Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Week That Was

So its been long time since I updated my blog but atleast I am keeping my resolution by updating atleast once a week. I always think of writing and updating but somehow , things don’t turn the way I think.. :p either laptop is not working or simply the net connection .. sometime I am in mood to watch TV or m on messenger with some one talking so by the time I feel writing.. m not in position to write L but newayz m free today and I have no major work.. lets write…
Just back from moderators league and had a real good time there interacting with the Yahoo’s and Moderators of many groups on yahoo.. a very nice interactive session was there.. also went to gurudwara sahib from thr coz I was very near to it .
Talking about last week.. had a normal week.. nothing spectacular, nothing extra ordinary happened but yes Dad’s birthday was there yesterday so missed being in Amritsar. But was kept so busy in work at office tht dint let me go sad.. time hoye to banda soche.. :D ..Yes.. there was one achievement of one of my friends which made me proud. One f my friends topped her MBBS examz and she was on top of the world.. he he.. when I read her scrap on orkut tht she topped.. really made my proud of her as friend since I know she was intelligent and gave her full effort all the time and she deserved to get this but somehow was not getting. I love when any of my friends come up with this line.. hey I won, I topped, I achieved this, I went to nationals… m so blessed in this way that people around me are so intelligent and a small shadow of their feat inspires me to compete and atleast be fair in my performance so that even I have something to talk about .. J
Yes.. Sheenam said bye to bangalore, she went back home.. would be working from home till march and after that.. dnt know wat her plans are… but I dnt sense her coming bak and working in Bangalore.. I wuld miss a mentor , a person who I could go to anytime to talk about any of my problems I felt regarding my work and she could just suggest me the way I should be going… I would have to wait to meet her once to play more pranks on her.she is a real sport in this.. never took things at heart and everybody in team loved her for this..
I also had my mid year performance discussion with my supervisor where in he told me about how to go about in time to come with my work and how I faired so far…. The feedback and review I received was fine and till date he did not found any problem with my work and he asked me to continue to do the same and also make efforts in other areas apart from work in office hours.
Baaki allz well.. allz good.. God is my driver and he’z just driving me well these days..

Off fr now.. cheerz…!!

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