Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Where is Rupee 1??

Ok.. So Herez an interesting one for you to find out..

Three friends went to a hotel.the bill was Rs 75/-
each one contributed Rs.25/-.
the waiter took the bill to the cashier.
the cashier was happy & decided to give them a discount of Rs.5/- & said the waiter to return them Rs.5/-.
but he was confused how to distribute Rs 5 among 3 persons.
he kept Rs 2 in his pocket & gave one rupee to each one of the 3 persons.
so 1st each one contributed 25 Rs now as they are given 1 rupee back their contibution reduces to Rs 24.
they all contributed rs 24 that is 24x3=72 & 2 rupees are in the waiters pocket.
the total becomes 74 but they paid rs 75.
where is the remaining 1 rupee?


Deranged Insanity said...

Lmao! Guess what!
I am in class rii now and reading this...while my whole class is trynna solve the riddle instead of focussing on their research! (Except for they are discussin about 1 dollar! :P)
And some of them are even struggling with their calculators, which aint of much help ;)

And after a long thought process I figured this out!

But shud I give it out right now? or wait for pple to scratch their heads? :P

¬Infinite said...

they have actually paid 72.. 70 to the hotel and 2 to the waiter..

Sukhdeep said...

@ deranged insanity

someone answered thru comment.. hez rite so m keepin his comment on HOLD.. :P

Deranged Insanity said...

Crap! But I was the first one :( lolz
Lemme answer now and then u can publish my comment first =D *If thats possible :P hehe