Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why I Wear a Turban?

This question comes in many minds when ever they see me with turban..when someone asks me out of curiosity various facts about turban , the style of wearing, how i wear it, how much time it takes and every single question coming outta their minds..
I got a short and simple answer to almost all the queries when i saw this video.
Just Check this out...Do Read the text below.

I wear a turban because
-I feel Proud of it
-It helps me stand out in a crowd
- It gives me a distinct identity
-I like it so much
-It showz my committment to my faith
-It matches with my shirt ;) :p

and above all I wear a turban because


Nikita said...

badiya....but sach hai...atleast india mein log why se zyada how poochte hai....kaise , kitna time lagta hai...n all that....but i have never in my life seen a sikh answering in frustation....tehy are so patient...n always high on sprits...zindadili se bharpoor ek poori community...seriously wonderful
the video is interesting....specially teh reason tht it matches wid my shirt is really funny...

Sukhdeep said...

@ nikita

i found it on youtube once so thought of sharing it.it looks a pretty simple and straight forward way of showing the importance Sikhs have for their faith and Turban.
If i am able to make a video,i would surely put a post on how to tie a turban coz many ppl ask me this question as well...