Monday, February 25, 2008

Jab We Met - My Way..!!

I normally take movies as time pass or entertainers which make us feel good or sometimes just pass the time we would be killing otherwise… but Jab We Met is one which made me think about it..

Jab we met – a movie which reflects many traits of my personality. I think I could see more of me in kareena’s character and many of shahid’s traits were also part of my life. The Movie starts with shahid going as fail in life to finish his life and fortunately-unfortunately gets onto the train where Geet [kareena] lands in by flashy entry catching a running train. When I was watching kareena being a non stop chatter box , I once thought how can one be that talkative and very next thought , I said ..arrey even m same way yar..
The Story goes a fun way with shahid and kareena together although shahid always looking for escape from her. From ratlam they turn out friends and there starts an interesting story. Like a typical Punjabi family, geet’s family asks her to see the guy and get married while she has some other plans to run to her bf and get married with him and live happily ever after. Interesting times and continuously moving story lands kareena running from home with shahid and meet her bf. The point where kareena is left by shahid and he returns to Mumbai to run his business , Shahid’s life takes a turn. From a serious to hyper-active shahid… he takes his company to heights and gets much more successful than ever and during the time missing kareena and completely out of touch with her. As soon as he launches his product with Kareena’s name, the family of kareena asks him to return kareena to them. Out of shock and asking for 10 days time , he gets back to manali to meet geet and ask her to get back to family. There he comes to know that that guy did not accept her and she was left alone during that time.. Shahid goes to shimla where he sees kareena and manages to get kareena back to home and in this whole time kareena realizes that in this time, shahid has taken over place of her boy friend anshuman and finally kareena marries shahid.. and there ends the story with Maujan Hi Maujaan…….!!

See I somehow wrapped up two and half hour story in few words but there is much more in the story which gives so many reflections and lessons to follow in this fun and easy going comedy movie. Here are some points which atleast I learnt and enjoyed watchin jwm

1. Be Yourself – Kareena shows how you can be yourself and enjoy life to full. Though sometimes being the non stop chatterbox , you might sound stupid, yet you would be able to have real fun of life.
2.When You’re in Love, Be complete in it- Kareena again shows the way to be fully committed in love. Even though his bf has no idea , she still has plans of running with him , getting settled in life etc..
3.Dream to Achieve – You have to dream of something and then act on it. Only if you have something in mind, you can think of going for it or achieving it.
4. Its very hard to get back the same respect and love after differences – Once you leave any space , getting back that space is a very rare chance. It might be taken over by someone or the person can refuse to put you back at same level. I can corelate this with my life where I have given enough respect for some of my friends but due to one or the other reasons have moved away or have lost that level of respect, I really think sometimes that it would be very hard for me to give the same anytime again in life.
5.Be a good Listener - Sometimes ,person on the other side can also be right. We always try to think , whatever we think and how we act is the right way to do things, But there are many times where people on other side can suggest or can act the right way.
6.Exceptional Music is always a bonus – Aaoge jab tum o saajna [my fav] , Yeh Ishq Hai [ another fav] , Tum se hi din[ fantastic], Maujan hi Maujaan [ balle balle], Chalne lage hain yeh raaste [ pretty nice] and Nagaada Nagaada [ another foot tapping number] .. good music will always help in making a bollywood movie HIT……
7. You can always like someone and enjoy it – Its not always necassery that one who you love, loves you. Not everyone can be that lucky.. but you can always enjoy being in love or liking someone. You can just like and feel happy about it. Just Enjoy in that feel..
8.Don’t Run from your house- He he.. as simple as that, Never Run from your House.. and last but not the least
9.If you are rich , need not publicise it , You might get Fake Friends.

All in All.. Great Movie,Awesome Music, Fantastic Humor , Absolutely Great Dialogue Delivery by Kareena and Shahid.. they both show great chemistry between them . Irony is that their first hit as couple comes after they break up.
Cheerz to JAB WE MET.. :)


Anonymous said...

guess wah...outta all da movies..whch one I missed :|
damn!! lol
betta watch this one =D
Keep writin buddy!

WonderWriter said...

Even the movie maker might not have thought so much around it..ha ha

Its true...Actually life is strange. Whatever lessons we derive from people around us are quite derived a few, but am sure you would forget them all, when it would happen to you...that is "Jab woh meets u"..

...Sukhi you voilated the cinematic law around disclosing stories...that is bad for people who havent seen it...Piracy is an offence.....take care

Sukhdeep said...

@ jas

Better watch it.. u wil surely find it good.. :P)


lets see jab woh meets me.. abhi to lag jane 3-4 saal i guess.. waise agar aapki kripa hogi.. to jaldi b ho sakta
No Piracy frm now onwards..pakka :D