Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January 15 - Day's Wrap Up :)

Ok.. so here I am… again into my blog.. cant avoid it sometimes..Sunday nite it was LOHRI.. a festival that we used to celebrate every year with great fun happenin.. we all neighbours sitting around bonfire having a great time til 10-10.30 and then dispersing… this time it was different..far away from home.. in place where nobody knew if there s any festival and this time around no kites in the sky on lohri.. bt can’t help na.. so we all here decided to do shagan atleast. We got the wood, arranged a small bonfire n then sat down to have fun…legs pulled on each statement coming out f anybody’s mouth.. mera v number lag gya.. bt then if u don’t accept it.. its not being in spirit.. Sunday ended on quite nice note since atleast there were all Punjabi frnz getting together n not feeling away from home atleast the nite time..
I also came across the show We The People, hosted by Barkha Dutt..shez just too good fr this profession..she was hosting a talk show on Blogging itself…so I just stuck on to that channel to listen wat was being said. And I heard comments of professional, a parent, a gay who blogs and a journalist who blogs with fake identity..all had different opinion about blogging.. I found tht pretty interesting discussion since people were being clear about expressing their thoughts.
Blog, writing personal thoughts in public domain gives u enough freedom of expression and freedom to write whatever you wish to. Sometimes I think,I can write so I use my blog to test whether I seriously can.. at times when I read my old entries.. many a times I cherish the moments described.. he he.. wow.. I can sometimes write good as well ;) I feel satisfied n content about my writing coz atleast I know how hard is for person like me to sit and write anything.
These dayz coz of Pongal and Makar Sakranti here in south , many people are on leave which includes some of my team mates too.. now at time when many are on leave.. we are getting loads of work.. loads means really loads.. :( today when I started working .. I thought I’ll finish by 3-4 pm bt I hardly finished that by 7.30 and then had some calls to make..
An end to yet another day.. cant belive that half first month is over.. I mean we jst had new year celebrations and today 15 is also gone.. time is flying my side.. I would say.. life is on rocket n wishes to be in express mail where in there are little stops, nice journey.. life needs to be little in control where in I need to take some time out for myself as well.. but chalo jida waheguru di marzi..
What happened today…Reliance Power is OUT.. the IPO got opened today and in minutes.. subscribed.. totally expected and was nothing so breaking in the news.. by the end of day it got oversubscribed nearly 10 times.. now being the biggest ipo in market til date and getting this huge subscription justifies the position and hold of Reliance on market and minds of people of India..price band of 405-450 and I m so tempted to go for it..
See I dnt even know ABC of stock market.. bt still I am thinking to buy it.. and wat more.. m writing my expert opinion about it.. he he as if anybdy s listenin to it..
Chalo bahut likh lea.. abhi shabba khair.


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