Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blogging - Different People Different Approach

Today i am pretty much relaxed and have nothing to do except waste the time :p So i logged onto everything.. msn,gtalk,gmail,facebook,orkut,blogger and kept on moving from one window to the other..yh yh windows media player was on all the time... bt seriously i was so charged up when i came back home early from office..lol.. me n my roomie prepared dinner at home.. it was fun trying our hands.. bt at the end was satisfaction in heart. newayz coming back to online thingy... played a fun game at fb literally a fight bt was fun..then i got some comment on one of mah very old posts. and there started a new journey, i moved to check one blog and from there to the other and moving on n on.. i kept hopping from one blog to other. And i was pretty amazed to see various shades of lives depicted on blogger. surprisingly i went on all blogger blogs majority turned out to be galz but the way of writing of guyz and galz differ while they blog. While guyz would write sometimes to express themselves or just to chill out, galz many a times tend to be focussed on one topic and keep on writing over that. There was one blog where gal won an award and she expressed her feelings out there.. It was so lovely to read that and i could sense the feeling and achievement one feels. :) Cheerz to everyone who blogs..
There was one blog where काम के इलावा सब कुछ लिखा था and it was nice reading the same.!!
when eva i come to blogger, i usually check out 4-5 blogs regularly if they have any updations.. surprisingly these dayz, all of them are busy in their own worlds that they are not writing anything.. so they give me chance to move to new blogs and new posts. lemme know if u have something to offer.. wheneva m free will catch tht..

Abhi likhne ko kuch nai.. so aaj kuch nai likhenge.. i mean i have a thought to write bt its just that it would take lot f mah time to write and tomorrow i mite get late for my office. So i will try if i could put that up sometime soon here only..!!

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