Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sanskruti - Ethnic Day Celebrations

8th Feb, 2007… It was a long day…. Tiring yet a memorable one… Sanskruti ‘The Ethnic Day’ was there, Bharathi’s Marriage and least thought of.. work :p came as surprise..The Ethnic day was planned this time in much organized and innovative way. So for everybody it was a pleasant surprise. We started off with distributing houses in all the teams with respective captains taking cues and material for the same the day before. The planning went long ways and people started decorating their respective aisles straightway. While the organizing committee was busy decorating the common bay for function, we all could see a clear enthu between all teams and great spirit of competition.
We had Kindergarten, Jail, Discotheque, Railway Platform, Village ,Beauty Parlour, Star Trek and Junkyard as themes for decoration, So each of the teams were in full flow to make a clear picture of the same. 8th Feb, Everyone came to office in ethnic wear, so it was one day when all of us were out of normal Jeans, Shirts and Trousers..I too went in Kurta Pajama and with complete Punjabi Attire.It was great all around, People came in their traditional dresses. Around noon time, we had the judgement for the themes decorated, and wat a competition it was.. no one was clear winner seen. Till the time results were announced, we never knew who won..After Judgement, we got all the teams in respective aisles and started off with the games. Uncommonly Common, Mummies Alive and Mad Ads, there was full participation and great sportsmanship between all the teams. Me and Kiran were the anchors for the event and I think, both of us controlled the stage fairly well to catch attention of audience. While she controlled the formal part of speech, me took control of spontenity of situation and handled stage that times. In all, all the times .. we never clashed :DAfter the games, we had a great Guitar Performance by David Enhinger, and it was indeed a flawless performance. Mad Ads were great too.. all the teams came up with their innovbeto ation and creativity to catch everyone’s attention to buy their products, Finally Stone Pillows were considered Winners.
We had vote of thanks by Ganesh and everyone went for the Lunch at Civet. Handling 200 people at civet itself turned out to be bit of challenge but I would say, we managed to get hold of that as well.
It was great to see almost everyone putting an effort to make this event a success and to make it memorable for long times. We could hear good feedback from all the leads, managers and everyone around. It boosted the morale of organizers and set a benchmark for times to come.
Well, We all had lunch, full tummies and then got back to seat to check mail and what a surprise.. The work load was double and time was quite less. So we all sat and finished our work as soon as possible, The Moment last one said the work is done, we went for Bharathi’s Reception. And we never knew that the mantapa [place of reception] was 35 km from office.. it took nearly 90 minutes for us toreach there. Bharathi was very happy to see all team mates there. J So we all had south Indian food , south Indian style one more time ;) After having the food we all went to meet the couple . Finally by 10.20 we started journey back home and in half an hour, back home finishing the day tired, yet memorable.

Off now……. Ciao……

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