Sunday, March 23, 2008

300 Saal Guru De Naal - A Preview

300 Saal Guru De Naal - 300 Years with my beloved guru. Thatz the motto and thatz the spirit moving ahead for celebrations on Gurugaddi Diwas of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. 300 Years ago, in 2008 Guru Gobind Singh Ji [10th Guru of Sikhs] when asked who will be our next Guru, He said
"Agya Bhai Akaal Ki Tabhai Chalayo Panth,
Sab Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai ,Guru Manyo Granth"
[When order from almighty comes,only then someone runs the religion and from now onwards, Treat Granth Sahib as your Guru and that day onwards, Granth Sahib turned to Guru Granth Sahib]
and this time around when its tri-centenary year of Gurugaddi, The Celebrations are officially taking place at Sachkhand Sri Hazur Sahib and celebrations are on till October'08 .
I will post more about the event and the Jagriti Yatra [ a procession moving all around India] carrying shastars of Guru Gobind Singh Ji .
The official soundtrack which has come has Daler Mehndi Singing it asking everyone to join in the mission and the celebrations. Below is the link ; you can listen to it.
Lets Promise Ourselves that this year we dedicate ourselves to Guru Granth Sahib Ji..
Bole So Nihal
Sat Sri Akal
300 Saal
Guru De Naal
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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