Sunday, January 13, 2008

Moderator's League

Today Jan 12, 2008.. would be a day to remember.. I attended a small meet-up of Yahoo Group Moderators commonly known as moderator’s league here at The Taj Residency , Bangalore… it was my first visit to Hotel and wow.. wat a place it is.. completely blown over by the design, ambience and the hospitality that a hotel provides.. morning 11 am i got my name registered with yahoo people and there was official start in next 20 minutes . After a welcome speech by the yahoo person, all the moderators introduced themselves with groups they were part of , and their experiences being moderators. This was second time the league was happening, so there were not much of participation but now the number is bound to increase as now people would know, managing their group well can give them interact with people who can affect the way things work in Yahoo.. All the pros and cons being on yahoo as group member n moderator came out and there was healthy discussion which resulted in getting a great feedback from the moderator’s. I managed to win some pens.. ;) on answering questions on yahoo groups. There was a demonstration of new products which are being launched by yahoo in India in days to come.. so had a live interactive session with people who were leading the respective teams and they took the feedback from us on how things we think would be going.. and vice versa…
At the end there was a group photograph of all the mods and with yahoo team. And then we all had one to one sessions with people from yahoo..atleast now If I wish to restart using my yahoo mail , I can give it a thought since I know if I anytime get any problem using , I have people who I can mail direct to know about the solutions.. I met almost all the moderators present and had a good interactive session, there were people from all the ages and all the communities. From DilSeDesi group owner to Hyderabad Masti to 20-20 cricket to HRA.. and there was no bound on age. We had moderator who is 75 years old and we had a moderator who is in second year of graduation.
It was a nice experience meeting new people, exchanging the ideas and getting to know tips and tricks on how to manage the groups , get hold of things which can come out while operating groups. Although the event was half day event.. I think with the feedback and response of mods , it will surely look next time to make it a full day event or even two days. Now when I have attended this league once, it gives me an entry to elite moderator’s league in yahoo. I am thinking to start 2-3 groups now of my own but with proper thought only… lets see if I am able to get a good idea to start it. J
Cheerz to Yahoo.. !!

Yahoooo…!!! ;)

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