Thursday, March 27, 2008

Think Zara Hat Ke..!!

So Sir Richard Branson is in India now and what a way to enter the market, Straightway targetting the right chunk of population, apna Youngistan- India's Youth. His telecom arm, Virgin Mobile ties up with already existing Tata Teleservices who operate with their Indicom brand and both have come together to give some thing to think about to telecom players..No service provider ever thought of something like what Virgin is starting with. Instead of reducing the balance of user, for every call they recieve;Virgin credits 10 paise a minute in their account. Wow so if i talk to my friend of Virgin Mobile for an hour, i have 6 rupees in my account added..and considering the youth is targetted... we can well imagine the situation of adding up almost 25-30 rupees every night they use their phones ;)
Well i haven't used this scheme and neither have any hopes of trying it as well since i m ok with my vodafone and their dog. The only thing which is restricting its popularity is its CDMA based service, so who ever is using airtel,bsnl or vodafone will need to buy a new set and get virgin mobile tarriffs to use Virgin Mobile..!! which would take some time to get such user base attracted. Anywayz cheers to this dynamic and aggressive policy being used by Virgin.
Coming on to their marketing strategy, Its hit a bulls eye. i loved both the ads, ideas, imagination,way of depicting the scenario is highly appreciated. There wasn't anything about the virgin mobile in the ad except the last line which calls you to think Hat Ke ;) . One Ad is targetting the GUYS and other one calling the GALS .Well rather than telling what is there in ad, you can watch both the ads below.

AD-1 Crossing the Signal

AD -2 I Hate Boys

So Next time round the corner you get caught by policeman or you need to plan somewhere out .. Think Zara Hat Ke..!!

MTV Youngistan n Bani

Well i watched this show today MTV YOUNGISTAN MERI JAAN and who was anchoring it.. Bani- mtv roadies 4 runners up. when i looked at the earlier promos of this show , i was looking forward to catch her on show since Bani had this impression of being a tough wid attitude , stylish and funky kinda gal. A Sexy look by her would go anyone go crazy on her. But i was disappointed after the show. Very Low on content, nothing interesting happening and Bani.. God !! she disappointed me the most. I won't say that was a bad show by her but just lil expectations from her dint made her count that high on my scores.. I was expecting a tough attitude, hot, sexy style in short Hard to Handle stuff on .. bt newayz shez not tht bad as well.. :)
She is new to this industry,its her first show.. and i hope she improves on her voice delivery. From pretty casual talking moving to Stylish Voice Modulation which could make her stand as a unique VJ on a channel which showz everything else than the music . MTV.. she has some tough standards to meet since Malaika, Maria Goretti , Sophie , Raageshwari had set on the channel..
On Content part of the show too.. i think the material to show was large and time to telecast was less.. funky camera shots, quick views n most f things edited were clear during the show. .
Anywayz.. i hope this show gets better. :) i would like to see some thing interesting on it.. since its YOUNGISTAN- voice of youth and it means OUR VOICE. MY VOICE YOUR VOICE. INDIA KA VOICE. and the voice says.. we want a better Youngistan than being depicted currently :D
anybody from MTV Listening????
neways Good Luck to BANI.. m happy that shez now on screen. Hope she gets on better n better as time goes on. . ^.^

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why I Wear a Turban?

This question comes in many minds when ever they see me with turban..when someone asks me out of curiosity various facts about turban , the style of wearing, how i wear it, how much time it takes and every single question coming outta their minds..
I got a short and simple answer to almost all the queries when i saw this video.
Just Check this out...Do Read the text below.

I wear a turban because
-I feel Proud of it
-It helps me stand out in a crowd
- It gives me a distinct identity
-I like it so much
-It showz my committment to my faith
-It matches with my shirt ;) :p

and above all I wear a turban because

Blogging - Different People Different Approach

Today i am pretty much relaxed and have nothing to do except waste the time :p So i logged onto everything.. msn,gtalk,gmail,facebook,orkut,blogger and kept on moving from one window to the other..yh yh windows media player was on all the time... bt seriously i was so charged up when i came back home early from me n my roomie prepared dinner at home.. it was fun trying our hands.. bt at the end was satisfaction in heart. newayz coming back to online thingy... played a fun game at fb literally a fight bt was fun..then i got some comment on one of mah very old posts. and there started a new journey, i moved to check one blog and from there to the other and moving on n on.. i kept hopping from one blog to other. And i was pretty amazed to see various shades of lives depicted on blogger. surprisingly i went on all blogger blogs majority turned out to be galz but the way of writing of guyz and galz differ while they blog. While guyz would write sometimes to express themselves or just to chill out, galz many a times tend to be focussed on one topic and keep on writing over that. There was one blog where gal won an award and she expressed her feelings out there.. It was so lovely to read that and i could sense the feeling and achievement one feels. :) Cheerz to everyone who blogs..
There was one blog where काम के इलावा सब कुछ लिखा था and it was nice reading the same.!!
when eva i come to blogger, i usually check out 4-5 blogs regularly if they have any updations.. surprisingly these dayz, all of them are busy in their own worlds that they are not writing anything.. so they give me chance to move to new blogs and new posts. lemme know if u have something to offer.. wheneva m free will catch tht..

