Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happening Weeek..

Last week was a week full of events happening in my life. Two of my very good friends moved out of Bangalore and I could never think that their movement would be felt that much. Vikas , who came here in September to join wipro, started staying with us after moving from Chennai and within this short span , we became good mates. He was 3 years elder than me so acted more intelligently in almost every situation that we came across. Our cook who could make tea ,great maggi and simply yum paneer bhurji on sundayz .. would really miss that.. weekends , we never had any botheration about tea time since vikas always should to make bread butter and tea for us.. he opted for relocation and got it within a week.. and now back to north.. another friend whu went Archana..earlier a team mate bt later turned out to become a good friend.. We went out together a night before she moved to get some gifts for her circle of friends and I think that shopping spree would be remembered for long long times… She is emotional, she is sensible and she is a friend. We went to team lunch on day she was leaving..after that had a cake cutting ceremony followed by speeches... and our mosquito .. she acted like a typical punjaban… started crying and I could feel she was really gonna miss her… Few days back sheenam went, and now its archana.. soon pushkar will also be flying back and I can see that energy of team , the fun part of team slowly moving out.. L the fun won’t be the same again.. but then have to understand that this is part and parcel of life and life moves on…
At office , ethnic day celebrations kicked off.. and we started off with nomination process this Friday and were really excited about it.. and we could all see the enthusiasm and interest in people filling the forms and putting them in drop-boxes.. Tuesday we end up with nominations and then birthday bash we again have a gala time waiting in project…
I hope the next week goes on smoothly … the time is running tooo fast and I want to slow down the pace..but I think will take some time for me to control myself and get back to living life my way..


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