Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 and Dreams

Dreams make life worth living and some dreams i look forward to fulfill in year twenty ten.

1. To get interviewed- This is most random thing to think of *in my case*, but kuch na kuch to aisa kar hi jayenge ki apna bhi kuch naam hoga. On serious note,be practical, outperform and get interviewed and if by end of september, no one takes my interview then i will post my resume on naukri and will 'get interviewed' for some new job.

2. Shot at dream companies - Not that i don't like my current work place, but i have some dream companies on my list and working in your dream company always act as morale booster. My current workplace was also in that list when i joined it but this year with some experience in kitty, i think i will definitely like to give a shot to two names in list.

3. Read and Write - This year i will read more, not sure if that reading would be subjective or leisure reading but definitely, i will be friends with books. In terms of writing,i will try to write more this year. been a good start so far. Three posts in this month and i have already written so many letters which add to 'writing' stuff and if my english gets better with, i might start writing seriously :p

4. New Wardrobe - I want a new wardrobe. new clothes. new colors of shirts. new jeans. new trousers. formal. casual.everything. and to buy all of this, a sponsorship. :D anyone? I will be a good brand ambassador. pakka promise.

5. Bring AmritSarovar back - Amritsarovar needs attention and contribution. got plans but need good time to implement them.can expect things getting better in later half of year. so definitely before year ends, site will be back with better presentation.

6. Travel Show - To work on travel show. be it for myself, be it for youtube or be it for any production house, but some time and effort gonna be spent on this.after 'world cafe asia' experience, the learnings and exposure should be utilized in some manner and if you are reading it, make sure you see the show as well. release date. well.. something unsure of.. but soon :)

7. Less of Crying and More of Laughter - took this line from a poem written by a friend. last year has been totally different from few years before that. expectations were minimal and life was better. lot of travelling, good moments and less issues.

8. Travel Travel Travel - I have wheels on feet and i travel a lot and i have this thing in mind to travel more and see some new places this year. Rajasthan, Sikkim, Leh/Ladakh, Srinagar, Uttranchal are some places i want to visit sooner or later and yes mumbai for sure in near future. just waiting for things to be little stable and then i wanna feel the spirit of Mumbai for some time.. kuch to hai us sheher mein.. ya fir us sheher mein rehne wale dost mein ..mujhe mumbai jana hai. too filmy.. but when you like koko.. you can't help it.. :D

9. Gain Knowledge - I want to increase my knowledge about my city, my state, my country, my religion and be confident about all of them when asked about.I am proud Indian,I am proud Punjabi and I am proud Sikh. not in any order.

10. Laptop. Camera. Cellphone. Bike.  Wishlist is one word :) p.s= wardrobe already mentioned above.

11. Learn a dance form - Be it Salsa, Jive, Hiphop or Bollywood, i should learn atleast one thing this year. so that next four years i cover all of em. dnt ask me for bhangra,that is in genes :P

12. Talk Less- Heh.. just kiddin.. relax.. :p


Anubha said...

Just kidding?? Aww.. I thought sacchi kam bolega :P :P

Well, I hope you do all those things on your list. Learning a new dance form was on my list for 2 years now, and I finally took it up THIS year!

So don't wait, else it'll be too late. Do all you can when you can do it! All the best!!! :)

Ashu Mittal said...

I liked this list!

May you get all this and more!


Zeba said...

You have competition on the 6th one dude. Tough competition. :P LOL.

Sukhdeep said...

@anubha find a good partner for me.. a novice one and i am joining next month.. :)

and yea.. i will seriously start talking less.. :p

@ashu :D thank you for comment mrs mittal

@zzeba already done one with international production house.. airs on travel n living - world cafe asia :D .. so i am 1-0 up.. bring on the challenge..heh.. :P

Zeba said...

Haw :O You did? I want to watch :|

Aditya Nandode said...

Now, i dont need to write a list! You pretty much covered it all, infact one thing more-travel show, and one thing less-getting together.

Faded Glory said...

Way to go! Knowing what you want will get you there!