Friday, January 04, 2008

Jan 03- A Long Day

So Another Day comes to close.. but what a busy day it was..first i woke at 9.30 and started watching match inspite of being late fr office..then got stuck in jam and reached office at 11.30. First thing.. had 2 new requests to work.. follow ups alwayz there..and then got a sudden deadline to finish up the mid year feedback by end of day..started the work and after lunch did my self input on site...and my god.. wat a trouble it was.. getting down all the points done in last 6 months to understand that something atleast has been done. he he.. but by the time i finished writing i could see that something certainly has been done.. and i am moving at good pace but i would certainly have to gather some speed 6 i was done wid my document, self input and work. somehow finished all the remaining work by 8 and got bak to home. but things were not yet finished. got stuck in jam second time in day so managed to reach home by 10.15. At home.. rarely seen but electricity nt there.. and hence dinner without lights and tv and finaly put close to day..!!

I had plan to write but again body doesnt allows me to write for long ..coz my time sheet is pending so have to fill and then release it by tomorrow.. i am trying to finish my jobs now withing time limits and finishing all my pending jobs first.
maybe in a week's time i will get all my task in current status and then would get better hold of time..
cheerz fr nw..!! gud nyt..

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