Thursday, March 27, 2008

Think Zara Hat Ke..!!

So Sir Richard Branson is in India now and what a way to enter the market, Straightway targetting the right chunk of population, apna Youngistan- India's Youth. His telecom arm, Virgin Mobile ties up with already existing Tata Teleservices who operate with their Indicom brand and both have come together to give some thing to think about to telecom players..No service provider ever thought of something like what Virgin is starting with. Instead of reducing the balance of user, for every call they recieve;Virgin credits 10 paise a minute in their account. Wow so if i talk to my friend of Virgin Mobile for an hour, i have 6 rupees in my account added..and considering the youth is targetted... we can well imagine the situation of adding up almost 25-30 rupees every night they use their phones ;)
Well i haven't used this scheme and neither have any hopes of trying it as well since i m ok with my vodafone and their dog. The only thing which is restricting its popularity is its CDMA based service, so who ever is using airtel,bsnl or vodafone will need to buy a new set and get virgin mobile tarriffs to use Virgin Mobile..!! which would take some time to get such user base attracted. Anywayz cheers to this dynamic and aggressive policy being used by Virgin.
Coming on to their marketing strategy, Its hit a bulls eye. i loved both the ads, ideas, imagination,way of depicting the scenario is highly appreciated. There wasn't anything about the virgin mobile in the ad except the last line which calls you to think Hat Ke ;) . One Ad is targetting the GUYS and other one calling the GALS .Well rather than telling what is there in ad, you can watch both the ads below.

AD-1 Crossing the Signal

AD -2 I Hate Boys

So Next time round the corner you get caught by policeman or you need to plan somewhere out .. Think Zara Hat Ke..!!

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