Monday, April 14, 2008

When life takes U turn

There are some times when I feel like saying WHY to life. There are times when I don’t like things the way they happen... there are times when I doubt if I am going on right path. One thing is for sure, the life is not a bed of roses so no high expectations regarding the times and I don’t crib much when things are not my side but I am certainly not happy on the reasons Life takes U turn sometimes. Just wanted to share some moments when I feel so..!!

1. When someone makes a distance without telling - This irritates me the most. I don’t mind u doing that but at least you can tell me once. It might be a misunderstanding or just difference of opinions on something but this doesn't mean that you stop talking and I lose fundamental right of asking you why you did that.
My Take: I am not perfect and don’t even try to be. I am what I am but I need some justified reason for you to be out of my life suddenly. If I share my thoughts with you and associate you with some part of my life ; who is responsible for the time you move away leaving me in illusion of friendship?

2. When someone has un-necessary Attitude: You have that? Keep it with you. Why are you showing huh? This really turns me off when people would have nothing in their pocket; at the same time would pretend to be so UFF UFF..!!
My Take: I don’t give a damn if you have unnecessary attitude. I carry my own ;)

3. Back-Stabbing - This is one thing I never expect from my Friends coz when it happens; it’s very hurting. How easy is it for someone to fake the friendship and make most out of it? Sick!
My Take: God Bless You :D

4. When someone forces his/her Ideology- There are people who want everyone to think the way they think. They try to be authoritative even though they aren't. It’s my life dude, it’s my wish, if I feel it’s the right way to go, I might follow it but I have the discretion to move the opposite way as well. So let me decide what I want.
My Take: Be Diplomatic. I know it’s dangerous sometimes but I am very diplomatic person, so I go this way only. Sometimes it makes me happy and sometimes it doesn’t works. Newayz it’s ok......

5. The way Girls Think: He he.. I know it might seem funny... but I sometime seriously wonder, why girls don't act intelligently.99 percent of my frenz whu are galz would think EGJACTLY the same. They would always try to act silly on most important steps in life and when you tell them; you commit the biggest mistake; how dare you tell them that they have taken a wrong step in their life. Damn..!! Think little intelligently, nobody is telling you the right way; we just tell what we think is right and after few days/weeks/months, you also start feeling the same. :)
My Take: For Girls; You are never wrong and I am always wrong :)
For Guys: Suno Sab Ki ; Karo Man Ki :)

6. Whoever I like, disappears after some days - This is most wonderful and very amazing situation in my life when I ask him WHY :P . Anyone who I feel nice about, she disappears in few days...I mean , just moves somewhere else. !! No Questions on whom I am talking about. ;)
My Take: Now, I have stopped liking anyone till I want them to disappear. he he :D

While last one was on lighter side, the top 5 reasons seriously put me in very different frame of mind and I feel low sometimes on why these things happen to me. I thought of not putting my takes on all the situations but then edited the post to share it.

Current Status of Life: Its Baisakhi today and I am missing these things today:-
- Being in Amritsar [its festive time there]
- Jagriti Yatra [300 Saal Guru De Naal Yatra that has come there today]
- Sacred Bath at Golden Temple which I use to take every year in Golden Temple
Back home,Its holiday in Punjab but I am in office .I have finished my work early so have nothing to do but little research and development.Health is not fine but I nothing to do at home as well.. so sick leave avoided.
Over and Out.


S.Ghosh said...

ok that s the fact of life and to win the situation is stop being judgmental ...i think!!!

well though having doubt on point no. 5 don't you think that is out of irrational-ism?:)

Sukhdeep said...

You are kinda right to stop being judgmental but i think if i could act upon the things i want to, then zindagi mein koi tension hi nai :D ... chakkar to yahi hai ki everythin s in Almighty's Hand..

well point 5 was completely written on experience and i know i am bit harsh on that.. :D but actually the current scenario is not letting me change this view; wheneva it wil change, would surely be mentioned :D