Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Jan 09 - A quick recap

Looking back at January 09 , and a quick recap reminds me of following things :
- new year celebrations were at guest house with vinaya and me sitting in room talking on phone, watching tv and simply wishing everyone else happy new year.. :p
-january was too hectic in office.. long work hours.. remember working on 1st jan for whole day.
-and by 1st jan, i remember i went to Bandra Band Stand which is quite famous outing place.. that day we went to band stand, saw shahrukh and salman's home from outside which itself turns out to be quite a popular spot.
-my four days back home to celebrate Lohri were simply awesome. kept shopping and travelling and in between kept visiting golden temple all days. Golden Temple is one big magnet which keeps pulling me to amritsar.
- met simar [ my friend] after almost 18 months.. last we met were on last day of our examz and then i came to bangalore to join my company. so it was great meeting after a long time, spending some time together was amazing..great memories..
-then i went to Elephanta caves one of weekends and had amazing time trekking with friends and enjoying the hills. most thrilling part was the one hour journey from Gateway of India to Island of elephanta caves. after the ride, now i can say i have travelled on all modes of transport be it on land, air or water.. so was fun
- also visited Juhu Beach with friends after watching SM with them for second time. Slumdog Millionaire and CC2C were the only two movies i watched in Theatre this month and Slumdog was simply awesome.
Random trips to oberoi and inorbit kept happening. oh yes...i came across quite a few celebrities last month..being in mumbai and in area where many celebrities stay its a common thing but for a person like me who collects autographs or likes to meet them, its an exciting thing for me.

Coming to the end of month on 29th, my brother got his pce exam cleared which is equivalent to CA Inter and what an amazing result he delivered..proud of him.
time to sleep now.. i think i covered my jan times..if missed, i will keep updating..


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