Friday, April 11, 2008

“Mom Save Me“

Is Someone Listening ?
This is voice of a child who wants to see this world. I am talking about Female Foeticide – One of many ill causes which are existing in current stage of human living. I always thought of writing but this time something inspired to write about it. Details about it in bottom half. Now back to the topic. This term in itself [Female Foeticide] envelopes myriads of meanings, it smacks of the fact that a girl is killed before she is born, or we can say the foetus is pre-determined to be that of a female; completely acknowledges the fact the technology is privy to this horrible crime; not to forget the effort and heart of doctors who are involved in judging the foetus and following it by abortion. And the still we call our India –land of equal opportunity and equal respect for both the genders.
The numbers in Census are shocking and are expected to give a bigger shock with next census in 3 years time. and one state where the numbers are really awful is Punjab; the land which proclaims to feed the whole India but it could not understand the harshness it is pushing the humanity into.
The land of Guru Nanak who said “ So Kyo Manda Aakhiye, Jit Jamhe Raajan ” [Why to say bad to someone who gives birth to Kings and not only kings but the whole human race] , that land is top in this crime. If you say about illiteracy as its reason, I would agree to certain extent but then again, not whole of India is illiterate.
Today despite everyone aware of the fact that Girls are no less than boys, Emotionally more attached to parents, more responsible in Society and by no means less competent than BOY Population;Still People wish to have a Boy. The probability of going for tests and abortion increases in case of second and third child and its pathetic. I don’t know when the scene gonna change and we get this vision of One India without any gender biasing true.
Today, we have Sonia Gandhi, Indra Nooyi, Sunita Williams, Late Kalpana Chawla, Mother Teresa and all are woman and everyone is proud of them and why shouldn’t one be. They have excelled and made a mark of their own in world. I don’t wish to go global on this, but I feel , we need to uproot this evil from our home, only then we have any right to say anything about it to world. When our own home is dirty, how right it is to ask others to clean theirs. The problem is far more serious than the steps being taken by government. Everyone is well aware of judgement and justice of Indian Law, by the time the cases are solved; many people have left this world.
One should be happy with the child and then should think whether it’s a girl or a boy. How wonderful a mom feels when she knows that there is a new being she is delivering. When the decision to get it checked comes, at that very moment, we should stop ourselves and question if the same would have been done, when my mother was getting born or my sister was in my mom’s stomach.
I really feel ashamed looking at the world around where respect for one gender is significantly more than the other. I wish that the steps being taken by Health Ministry to erase this crime from India speeds up and harsh steps are taken towards people who support it.

Now back to point why I wrote it ;) this week we had this Clay Modeling competition in our company and we all were given some clay to make anything we wished to in team of 4. Ours was a very simple yet giving a message kinda entry but I loved it.No points for guessing our theme.Some of creative minds dint submitted their entries but used their hands and ideas on their workstations.Check few of below.
If you blog ,then I Tag YOU to write on it and let your readers be aware of this so that message across city/state/country/continents is spread and even if one or two lives get saved after reading this, you do a commendable job in saving one life and getting her to this beautiful world .

Our Entry :)


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Mother and Child
Go Green, Plant more Trees :)
Global Warming Issue
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Sukhdeep Singh


manmeet said...

the topic picked up by Sukhdeep really needs doubt bout it....but i would not blame d society alone for the pattern concerning the female foeticide is the females demselves.!!!!!wen they demselves cant take a stand for der own sex and for their own blood,wat can be expected of the those unrealted to the unborn!!!!!
i'll quote an incidence from my experience....during my postin in the obstetrics and gynaecology dept for one month,we encountered a case of a female pregnant.she had sev intrauterine growth retardation,i.e the growth of the baby in her womb was far more laggin behind as compared to her period of complicate things she had rheumatic heart disease.....this dis is a complete contra indication for pregnancy....neways she was pregnant n near term,n after stabilisin her condition a c-section was performed....and everyone was so tensed during the surgery,fingers crossed situation.
the lady was in intensive care unit for almost a week after the surgery,a miracle dat she survived d stress o the surgery.
and wen she was recovering,we went n net her....n told her i clear terms not to get pregnant again...cos she will not survive it.....and guess waat was r reply????
yea was by her own mother...sayin ke she gave birth to a girl carry the name of the family forward she must ie birth to son again......
dese ppl r not thankful ke d mother n child survived,dey ned a male child.....
till the female,who is carryin the child does not take a stand for her child...the unborn one else in this world can....afterall the reprensative of the unborn child is the mother....n if mother cant speak,who else will dare to!!!!!!

