..!! Similar Audience Reactions.. and everytime Same Cities, DELHI BANGALORE AND MUMBAI.. bhai log... thoda Indore, Nagpur,Jaipur, Ludhiana or Amritsar ho k aao.. dekho to sahi.. there also ppl see MTV and they also have loads to say as Youth.
ok.. Shaurya Review.. yh the new movie in which Rahul Bose and Minissha Lamba [my favs] are there... Giving 2.5 if i started goin on movies listening to your opinion i would not be watching a movie et all.. every movie these guys reviewed ..they said only watch it if you dnt have anything else to do.. yar kuch ANYTHING ELSE ka definition hi bata do :P
Another WOW kinda Story.. Cricket and India's horrible performance.. aur Ayushmaan bhai sahib ke statistics hi wrong ho gye..!! India all out at 79... bhai abhi kal ki hi baat hai.. aur woh 76 mein all out hue the.. yeh 3 extra run kis khushi mein add kar diye.. and tumahri awaaz ko sara world sun raha hai.. fir bhi tum basic statistics wrong kar rahe ho... kaake thoda dhyaan rakho iska :D
last but not the least.. WTF.. yh yh.. What the FCUK...;) this is a headline and a story.. first thing that came in mah mind after seeing the story.." WTF .. yeh kya tha.. " and wow.. youngistan is listening tht Amisha sent her Driver to her Ex BF's place to collect the CDs.. is se acha to Star News hi dekh lo..woh atleast Commissioner sahib ke kutte ke wapis aane ki khushi mein Half an Hour Show kar rahe hain.. :) aur kuch nai to Commissioner sahib ki kuch khushio mein hi shaamil ho jao.. btw This can be an interesting story to feature on WASSUP..!! MTV .. Give us little Break.. Either make it informative.. oR make it entertaining.. i think you trying to make a khichdi of it and mujhe aisi khichdi ka taste horrible sa lag raha hai.. Normal Daily poll to aap log lete hi ho.. why not take a poll one like.. Are you happy with MTV Wassup :P fir dekho.. kahin Strategies change na karni pade..!!aur bhai Ayushmaan.. Change the dialougue.. ek baar to jaldi jaag jaiye.. boss when ur show is aired.. half of India's youth is already in their classrooms... and rest is almost starting their work in officess...... So make it something like.. Bhai Yeh Miss Kar dia to Life Miss kar dia.. :p.. nahi to Bani says.. Din ki achi shuruat mere saath :P

baaki but m not that bad huh.. i will surely tell all what to do to be on Wassup..

if you have something that makes you different from the crowd, do mail them at . You might get featured on Show.. So Jaao Yaar.. Ek mail hi daal do.. kya pata tum B MTV pe aa jao.. :)

Cheerz to Youngistan, MTV, Bani, Ayushman and MTV Wassup

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yeh Ho Kya Raha Hai Yaar?

yeh ho kya raha hai yar.. this question i am asking myself every hour these dayz..i am currently clueless about my life.. lol..i know how things are going but i am not able to decide whether the path is what i desire or not. Zindagi mein jitne pange ho sakte hain, i am taking them. Company mein, personal life mein..but somehow i am just keeping myself busy so that my idle brain doesnt thinks for a minute on anything. I am not able to sleep before 1 any day since last week and the only good thing that is happening is very good music which is being listened by my ears these days. I am so amazed by the kind of content i am founding on net through different sources, so pretty fine on that front. Yesterday Fools Day went passed and what a day.. A day when we try to realise what we are on other 364 days of year.Everyone just tries to be little extra smart this day. he he.. but ab har koi bevkoof hai isme to koi doubt nahi.. thing is just you should know how to make one. Loads of pranks were tried but luckily i jst escaped all of them. MTV had its annual celebrations this day. this day is celebrated as Bakra Din by them every year. Earlier the Day was presided over by Cyrus Broacha with his expert comments and ideas on Bakra plots but this time Cyrus Shahukar was the host. There were some really kewl pranks played and broadcasted. Amazing Idea of mixing news and bluffing. One where time stops was the ultimate one.. Roadies Bluff of getting Ayaz back in the show made really some brains thinking and excited about possible changes and plots of show. Anyways I saw my VCD of divine sojourn to hills, Shri Hemkunt Sahib Yatra which i went in 2005, yesterday and what a great time that was.. 70 minutes made me relive all those 7 days to abode of god. That was an amazing journey and with the same beauty was the vcd made.
About my mood, its fluctuating little more than normal but its fine. Now one can't be happy alwayz and same ways, one can;t be sad alwayz.. so trying to enjoy the moments.abhi bhi when i am writing,dimag mein ek hi baat aai

Yeh Ho Kya Raha Hai Yaar?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Where is Rupee 1??

Ok.. So Herez an interesting one for you to find out..

Three friends went to a hotel.the bill was Rs 75/-
each one contributed Rs.25/-.
the waiter took the bill to the cashier.
the cashier was happy & decided to give them a discount of Rs.5/- & said the waiter to return them Rs.5/-.
but he was confused how to distribute Rs 5 among 3 persons.
he kept Rs 2 in his pocket & gave one rupee to each one of the 3 persons.
so 1st each one contributed 25 Rs now as they are given 1 rupee back their contibution reduces to Rs 24.
they all contributed rs 24 that is 24x3=72 & 2 rupees are in the waiters pocket.
the total becomes 74 but they paid rs 75.
where is the remaining 1 rupee?