Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lady Love..!!

looks like a pretty odd title but this post is about my lady love.. love i have in my heart for some beautiful people and the ones who i wanna meet.Coming straight to the point..
1. Shireen Bhan : have you ever seen a smiling face presenting news or some show on CNBC or CNN IBN every night at 2030 hours... its Shireen Bhan who i am so desperate to meet.. i simply love the lovely smile, i love the way she talks and love the way she makes other person so comfortable talking of all the business numbers and technical jargon..one of my favourites which has been on my list from day 1 i became her fan and she is still on the list rocking..shez so adorable, so beautiful, so amazing that you can watch the news show without even bothering about any news. :D
2. Konkana Sen Sharma: Another lady who i am die hard fan of is Konkana... be it Page 3 or Mr & Mrs Iyer, Aaja Nach le or Luck By Chance. i am fan of Konkana.. she acts too well, so natural , so adorable..this wheatish gal is actor par perfection.i haven't seen a single film where i can say that she was misfit in chracter. I dont know how i can catch up with this girl.. but if given a chance.. all other appointments can be cancelled and she will be given all the priorities :D after all hum bhi busy insaan hai..
3. Madhuri Dixit : Hum Apke hai kaun to Raja, Beta to Aaja Nachle.. Madhuri Madhuri Madhuri... no match.. simply awesome.. hope to meet her sometime in life. this lovely lady can be called Maharani of bollywood..
4. Shweta Salve: one gal who a hottie in Indian Television, i like her sexiness and i like her acting as well..and i think they are more than enough the reasons to meet someone..
5.Chitranghda Singh: If you think Smita Patil is back in movies, that is because of Chitranghda who gives a quite attractive, and gracious look. i saw her first in Hazaro Khwahishein Aisi and next in some talk show on NDTV and since then.. my o my.. m her big big fan. this dusky beauty whuz wife of india's top golfer jyoti randhawa, looking at her you cannot believe your eyes.. shez so attractive.. so magnetic.. its simply awesome.. :D .. i hope i meet her sometime soon..

These five are the ones from indian sphere who i wish to meet and yes CLICK a pic with them..


Anonymous said...

Just a reference to your last line: Debi ji kehnde ne, "Tasveer khichaavo ohna naal, jihna nu tusi vi yaad ravo ... jehre khichvaande har ik naal, ohna naal khichake ki laina" :)

Anonymous said...

Nice one!!!

You just wanna click pics with them !!!!

Wat abt ur lady love den ???
U dint specify that which quality makes u feel out of the box for ur lady love!!!!!