Sukhdeep said...

@ Dr Manmeet :)

u hit bulls eye...the problem is that women are not ready to take stand on this point. thatz y i feel atleast the youth stands out together so that we can take responsibility to make people around us aware of this menace..
Thx fr taking time out to write ur view n experience.. :)

Anonymous said...

Sheeshe vargi hain, khudd nu patthar jehi bana le tu...
Tere te koi zullam karre, talvaar utha le tu..
Kudiye mere desh diye...

We try and we fall,
We try again and again we fall...
And we try again and again, until we succeed...

I've noticed that we all try; try in our own ways. Some strive to spread the message with the power of their words, some find bloggin another way, some organise awareness competitions, contests and camps (like the one Sukhi’s office did), music, articles, by publishing their stories in magazines and newspapers, videos, through statistics on TV, News Channels and ask me what not! And people like me, get inspired by one or the other way. But for me, Music is the greatest inspiration and the most widely spread way of communication. And whenever I hear numbers like the one written above, not to mention about Kudiye – by Gurdas Ji (and Kamal Heer), Madhania – Amrinder Gill ... an awareness is definitely being spread. But the question which baffles me is, Is it really spread? Is it really worth it? We sit in our homes, with laptops in our hands and comprehend all these posts, but are our efforts really having an impact on the society?
According to me, the people who use internet and are into blogging, most of them already know the importance of Girls and are aware of Female Foeticide (based solely my opinion and knowledge). Not just because they are using the internet, but because they realize that it is 21st Century and Girls are equally good as boys and in many scenarios, better than them! No offence! And once again, these words keep ringing in my brain, “Haaye Vehra...Puttan Tera Ghar Vandna...Dheeyan Vandna Baapu Ve Dukh Tera Haaye”. The need of the hour is to spread the word in every home and most importantly villages, where these means are inaccessible.
Instead of giving annual report every year on New Year’s Eve, it is responsibility of Government, Government aided institutions as well as Private bodies to make sure that this crime is prevented. Of course, this post will have an impact! But it is our duty to spread the message. Don’t just leave it to posting a comment. Speak and raise your voice, Talk to as many unawares as you can! Tell them - The Power and Importance of a Girl! And swear to yourself – You will not let this movement die! Because you know that - You Can Make An Impact!

-Deranged Insanity

jyotsana said...

this definitely needs a lot of attention.and so do some other bleeding issues related to women.i started my blog with "why not eliminate women completely" in January which i had written with much anger.i m happy today that some-one so young like u actually takes up these issues for the blog.v cant change the whole world. v can definitely wake up a few people from their deep slumber.

Sukhdeep said...

@ deranged insanity

Lovely to see thoughts coming and thx fr sharing..!!

agree with i said even if we are able to inspire one or two lives, we can term that as success. :)

S.Ghosh said...

hi sukhdeep
am happy to see yet another person with soul in him...but it is we who can change the system .it can not be done by forcing government to impose rules on society...neither only awareness can bring the change...but maybe cumulative effort of awareness,literacy,women empowerment can help...i just have a single question many NGO's Are working in this field ....still we are lagging why?

swami Vivekananda said "empowering women and giving them their due respect can push forward a nation"

last but not the least i hope for more people with ur ideology .God bless!!

and also thanks for your visit