Monday, February 25, 2008

Valentine Day Story..!!

Valentine’s Day- 14th of Feb… One day of year where you can openely express your love to anyone.. J wow.. you love a person every moment and you need one day in year to show that you love more than what other person thinks of..!!!
What a valentine day I had.. I would say this was first year I celebrated the day being Single …even without friends… and what a great day I had.. I felt god showed me an example of somewhat a perfect day.. The day when stress, tension, smiles, excitements, love, care , worries all feelings came , stayed for some moments and then left way for others to come.. Being in Bangalore, and on working day.. no plans made but to go to Office.. Morning 7 am.. woke up and got ready in an hour and was really happy to be all ready by this early but when you get ready for office on time and on the way get stuck in traffic.. nothing irritates you more than that.. finally stepped in office @ 9.15 only to know that there was a long day in wait and loads of work to finish…Anywayz whu carez that time… he he.. had breakfast and finished off with analysis and daily work.. There was one issue which I was handling which needed immediate attention and coz of that the first half of day kept me in worry and stress since at times I was not getting the right way to get it out but I kept going.. went to Lunch..had great time there wid team mates…and Tea-Time, we all had a new joinee’s party in Cafeteria. …Till evening all things went normal… and almost to end of evening, got the issue resolved.. woooohoooo. It was a BIG relief that time…and right after that time.. I got into my form… he he.. and by the time my day was finishing.. I managed to make my day more memorable when all of a sudden , I mailed someeone.. and reason .. just like that…. I was in fun mood.. So jst dropped a mail.. J
When I came back home, Karan’s Mom had come from Punjab and what she brought for us.. Sarson Ka Saag… wat a treat.. So had a fantastic dinner with Sarson Ka Saag n that brought end to a Khushi Gum wala Valentine’s Day..
After almost 5 years heard one of my friend…was nice talking after that long…. Wished some of my close friends.. wanted to wish some more but just coz of hectic day time .. missed.. L
First 14th Feb in Corporate World was fun..

Cheeerz to Love….

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day J

Keep Rocking


Anonymous said...

excuse meh Mr.Sukhdeep Singh!!
Wats up with dese incomplete words in da post eh!!
.."J" wow!...
...Dropped a mail.."J"

lol..m pretty sure.."J" isn't me :P
cuz I neva got any email :$ lol lol
somethin cookin ma boss?? I need da frickin reply asap!! :P

Sukhdeep said...

@ insanity..