Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Losing Myself

Exactly, I am feeling this in me now. Its been long time since I am cribbing and its not doing any good to me. Looking at myself what i was and what i am ; its huge difference. The people around me have changed and they have changed me too. Today i am cribbing too much and i am not able to do any justice to myself. I want to be real me and i miss it. I dont talk to anyone these days neither am i coming on any of messengers.Orkut,Facebook addiction gone which i miss; no new friend requests and no fun taking pangas.
I am really in very bad mood today, Reason my HR had some Stupid Reasoning for sending me back.and i wonder if my organisation will lose me just coz of her. The Justifications she is giving are purely BASE LESS and i had only one thing to say after i heard all that.. WHAT THE FCUK !!
As i steal these lines from Exalted Soul's Blog which are completely matching my current scenario
"These days when i just lie down to sleep, a million thoughts crisscross my mind at the speed of light, bombarding my mind. It’s very strange how the life you always wanted to live flushes down the toilet! I mean every thing is awry and entangled. Seriously I’m running out of room in my head. It’s like I’m looking for a safe place in a not so safe world!"

Btw i planned my vacations back home too and i hope this time they dnt get cancelled coz i can't take things anymore and need a break. There is still long time before that but i am just waiting for the next 40 days to pass.
Currently, I feel that much of my energy,passion,excitement is just getting wasted and i want a change.... Change for good..!! Amen.!
Current Status: Frustooooooo... :D

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Deranged Insanity said...

Life is a roller coaster buddy! Ups and Downs, Smiles and Frowns are part of it! And if they are not there, then you definitely missed the essential part of life! Then one should ask himself...if its worth it! What we call - the life! =)

And don't over stress yourself cuz of what your HR did! Screw her and the company ... you probably deserve to be in much better position than you are!

Now Cheer Up and I want that rocking Sukhi back :)