Monday, March 17, 2008

Self Assessment

So Today it was one of those days when I was destined to talk with one of my friends.. Name not disclosed because she also reads this... he he... Yh so I was destined to talk and not only talk... talk for real long... Suddenly gave a call and the call went on n on n on... :D but the question comes why I am writing it here.. Now thtz a good question.. and the answer goes here…!!

There was a space of thoughts that needed to be filled up and she became the reason this time..

The talk started on going for self assessment and how to go about it.. This is my part of story so all in my opinions.. and as I think. Here goes my way of self assessment.

Take a paper and pen and draw a half line thru the paper.. Now put your poisitive assessments on one side and all the things which you think you consider your negative traits on paper. Why on paper and not on microsoft word or notepad. Coz when you write something on paper you tend to move with it while on soft version of it you tend to look on keyboard or rather look for correct grammer and focus out of things you write. Now when you write every quality of yours just give a recheck on your personality if you have missed something on it. Then look at which side the weight is heavy.

Like I think positive qualities in me are my optimism , belief in god which takes me forward in life while negative I think is my hyper nature or my talkative nature which pushes me back sometimes and I believe my negatives push me back more than my belief in god is taking my forward so when I come on conclusion I feel that I need to be less talkative, have complete faith in god , show optimism in my perpective and control the emotions and try not to temper as much as I can control. When I see this conclusion, I confidently feel that even if I balance out these positive n negative qualities in my life.. the life is bound to go much better way than what is currently going on..

Another element which I believe if given a proper thought on, can better the way of our livings. And that is element of friendship or social profile that almost everyone loves to be associated with and most of times in our lives we get shattered because of this element only. We feel that this guy is kool and he is one friend forever or this gal is my life and I cannot live without it. I have full faith and trust I can share all my secrets with him/her.. Till this time every thought is ok. But the issue comes when whatever expected doesnot comes out of the other person.
I can count on my personal experiences that expecting anything from anyone would surely gonna get you down if the other person doesn’t reaches the set benchmark for any individual. Be it anyone. But by the time when you start realising, you start taking off those levels and there comes one point when even if other person lets you down… you get out of it with far less pain than what you would have got if there was level of expectation from him/her.

Every single soul on this world has the same issues but the only mis match is the time. Some people face it in school life.. some experience it during college times while remaining ones are left for proffessional arena to teach all this basic fundamentals of Life.

I have seen people crying over their close friends moving apart but after few days or say months, their life is unaffected and even though many times they get friends again the spark of friendship is never the same.

There have been times when I check my life status and where I am standing and the times when I feel alone, I try to figure out on where I am missing out. I try to question myself on what is missing or is anything more than my expectations. And the day , I get my answer.. the life gets back to normal again.

I deleted my orkut few days back.. 22 days to be precise. I had network of nearly 400 friends and I believe I knew all of them in person and hardly added anyone who was not known. But everytime I went on orkut , I dint feel that excitement to catch and reply scraps. I was happy that I was able to get back so many good mates in my life back but were they filling the spaces. I needed that answer so just one day clicked that button to delete and after 2 weeks of scanning of my brain , re opened my account with one result, This time to be more judgemental on adding requests and doing things on orkut.

Off fr now…….



Deranged Insanity said...

Hey welcome back - after 16 days ;)
Was lookin forward towards another post from ya...n believe me...the wait was well paid off :)
This is one of the most inspiring posts I've ever read in past few days :)
I had those feelings to keep on readin n readin,,,n even wanted to read more...throughout the whole post until I finished it...
Witty at some places but true...!
Keep writin,,,n have fun!

Sukhdeep said...

@ Jas

yh it was long break.. bt finally came out wid somethin.. tht too i was on call wid someone n u know whu.LOL..
Self Assessment definitely helps bt thing is we hardly think of doin it..