Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time to Interview Myself

Speechless? No; Mute? Yes
Hurt? No; Ripped up? Yes
Trust worthy? No; Once was? Yes
Dumped? No; Left behind? Yes
Blind? No; Ignored? Yes
Heart less? No; Heartbroken? Yes
Alone? No; Lonely? Yes
In Love? No; Sure? Yes
For Sure Sure? No; So You Are? Yes ;)

This is a randomania of thoughts that came in Jas’s mind and to my surprise, I was writing something similar before going to her blog in different net of words but when I read it I just thought of directly copying it coz I know Jas won’t mind. Jas , would u? ;)

So here I go with answers to all the questions with my take ;) Before writing , lemme tell that I am currently not very much in my spirits so might be emotional on some things.. but no worries; wil be back in spirits, rocking and original Sukhdeep :D

Speechless? No [But not a Sukhdeep with non stop Bakwaas];
Mute? I Speak but its all to keep myself I m chatterbox but I can speak more than what I m mentioning here :D
Hurt? Yes; I feel people around me and some who are not currently part of mah life, have left me standing in middle of road which goes no where so lil bit hurt ;yes
Ripped up? Yes [Bhavanao ko samjho]
Trust worthy? Some say YES and some say NO so dunno ;
Once was? Some say YES but some say NO… so dunno again
Dumped? No [Egjactly] ;
Left behind? Yes [Completely without telling the reasons to move]
Blind? No; maybe that is the reason I am seeing things happening and getting disturbed
Ignored? Yes ; But now who cares ?
Heart less? No; Who feels I am heartless.. I have some people sharing some space, so if you feel that, may be you couldn’t make up some space there.
Heartbroken? Yes.. not really heart broken, but heart is injured …
Alone? No; I have got so many people around me but …read next line
Lonely? Yes ; But still I am lonely
In Love? No; maybe yes, coz what I feel love is, I haven’t felt that way with anyone but it might be if you consider what others think about it. So for me , its NO, you can have your opinion on it.
Sure? Yes.. Explained above
For Sure Sure? No; Now I am in doubt.. lol
So You Are? Yes ;) …..No No No… I am not .. ;)

I don’t know why but I felt relaxed after filling it up..and I am definitely back to smiling face after writing.Try doing this questionnaire with yourself and you might come up with smile @ end of your write-up .


Current Status of Life: Plans of Chennai over this weekend cancelled. So might attend Bangalore Bar Camp on 19th-20th @ IIM Bangalore and meet some like-minded and some unlike-minded people :D


Deranged Insanity said...

Perfect! Exactly the way Jas meant it! :)
Loved your "No No No"!! :P
Perplexity of thoughts ... isn't!

Good luck dealing with those "like-minded and some unlike-minded people"! Lemme know how it went!

-Deranged Insanity

S.Ghosh said...

Amusing one seems you are quite a known judge to yourself ...good to see that.Also i must admit it was hilarious reading the post

Sukhdeep said...

@ Deranged Insanity

:D The weekend was fun..barcamp was really nice experience. wil write abt it soon :)

@ S.ghosh
I was in dismal position while i wrote and it made u laugh.. lol.. amazin !! :D
even i laughed after reading tht..;)

Deranged Insanity said...

@ S. Ghosh!
Ask me, how much this guy is jugdement about himself and others as well (to a certain extent):P

@ Sukhi
You know when I said "Speechless: No; Mute: Yes", I actually meant it in differnt perspective. You know when sometimes in life, you have so many thoughts and questions building up but still you don't conceal them and don't raise your voice on certain issues, People often think that you don't have a voice. But they need to realize that its a momentarily silence before storm and the person is just on mute mode! :)
Just wanted to explain what I meant by sayin that =D
Have fun .. Godbless!

Sukhdeep said...

@ Deranged Insanity

I knew what u meant to say that time..but u need to know one thing, that your interview and my interview was taken by different minds ;) and answered by different as well.. So that was mah mind speaking :D
God Bless..!!

Deranged Insanity said...

@ Sukhi
True True! And you made the lil thing an "Interview" when there were no questions involved! Just some random rants! :P
Talk to ya soon!