Thursday, January 01, 2009

Its here - Welcome 2009.....

As i write these lines, i am almost 3 hours into the new date format where i would be no more writing 2008 in any communications... and i still feel time is flying and 08 is over..eyes stuck at 01-01-09 on cell.anyways.. its here so Welcome 2009..

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.. i hope this year is good for me,you and everybody around.

This year no resolutions as such but some things to be taken care of...
- Blogging atleast once a month.. i know very unreal target but less the expectation.. more the performance output :p
- If not having enough to write.. still going to post something... reader discretion recommended ;)
- rest i have them in mind.. but now they are not coming out :P :D

Thanks to all who have made this 2008 a year to remember.. more on my recap of 2008 in next post.. and thatz gonna be very soon.. ciao..

Happy New Year - 2009


Anonymous said...

We definitely don't need a labeled date to make resolutions. Every day its a new struggle, a new beginning.

But still, anyways, Happy New Year (again ;P)

J A 【ツ】

mira tozzi said...

namaste aji,
happy new year to you also, and for all the people around the world.
Ciao from Turin in Italy
Mira and Arianna

Anonymous said...

Oye bas galaan hi karniyan aundiyan. "Blogging atleast once a month and blah blah"