Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Ego Problem

So i am writing another post.. this time on something which i get caught in often.. more or less this problem of self centeredness lies within all.......we call it in common language the EGO problem... the problem which oftens lies in trouble or parts the distance between us and others... i have never ever seen a person gaining something coz of his/her ego problem... despite knowing that we are not gaining goin into this self centeredness ... we are so big fools.. we again jump into this and get out wid some or other difference in relationship wid frnz, some kinda mis understanding... or some big big bull**** mistake we think we could ve avoided had we been little cool in handling..!.!!

now why i wrote this..... jst coz i felt like ;)

he he.. nvm.. m too caught in same problem more often than others.. bt then when i am into that phase.. literally i hv no control over mah mind..... bt surely now there has been gr8 control over it.. n m much patient n ready to listen kinda person.. n i try to see things frm other person's perspective too... n i hope it carries on wid time to come..! !


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Jasleen A said...

You DON'T have EGO buddy...ask your friends about yourself, what they think about u. That's the best way to discover more about yourself. And definately, if u'll ask me, you are among the best people I've ever known :) I'll say it again, Be the way you are. The world is the b*tchest place for good people, but only people like you know how to survive with a :-) face ;)
Keep Rockin :)
Jasleen A