Abhi likhne ko kuch nai.. so aaj kuch nai likhenge.. i mean i have a thought to write bt its just that it would take lot f mah time to write and tomorrow i mite get late for my office. So i will try if i could put that up sometime soon here only..!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

300 Saal Guru De Naal - A Preview

300 Saal Guru De Naal - 300 Years with my beloved guru. Thatz the motto and thatz the spirit moving ahead for celebrations on Gurugaddi Diwas of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. 300 Years ago, in 2008 Guru Gobind Singh Ji [10th Guru of Sikhs] when asked who will be our next Guru, He said
"Agya Bhai Akaal Ki Tabhai Chalayo Panth,
Sab Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai ,Guru Manyo Granth"
[When order from almighty comes,only then someone runs the religion and from now onwards, Treat Granth Sahib as your Guru and that day onwards, Granth Sahib turned to Guru Granth Sahib]
and this time around when its tri-centenary year of Gurugaddi, The Celebrations are officially taking place at Sachkhand Sri Hazur Sahib and celebrations are on till October'08 .
I will post more about the event and the Jagriti Yatra [ a procession moving all around India] carrying shastars of Guru Gobind Singh Ji .
The official soundtrack which has come has Daler Mehndi Singing it asking everyone to join in the mission and the celebrations. Below is the link ; you can listen to it.
Lets Promise Ourselves that this year we dedicate ourselves to Guru Granth Sahib Ji..
Bole So Nihal
Sat Sri Akal
300 Saal
Guru De Naal
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Monday, March 17, 2008

Self Assessment

So Today it was one of those days when I was destined to talk with one of my friends.. Name not disclosed because she also reads this... he he... Yh so I was destined to talk and not only talk... talk for real long... Suddenly gave a call and the call went on n on n on... :D but the question comes why I am writing it here.. Now thtz a good question.. and the answer goes here…!!

There was a space of thoughts that needed to be filled up and she became the reason this time..

The talk started on going for self assessment and how to go about it.. This is my part of story so all in my opinions.. and as I think. Here goes my way of self assessment.

Take a paper and pen and draw a half line thru the paper.. Now put your poisitive assessments on one side and all the things which you think you consider your negative traits on paper. Why on paper and not on microsoft word or notepad. Coz when you write something on paper you tend to move with it while on soft version of it you tend to look on keyboard or rather look for correct grammer and focus out of things you write. Now when you write every quality of yours just give a recheck on your personality if you have missed something on it. Then look at which side the weight is heavy.

Like I think positive qualities in me are my optimism , belief in god which takes me forward in life while negative I think is my hyper nature or my talkative nature which pushes me back sometimes and I believe my negatives push me back more than my belief in god is taking my forward so when I come on conclusion I feel that I need to be less talkative, have complete faith in god , show optimism in my perpective and control the emotions and try not to temper as much as I can control. When I see this conclusion, I confidently feel that even if I balance out these positive n negative qualities in my life.. the life is bound to go much better way than what is currently going on..

Another element which I believe if given a proper thought on, can better the way of our livings. And that is element of friendship or social profile that almost everyone loves to be associated with and most of times in our lives we get shattered because of this element only. We feel that this guy is kool and he is one friend forever or this gal is my life and I cannot live without it. I have full faith and trust I can share all my secrets with him/her.. Till this time every thought is ok. But the issue comes when whatever expected doesnot comes out of the other person.
I can count on my personal experiences that expecting anything from anyone would surely gonna get you down if the other person doesn’t reaches the set benchmark for any individual. Be it anyone. But by the time when you start realising, you start taking off those levels and there comes one point when even if other person lets you down… you get out of it with far less pain than what you would have got if there was level of expectation from him/her.

Every single soul on this world has the same issues but the only mis match is the time. Some people face it in school life.. some experience it during college times while remaining ones are left for proffessional arena to teach all this basic fundamentals of Life.

I have seen people crying over their close friends moving apart but after few days or say months, their life is unaffected and even though many times they get friends again the spark of friendship is never the same.

There have been times when I check my life status and where I am standing and the times when I feel alone, I try to figure out on where I am missing out. I try to question myself on what is missing or is anything more than my expectations. And the day , I get my answer.. the life gets back to normal again.

I deleted my orkut few days back.. 22 days to be precise. I had network of nearly 400 friends and I believe I knew all of them in person and hardly added anyone who was not known. But everytime I went on orkut , I dint feel that excitement to catch and reply scraps. I was happy that I was able to get back so many good mates in my life back but were they filling the spaces. I needed that answer so just one day clicked that button to delete and after 2 weeks of scanning of my brain , re opened my account with one result, This time to be more judgemental on adding requests and doing things on orkut.

Off fr now…….


A New Blog.. Any Ideaz?

So m finally writing mah post after long time but seriously i feel there is need for me to have a seperate blog on mah personal opinions on some people in mah life which i feel need to be written to get them outta me.. coz sometimes they bring a smile on mah face but some of them really lay down as a heavy stone which needs to be thrown out.. m thinkin to hv a personal blog without any viewership on it... any name suggestions ? ;)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Here I Am - Bryan Adams

Herez the lyrics..

Here I am - this is me There's no where else on earth I'd rather be Here I am - it's just me and you And tonight we make our dreams come true
It's a new world - it's a new start It's alive with the beating of young hearts It's a new day - it's a new plan I've been waiting for you Here I am
Here we are - we've just begun And after all this time - our time has come Ya here we are - still goin' strong Right here in the place where we belong
Chorus X1
Here I am - this is me There's no where else on earth I'd rather be Here I am - it's just me and you And tonight we make our dreams come true
Chorus X2
Here I am - next to you And suddenly the world is all brand new Here I am - where I'm gonna stay Now there's nothin standin in our way Here I am - this is me