Thursday, January 03, 2008

Welcome 2008

Its 2008 and beginning of a new start with.. a very happy new year.. i have just tried to bind myself in certain rules atleast fr a start.. first to be regular in remembering the almighty. then to write my blog atleast once a regular in work and finish it within the time limits..this year is to be celebrated and spent as year of Career. Focussing on the work precisely. I dont know wats in store for me but watever in my hands would try to catch hold of it.This year.. have to be little more understanding… less talkative…and most importantly try to be a good listener.coz i know these would help me become a better human being than wat i am today.Being in bangalore, had a great start with a get together at my place. was simply great to have so many friends around while the clock struck 0000 am , 1 jan 2008. The complete story , i will try to write down in seperate post with detailed description.
Although i missed being at golden temple like all the other years but have to accept the fact that you can’t just think of things happen the way you want to.. There is Life and it has to move on.. and in moving would take u to different places and wil give u enough opportunity to meet new people, learn from them and explore places.

Eyes Closing and no more capacity to write fr nw.. although i wished to write something - about being emotional and emotional foolishness… bt thtz fr next time.. til then.. Cheerz
Happy New Year.. and welcome 2008

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