Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Week That Was


These three words hold so much importance in life.Mainly associated with the lovers or couples and romance but forgetting the fact that when somebody says I Love You , might be a close friend who would just wish to show the affection or may be the care. It might be a son telling it to mother for being the support always, a brother might have said this to a sister or a random fan of anyone who loves someone coz of some unique or special feature in some one’s personality.
But our mindset is such that if someone has said I luv ya, its always a guy to a gal or otherwise and they have something going on..I was sitting today and suddenly started wondering on the small frame of vision we all have and just like everyone else thinks.. can never think better than this.
On a personal front , I feel that had I said these words to some people, don’t know which way they would have taken it. But at least I would have not regret about them moving away from my life. Just because the gender was different, I stopped my self many times coz I feel, the message or the words would have taken a different meaning and the time after could have been different one. Even today when I see the broader picture and I want to say I LOVE YOU to many people but my soul says one thing.If you have changed your view on this.. the world is no different than it was a year ago.. so the meaning would be taken again the same way.
It was the thought which was making me think and think in evening so I just thought to write here.

But newaz, coming to mah life these dayz.. the same story continues.. the life isn’t that good but it isn’t that bad either. It was a long weekend and today there was ugadi – some festival here in southern India. I don’t know much about the festival but I know it is telugu new year day and people out here make sweets of jaggery and eat neem leaves to celebrate. Loads of shopping happens and tomorrow I am hoping for sweets of ugadi. All the three days we went out for dinner , today we went for some shopping too but I seriously consider myself a very bad shopping partner. We went at 7 , came at 9 but all we could chose was a shirt and a pair of jeans :P ….
Friday and Sunday were two finals of ICL . Indian Cricket League or ICL was complete fun extravaganza and a feast to eyes if you are a cricket lover. The fight between icl and ipl has given us great treat. As a fan of cricket , I am watching both competitions and enjoying them completely. Lahore Badshahs who were unbeaten through out lost out only in two matches at last and they were the ones which really mattered. Excellent Performance by Hyderabad Heroes and they played like complete unit which came good for them.
On other hand , Bahrain Grand Prix in Formula 1 racing, Force India really had nice race with fisichella finishing 12th. This has been best performance so far from Vijay Mallya’s team and I am really very happy to see team India pushing itself hard and soon the results will be improving. Good Luck Force India, You ROCK…
Other things that kept us busy watching news channel were new government changes and Olympic Relay in France. About Olympics Torch Relay, I have some views which I wud write sometime soon. Politics and sports not a good combination but today they cant be separated as well.
It looks like a completely sports post this time but this weekend I really watched loads f sports on TV since net was not working for past two days :P
Tomorrow I have mah regular office and the routine would continue till the next weekend comes. J
Signing off for now…


Anonymous said...

Jasleen was here! =D
"Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai" Boss ;)

Anonymous said...

welll.......the topic of subject is good....but i'll like to say,that to the person u want to say these three words,must be close to u and shd understand the meanin n context of the words.if he/she cant understand the sense in which dese words r said,den probably the communication is not correct,its lackin somewhere.n its bound ke it wil be taken in the wrong way......did i say something wrong????

S.Ghosh said...

well a gud composition ...may be thats why i think 'love" is broad vision which we human can not actually visualize

Sukhdeep said...


Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai... even boss is clueless abt the same :P


i feel instead of using the word communication , trust should be there... SO if therez trust in your relationship and friendship..the message can be sent across.. bt dnt why.. i still fear on saying these words..to anyone.. :P

thx. yh.. evn i feel LOVE is a broad vision which i feel humans can visualize but they are not ready to do so ..