Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eventful Weekend in Delhi

This saturday turned out to be a fun day in life.. had loadsa fun in Delhi.. the day started with startup saturday...was worth travelling 30 km from gurgaon and listen to some interesting talk on how to think out of online space as well and how to go about starting something in offline space..some interesting case studies and interactive talks helped understand the things. A very interesting talk was one on how to get funds from venture capitalists and angel investors and some very interesting points which came out of it were:
- Until the money reaches your bank, you're not funded
-Only real problems are 'fundable'
- Look at 1. Who can give you good feedback? Someone who understands the market you're in. 2. Who has appetite to invest?
-The venture industry is a lot more cocky in india compared to silicon valley counterparts.
- Most people start off with asking for a valuation. There's no point thinking about it today.
-The first step is to convince the investor to fund, not ask for valuation.
-'Don't raise money unless it's absolutely must, and once you decide to raise it, raise as much as you can'
-Money you raise today does impact the prospects of raising money tomorrow. Same thing with Terms
thanks to twitter and @prolificd to livetweet them.. i cud summarize the session in few lines :)
Following the Startup Saturday thing, we went to DLF Emporio in Vasant Kunj.. its a huge huge mall with all the BIG brands and all with sale stuff.. quite expensive but without looking much.. we went to TGIF where 10 tweeters were already waiting for us for a delhi drinks meetup..officially a daru tweet up , becoz of non drinkers attendance turned into a drinks tweetup. met around 25 guys who are on twitter and in different industries, it was interesting to share talks on so many different topics on one table.following a great time, some of us went to Turquoise Cottage for some good music and had a ball over there.. loved dancing after so long forgetting everything in life and just relaxing with the music ova there..although i haven't been listening to english music.. but again listening to it for first time is exciting as well.. dance dance dance and finally out of it around 11.30.. came with some frenz back to gurgaon and finally the day ended post 12.
Today i downloaded wordpress 2.8.1 the latest version, some interesting themes for my new blog. i haven't decided if i ll keep my blogspot blog running but that one is certainly coming up soon :)
tata for now.. a learning week ahead...keep writing.. keep smiling

Saturday, July 04, 2009

100 Not Out

Never thought i will ever post 100 posts on my personal blog but thank you everyone who read it and commented on it. you guys have been my motivation and the reason for updations :) ... 100 posts have taken a long time..
Instead of a long thank you note, just thought of sharing my message in few words.

Cheers !! Keep Inspiring !! Keep Rocking :)