Thursday, March 27, 2008

MTV Youngistan n Bani

Well i watched this show today MTV YOUNGISTAN MERI JAAN and who was anchoring it.. Bani- mtv roadies 4 runners up. when i looked at the earlier promos of this show , i was looking forward to catch her on show since Bani had this impression of being a tough wid attitude , stylish and funky kinda gal. A Sexy look by her would go anyone go crazy on her. But i was disappointed after the show. Very Low on content, nothing interesting happening and Bani.. God !! she disappointed me the most. I won't say that was a bad show by her but just lil expectations from her dint made her count that high on my scores.. I was expecting a tough attitude, hot, sexy style in short Hard to Handle stuff on .. bt newayz shez not tht bad as well.. :)
She is new to this industry,its her first show.. and i hope she improves on her voice delivery. From pretty casual talking moving to Stylish Voice Modulation which could make her stand as a unique VJ on a channel which showz everything else than the music . MTV.. she has some tough standards to meet since Malaika, Maria Goretti , Sophie , Raageshwari had set on the channel..
On Content part of the show too.. i think the material to show was large and time to telecast was less.. funky camera shots, quick views n most f things edited were clear during the show. .
Anywayz.. i hope this show gets better. :) i would like to see some thing interesting on it.. since its YOUNGISTAN- voice of youth and it means OUR VOICE. MY VOICE YOUR VOICE. INDIA KA VOICE. and the voice says.. we want a better Youngistan than being depicted currently :D
anybody from MTV Listening????
neways Good Luck to BANI.. m happy that shez now on screen. Hope she gets on better n better as time goes on. . ^.^


Nikita said...

the whole youngistan show is nuthing beyound teh hype....all hype n no substance....

Anonymous said...

why can't mtv stick to music. n this bani has a fake accent!!

Anonymous said...

sowmya from bangalore rocks keep up ur good show,my opinion BANI'S not worth this show........instead sowmya should be there ;-) ...........FROM NIKHIL

Sukhdeep said...


seriously i keep telling mtv guyz.. get somethin good.. they never listen :P

Money Money..

yh dude.. Sowmya is quite good but still i feel show should be better..

ankita said...

good goin but d show can b rocking if sumwht d way of presentation cud b changed by the way ayushmann is a cool dude and rest are okok types somya is also good goin